Starstreak on the AH Mk.1 Apache should cost Spawn points or be nerfed

Meh its more than that. A little bit too many people kept abusing this first spawn. It would’ve been patched years ago if it was in the ussr/usa/germany


No I know, I am be delibrately twatty. I doubt that if it were a Russia/German/American thing it would’ve been nerfed though.

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Well it took them like 6 or more months to remove thermobaric rockets first spawn from top russian helis, and those were more busted

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You want death incarnate? then ill give you these rockets, go have fun…

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20 kill games within 5 minutes were fun. Well if you were not on the receiving end

One good thing Britain has and people are complaining i barely play the UK and i really dont mind that happening they spend 90% of their games catching up to the front lines just to get one tapped honestly get over it and carry on playing your nations that are better in pretty much every way.

Abuse what? Starstreaks are bad against every +11.7 jets; they get easily outmatched by VT1 and Pantsir missiles, and they’re effective only on light vehicles. What’s the problem with that? If you use a light vehicle in a 11.7 match, it’s your problem if you are gonna face more effective vehicles.
This nerf is a whiner from skill-issued people because that was just an alternative, skill based and very fun way to play helicotpter without playing the boring tanks first. Good job killing the fun.

Guess i’ll go back spawnkilling light vehicles from behind a hill with the 30mm of the KA-52… smh

Light vehicles. Thats why T-80s,Leos and other MBTs were getting onetapped by them,suuure.


Why is this at the top of the active charts after being posted on August of 2023?

I’m sure there are many helicopters armed with vt1 and pansir missiles.

Hahaha you’re so funny. I guess that’s not your problem since you only play helicopters. Quite unfortunate they removed the most handheld first spawn one.

Your only remarkable KD with helicopters is with the undertiered italian a129s and teapache first spawn lol… And the WR on the teaapache suggest you aren’t doing much for the team either

Yeah I’m sure you will


It happens, but it’s very rare.
Probably Leos are the more sensitive to it, Abrams and T80s are tougher.

Vikhr, Pars, and Spike easily outplay Starstreak in range. If you’re talking about the first spawn, well, that’s a skill issue because you must always be aware of enemy helicopters right after you spawn. For example, if you play Sim in a NATO helicopter, the first thing you must do is be aware of 10 km range of Vikhr (or Z-10’s ADK-10) that they are already on the way on your spawn the moment you take off.
Same if you heli rush in a KA-52; you have even a radar that helps spot aircrafts, then you can just keep distance while breaking line of sight and try a flank later.
It’s called situation awareness, but I guess it’s not that simple for War Thunder gamers.

Yes, I only played helicopters; it was the only reason I played this game. It was atrocious to grid that helicopter without tanks, and now it’s worthless because of people’s whining.

So you are a stats peeper, and of course you talk about WR, the most useless stat in the game.
I’ve posted videos where I literally carry the entire match; I’ve almost called a nuke with it (denied by a real overpower vehicle, of course, a Russian premium), or got unfairly reported for cheating by a member of one of the most competitive squadrons out there and you are telling me that my stats are bad. You are the joke here, imagine caring about stats.
The truth is that if you are good at something, you get nerfed to keep the bad players, who spend more money, happy to play such a sad game.

I’ve done it in the past, but 8 iglas, a lot of dumb rockets and THAT 30mm cannon will never get nerfed on the KA-52.
Now i won’t do it anymore, because everything is boring to me in this game, even people on this forum.

I started this game also mostly for helicopters but I aint seething about them nerfing retarded abilities. If anything, with how ground RB, I believe first spawn should be non existent for helicopters.

Reports do nothing, you shouldn’t worry. Although I half agree with this. Premium shitter crying gets even mediocre vehicles nerfed

That would have been more fair.

The point is. Every other nation can now spawn in a reasonably effective form of anti-air in the form of a heli with a decent AAM loadout (and heck, starstreaks arent exactly the best AAM in game either), like the Ka-52 with 8x IGLAs for about 250 SP. Britain, its way more than that. Essentially we no longer have an AAM for our top tier heli. Maybe if we had ATAS it wouldnt be quite so bad or if everyone else’s AAMs cost the same amount.

It might have stopped the first spawn Starstreaks (which i seriously question actually how effective they were, I still see WAY more people being killed by Ka-50 rushes than by literally any other heli. Including starstreaks when they oculd be first spawned) but its also massively nerfed the British Apache. Which when combined with the fact our top tier SPAA is classed as an ATGM launcher and so also doesnt benefit from a reduced SP cost. It all just stacks up as being rather unfair.

Heck in the last update they just nerfed the Challenger 2 quite significantly. It is now probably the weakest MBT in the game. The hits just keep on coming

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Did someone make it a suggestion yet?

I saw the datamines… Lol its going to be a pillbox now. A bad one at that

I don’t think so. Problem is. Britain never used ATAS on our Apaches I think. So it’s a question of ahistorical addition for the sake of gameplay

And yeah, this is all a.mute point. No one is going to be playing Britain at top tier. We don’t have a top tier tank anymore

But you only played KA-52; you don’t have reason to do that, and if we are talking about “retarded abilities” well, that’s the KA-52 because it’s always been the meta helicopter; it’s so easy and brain-rotting to use that it’s even boring after a while; literally, everyone can achieve good results with it; and I can say that because I used it to carry entire matches in the top 20 SQB, and I have videos too.
You are happy with the MK1 nerf because it was a serious counter to the only helicopter you use; probably you got flanked because of tunnel vision on the ground target; that’s it.

I know it; I’m just saying that if you make angry a capable player to the point that he reports you for cheating, i guess that’s a funny achievement, don’t you think?

This just doens’t make sense for two reasons:
First of all, there are a glorious and based type of players that heli rush with style. I’m talking about Bruce Leeroy, you really want to deny all the genuine fun this guy is having? I don’t see anything broken in this.
The second reason is the lack of better AA in other nations; sometimes it is better to use a helicopter as AA than the ground AA, like in Italy, for example.
This would only make USSR ridicolously stronger than what is already, with SU-25 shooting F&F from another map, KA-52 Vikhr and Igla spamming, and the infamous SPAA meta, the Pantsir.

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This cope is unreal

“Ka-52 has Iglas plz give Starstreak 1st spawn back 😭😭😭”

have some shame


Yeah, so that USSR and China braindead gamers can flawlessly play the game even if they are awful at it.

Who should be ashamed?

you are giving me second hand embarrassment for grinding the british tree