Still can't understnd why French B-26C having higher BR than American B-26B

B-26B - War Thunder Wiki (USA)
B-26C - War Thunder Wiki (France)

We have two B-26 Marauders developed by Martin in this game.

Original American USAAF B-26B one, and Free France Air Force B-26C one. Both planes were introduced on the “Wind of Change” update. They are virtually the same plane.

They are using the same 50cal as weaponry and can mount the same bomb payload. With the same flight characteristics.

I heard that B-26C has a slightly longer wing than B-26B IRL(not having any references on my hand.) though. They even can share the same user skin because they share the same modeling.

Using same 50cal as weaponary, same bomb payload, with same flight characteristic.
I heard that B-26C has slightly longer wing than B-26B IRL(no much of reference) though, they even can share same userskin cuz they have same one modelling.

On BR Change in January 2024, B-26B got a BR buff from 4.7 to 4.3. While her twin sister B-26C gets any kind of buff.
I thought Gaijin would fix that problem on some quick fix or at the next BR Change.

But. On Planned BR Change in April 2024, They still don’t fix BR problem of B-26C.

Am I wrong or is gaijin a French hater?

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okay but actually why is the French B-26 higher when its a C&P of the American one

okay but actually why is the French B-26 higher when its a C&P of the American one"

That is the point buddy.
Gaijin must’ve forgotten it.

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has someone made a ticket with them over it to get it fixed?

They just forgor France exist

No, it only proves that the average French bomber pilot performs on average better than his average US counterpart flying the same plane…

You saw this in the past quite often that identical planes were set on different BRs - most prominent was the Japanese premium 109. A copy of the German Bf 109 E-7 was out of nowhere re-classified as E-3 variant and was for ages downtiered like hell from BR 3.0 to 2.3.

After a very long time they decided that they ignored player feedback long enough and corrected their mistake by giving it the old BR 3.0 back :-)

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More likely they just forgot about it, which is what happened with the Japanese E-7. The late German E variants were moved to 3.0 but the Japanese one remained at 2.3 despite even being listed in the spreadsheet.


The JP 109 was for years 3.0, short time 2.7 and then reclassified as E-3 despite It had the same performance like the 109 E-4 which was stable for years. It took ages until they acknowledged their mistake:

They fixed it in 2023 - I remembered it because it was the only plane which managed to shoot me down whilst flying the German Ju 88 A-1 - in ~ 150 Air RB missions (with 80% WR) - the only other plane loss was due to the op bug of midfield aaa…

Yeah, I misremembered. Still, they never changed the Japanese E-7 to an E-3 in game, they just somehow wrote it down wrong in the BR change list so they changed the E-7 instead of the nonexistent Japanese E-3.