Starstreak on the AH Mk.1 Apache should cost Spawn points or be nerfed

Can’t say I’ve killed a T-80 but i’ve tried. Type-90 Fuji are doable if you catch their side.

Think my favorite map is surprisingly Red Desert. You can still get out of the map on bottom team spawn. I get out of the map, able to scout the whole map and then proceed to snipe Light tanks and prevent them from playing the game.

Then when the Light Tank players rage spawn CAS, I star-streak them as they fly in a straight line. Its pure bliss.


You posted a video showing a tank with an ATGM engaging a helicopter with an ATGM where is the supposed imbalance?

It’s 15 seconds into the match, the heli can pick and choose any 4 light target anywhere on the map because tanks didn’t have enough time to even get into cover, has faster missiles so even if heli shoots second the missile will reach its target first. Can do this up to 4 times (2 kills already give you full hellfire loadout backup) and dedicated spaa either have SAMs that can’t lock or sami-auto missiles that are slower than starstreaks.

They’re not FNF, it’s one at a time.

SPAA is not restricted to after CAS spawn, first spawn SPAA is an option players have.

The thing you should advocate for is first spawn CAP as well to truly balance CAS.

You can kill mbts before the booster separates, its modeled like high explosive for whatever reason

Heh in today’s datamine


Yeah… So now Britains top tier heli has no AAMs that it can spawn in cheaply meanwhile the soviet ones can spam them with impunity

Typical Britain tax

Should be applied to ALL heli AAMs, make it fair

Also cant help notice that the good rockets that Ka-52s have havent been nerfed yet either

pretty sure that they take more to spawn than the regular ones (you cant even use them as first spawn), they did the same with the ones armed with s24s… they were also nerfed as they used to be much more powerful when they used the FAE ones, btw by your logic they should also nerf the mighty mouse at lower tiers as they are much more powerful than the s5s


Its not like they couldn’t add Zunis or HE warheads to help even things out.

well the ah1w does have zunis, dont know if the rest americans helicpters even used them, btw they could also even things out and give both all the war heads possible, so we can have the fae rockets on the russian ones in both the s8 and s13.

they have, years ago

double nerfed actually: Thermobatic rocket firstspawn -->Removed and replaced with HEfrag, firstspawn still -->Firstspawn ability removed (present)


They are still limited to the Mk. 32 ATAP (HEAT) warhead, when the Mk 32 (4.3kg of Comp. B-2) or Mk 63 (6.8kg of Comp. B-4) are available.

Cobras did, and the AH-64A technically does, though the US army doesn’t stock them.

They got removed because they magically had a flat 40x TNTe, and no added SP cost associated with the ability to straight up ignore the fact that the crew is buttoned up in their tank (and that FAE relies upon, air bursting and the Blast wave front not fragmentation to do damage). I don’t really think people would find the CBU-55/B, -72/B or BLU-95 / -96 all that fair to fight against either considering that 40 x 183kg approximates to a 55 meter blast radius, and that’s only the 500lb variants, not the 2000lb BLU-96.

AH-1G & BLU-96

all rokets on helicopters are limited to a single warhead, s5k are limited to them when they have the s5kp(which is already in game) available, the s8 and s13 are also limited to one when both have better war heads.

as far as i know only the ah 1w used them, but if you have information go ahead and make a bug report

in game all tanks are killed by the blast of the explosion not by fragmentation, the latter only matters on light skinned vehicles, but fae warheads have a larger overpressure radius so the effects on the are similar, btw they removed them when the spawn point nerf was enabled

we dont have cluster to begin with and it isnt like the russian doesnt have their own equivalent…


When I said this, they mocked me. It’s exactly half a year later now, and it’s finally getting a spawn cost :)


This game means nothing to me now, bye.


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Bye, skill issued

Well it was fun while it lasted, guess all it takes is one photo of a T-80 randomly exploding to get something British nerfed lmao.

Was fun while it lasted, RIP Starstreak AH Mk.1 First spawn (?-2024), you will be missed, from trolling Ka-50s and 52s, and BMPs, to outright trolling the game by killing T-80s, I will miss you dearly.

Now, what new Russian MBT can we add

Not gonna lie but soviet main getting more disgusting day by day i’m gonna miss the good times i spent with it bullying Soviet toddler


Its a shame i missed it, only if it could have lasted an extra 5 years to give me enough time to test fly it at least due to how long heli grinding is…

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