State of type93

They’ve been saying this for so long because they don’t care and want to throw it behind them. It’s been on the back burner for years that its pure ash at this point. At best, heres a copy paste vehicle with top ammo removed and lets call it “prototype” or or 1.3 vehicle that should’ve been added with all the other low tiers in one single update.

This is just a sick joke.

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If any of you properly looked at the trailer, they at least have a somewhat working Type 81C model in the game to at least have done the cinematic for the trailer, meaning even if it isn’t this patch, it will be soon

When it was?
edit: I believe that you mistook Chaparaal for a Tan-SAM

Timestamp here, you can very clearly see the missile appearing to be that of the Type 81, as well as a close in shot a few seconds after showing a Type 81 turret, C variant.

Edit, take that back, you appear to be correct, Nevermind.

Maybe we’ll get it next year if we’re lucky. But that’s what I said last year :(

wow we are going to get next year if we’re lucky something that should have being added many fucking years ago, I am so thankful

thats chaparral bro, put it in 4k theres tracks

any of you guys using dev server feel that the type 93 is a little worse than usual?

Its worse on main (I literally shot down a single play for the past several days. Got 1 crit. And dozens of misses on straight flying targets, slightly dodging targets head-oning targets)

Yes I’m well aware of that, now. Never seen the thing before and it took someone telling me what it was to actually see it.

Can’t know something I don’t know after all, turret looked similar enough with the lacking of viewing window in game unlike real life and the rails looked about right. Missile as well seemed somewhat similar enough so, called it good.

Well now… With the newest post at least on the Steam Page, there’s a funny little tidbit that they left when it comes to the Israeli Chaparral.


Specifically says that the upgraded missiles offers a duel-channel seeker for IR and UV… But the Type 91 can’t gets it’s dual channel optical/IR capacity as far as I’m aware as far as effective locking range in game. I could also very well be mistaken if anyone can explain the situation of the Type 91 missile better.

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One way to improve the situation is to make Type 93 SAM a 20G missile unless proved otherwise, it’s from 1990’s afterall.

Change it from infra-red guidance to visual image homing like it should be (same as AGM-65 maverick)

I should be able to go into gunner view on Type 93 SAM like a jet does for locking it’s mavericks, and I should be able to visually lock on a helicopter with my Type 93 gunner view, only difference being in ground to air instead of air to ground when locking the maverick. The same exact visual homing guidance already implemented in the game.

Then the range should be 5-6km, FULL STOP

Then you can move Type 93 SAM even to 10.0 cuz it won’t give a damn about flares on helis or jets and will pull 20G’s until the MF’s finally get hit by it.

Like seriously, it’s got a huge camera on it so that it can visually lock onto targets at longer distances and offer a lock for the visual homing guided Type 91 missile.

Obviously at night this missile was crap because it would have to rely on its secondary guidance, hence why the infra red Type 91 Kai came later which also gave the Type 93 SAM way better night time capability.


That wouldn’t explain why at least in game the seeker head suffers so much more than other MANPADS on winter/snow covered maps where heli locks can/usually are reduced to sub 1km range and where planes can be from the normal 3.5km or even down to 2km if the engines are cold enough.

Thats how it should be but gaijin hate japan


So, with the Sons of Attila Update, it does not appear the Type 93 or, more specifically, the Type 91 missile have been changed in any significant way, included the limited lock range and exceedingly limited lock range on winter maps specifically.

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Well, i hope Gaijin will add something in the next update or buff Type 93. Cause its literally unable to shot down even subsonic planes


I think it is very important to remind you gaijin policy about japan tech tree
Top comment Will japan get a better anti-air

They are never going to fix this thing…

there is nothing to fix, it is working ok right now

Abysmal lock range against drones and helis, still underperforming in G-load and track rate, and missing the optical tracking channel. It still has quite a ways to go.