State of Type 93

After new optical contrast mode introduction type93 finally from meme scout car became a threat.

It still can barely turn, but it got proper range and since it doesn’t trigger RWR usually it is enough .
Can hit helicopters up to 4.6km away and actually damage even soviet helicopters.
Can lock jet targets above 5km(When not near ground). Trying to hit targets above combat range won’t be successful most of the time though.

5km combat range, issues with daytime/weather, not supposed to shoot jets going mach1 and pulling 12g. I would say that the Type 93 is represented very accurately right now.

I believe it should not have ground interference thanks to CCD camera(Same goes for type81) but I am too lazy and frustrated with mods to argue about it. Maybe anyone else can do it.

Also incorret missile model in x-ray.


In the 1990’s, 20G for MANPADS for standard. So until gaijin finds info the Type 91 missile should get 20G

Furthermore gaijin implemented it as Infra-Red guided missile when it actually used visual image homing (same type as AGM-65 maverick) so the missile should be outright ignoring flares


technically missile itself does ingore flares, aim system on the car don’t, like DIRCM interrupt missile fire instead of guidance

Is there any way we can port the links to documents over from the old forum by chance just to make sure it’s all compiled together again?

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Old forum with all links still accessible, is it necessary to copy all links into here right now?


Just so long as we have a way to direct people to the links on the old site, just a link like that should be fine.

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Also, as a side note… Is it just me that feels as though the FIM-92K in particular, or even just the normal FIM-92, does better overall in game than the Type 91’s missile, even with the Type 91 being a equivilent or newer model? I know that the FIM-92’s seem more consistent for 4-5km range locks on non-afterburning jets compared to the Type 91, especially when in winter maps, and they also seem to be better in tracking at times as well.

Anyone have any reason for why this may be the case, or any proof to back it up? I know the tracking should be roughly similar but it just doesn’t feel there.

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I am sure type91 have completely different homing AI and made MUCH worse then original. Missile is a lot more restricted in terms of range and turns. Type91 acts at least weird

It’s not the homing AI that’s the issue as much as the fact the lock range feels like it’s less, but as far as turning at least they, uuuuusally are fairly on par?

I don’t know if gaijin is watching here, but when are you going to change the guidance system of the Type 91 to infrared guidance as an image guidance and aid? I think it could be balanced by reducing the missile lock distance when it rains or at night instead.

The problem is in game, winter maps cut the Type 91’s seeker range down from the already 3-4km range on non-afterburning aircraft, and 2.5km on helis if you’re lucky, down to 3km or less on non-afterburning aircraft, and usually less than 1.5km on heli’s. While it seems other manpads have this issue, the Type 91 seems to struggle from it more than most due to it’s already stunted lock range without any real cause.

As for the seeker, I don’t necessarily see that coming around too soon at the rate things are going, but who knows. Maybe they’ll announced the new top tier Japanese SAM as well as the Type 91 Kai missile which will bring the performance up of the Type 93 but… I wouldn’t be holding my breath on it.

The funny part missile shouldn’t be affected by temperature at all in the first place becuase visual seeker is a main guidance system and IR for support it

The reasoning I imagine it’s like that is because of the visible and infrared light scattering off the snow creating a more hostile environment to the seeker for tracking but, I haven’t the foggiest how realistic that is.

I do know that the cold air would cool the engine a bit more, but it would also make a far larger thermal difference on a camera as well.

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I really hope we get the new japanese sam next patch. But I doubt it’ll come this year honestly.

“Gaijin: Enjoy your brand new top tier SPAA with flarable IR missiles 11.3br”
They should give 10.something br type81 and rework type93 for pre top-tier with its real stats

Type 81 IR missiles might be flarable, but are the ARH missiles?

Edit: Still fix the Type 93, it’s been years Gaijin…

I was looking at some japanese articles and found this. Not sure where they got their information from but it lists the combat weight of the type 93 as 4.15 tons but in game it’s 2.6 tons. 93式近距離地対空誘導弾 - 航空軍事用語辞典++

We know for sure that mmpm is 3.9t vehicle + 2.7t launcher, chasis probably reinforced to hold heavier(then type91) missiles so 4.15t with AA turret type93 can be true

List of things wrong with the Type 93 not sure how true it is

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1 no, only with external radar data link system “DADS”, no irst on its own
2 yes, visual seeker is main system and IR for support, but soviet bias bs
3 yes, 5km is effective combat range, target lock should be higher
4 yesnt, thats aa “balancing” problem, it should deal more damage but damage models sucks and so does any IR spaa
5 there was suggestion for kai variant that passed to devs but never implemented because its 9.0(9.3 now)
6 yesnt, all AA missiles for some extremely stupid reason at least twice less maneuverable then they should be(except soviet strela). But start up time is less for type93 - it can pull right from the start
7 this shit is still in game since type93 release, only difference now you don’t get phantom shots - just can’t fire

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