Stock grind needs to change, we are not able to play this way

16 Vs 16, with changes in mutlipathing + fox 3 missiles to stock grind with planes 12.3 to 13.0 is the worst experience a game can give you.
You can’t do dogfight because you don’t have a G suit, you can’t dodge Fox and Fox 3 missiles because you don’t have a chaff, you can’t even reach ground targets or bases because there are dozens of Fox 3 missiles flying towards you , and if you survive all this, your impact on the match is almost nil, your xp received is irrelevant.
My current Gripen C farm is flying low with little fuel and takes 2 ground targets and 2 bot planes, before I die, I had to do this for 8 matches to get chaffs…
Don’t even play PvE mode, it’s more possible with 13.0 planes to get boosters and grind at least the chaffs in PvE mode.
I’m grinding other aircraft, I researched the improved bass, I bought the plane but I don’t want to play with it because of the most painful sotck grind in the entire history of this damn game.
I don’t want to play with the new content recently released because the stock grind is too unhealthy.
How can a game mechanic discourage the player from playing with newly added content?
That’s not right…
And it’s not even a question of money, I don’t feel like spending GE on modification research, because it’s simply not worth it at all.
Do you know how much GE you have to spend to make a plane playable in the top tier, just to open the necessary weapons, performance modifications and countermeasures, and it’s almost worth accelerating 2/3 of the research of a 13.0 plane.


Sadly you’re damn right lad. Stock grinding sucks like in the past when you had to research for flares and there were already 30G missiles. Gaijin doesn’t learn or simply they don’t care. May be both.


At least in the past you could hop into Air Assault and unlock some items but now 13.0 is locked out of that mode for some arbitrary reason…

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You’re right, i spend 11 straight hours to just grind the last 200.000RP for gripen C using viggen D with talisman and premium account for 3 straight hours, then the last 8 hour is of me suffering through 13.0 with Rb74M and Rb74 (Aim9M and 9L) before unlocking the 6 Rb74m, to just unlock the Rb99 (aim-120) with premium, this is crazy amount of time and shows how bad the stock grind rn, meanwhile they just giving free ARH missiles.

4 modules on stage III to unlock stage IV modules? Dang, the only planes has this was only the new harrier and swedish Gripen C iirc

Like i know how to evade those ARH being shot at 40Kms+ (that was the easiest part of the grind lol)

But when it being used on Head-on situations and requires missile jousting,
I just lost cz my 9M would either be chasing other girls or being completely blind.
And the other party would just shoot their fox 3 and i will not have the time to turn around because by then the missile was already so close.

My suggestion: atleast give the new aircraft SARH
Inb4 “but the C never used Rb71 (skyflash DF)” Neither do the gripen A even the Viggen D lol.

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war thunder is the only game I know that punishes you for progressing in the game and wanting to consume the new content


Ordnance-based BRs. Your BR would depend on which missiles/shells/etc you have equipped.

This would not only help the stock grind, but also allow vehicles to be used in multiple different lineups, among other benefits.

This would have been a fantastic opporunity for the introduction of this, which was passed to the developers back in January.