Starstreak on the AH Mk.1 Apache should cost Spawn points or be nerfed

The starstreaks are too good, you can first spawn with them and they cost no extra spawn points, and they can 1 shot every light tank / spaa in the game from 5km without requiring any spawn points. It is abusive. My suggestion is that they should cost SP just like ATGMs or they should be nerfed so that they cannot really Pen/damage light tanks.

My preference would be option 1 because i do not like seeing unhistorical nerfs to vehicles.


I’m kinda ok with that. I mean the challengers are already bad enough, it’s nice to see something really worth griding on the British tech tree. Alternative way is to increase its br if it really deserves a nerf.


They’re still AAMs first. You cannot neuter a helicopter just cause its AAMs are beam riding and can skewer light tanks.
And if Iglas & ATAS can be brought, so can Starstreaks.


But in this he’s right. They are the helis AAM option first and foremost. If someone is managing to use them for AT work, then Kudos. If you increase their SP cost, then it would only be fair to increase the SP cost of ALL AAMs on ALL helis. Nerfing an already crippled nation just isnt fair. Especially when other CAP options are stupidly priced. Sea Harrier FRS1 with only AAMs costs twice as much as a heli with only AAMs.


Dude, I thought about this question for over a day.
This is my conclusion after a day of thinking.

You shouldn’t be able to first spawn helicopters, and this is coming from a ka-52 rat player. About starstreaks, they are just op as a first spawn, since they can wipe sams and other light vehicles

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They are the same missile as on the Stormer HVM and they are already likely massively under-powered and probably in need of a rework that will ultimately just be a buff.

To be effective they have to be within 5-7km. Should be well within the range of most if not all SPAA at 11.3

Quite frankly. Its nice to see Britain getting something effective. ATAS are completely worthless at the moment and its nice to see the Apache actually has some teeth .

Nerfing the Starstreaks though is not the solution. Just fix the SP costs on all helis so the spawn cost is too high for first spawn to prevent this for ALL helis. Simple. I already think its stupid that a heli with 16x ATGM costs less to spawn in than a Tornado with unguided bombs.

Or even a heli with 4x ATAS costs half the SP that a pure CAP jet costs. WHY?

All the CAS hate recently in my opinion stems from helis having too low of an SP costs. But ultimately, we shouldnt be nerfing the most nerfed nation in the game any further.


If you get wiped out by a Starstreak as a ground vehicle that’s just a lol
Same with helicopters that bring unguided munitions, more lol


To be effective they have to be within 5-7km. Should be well within the range of most if not all SPAA at 11.3

Helicopters can pop out of nowhere and win the engagement only with Starstreaks insane speed. We don’t see that too often given how little people play Britain at top tier.

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This is true, but I think you kinda answered the reason why this really shouldnt be nerfed. All of our gear is probably over BRed already. THis might be the only thing we have that isnt overtiered. Though I still feel its likely really niche and only works on occasion.

I haven’t got this heli yet (im close though) but I’d have to imagine that even if you score a hit, it doesnt necessarily mean a kill.

I also give it a few updates and all other nations will have the exact same.

They will give the bongs brimstone eventually (2 major updates after buffing the ka52 of course)

Im expecting to have to deal with S-400s long before we actually see Brimstones.

Unironically helis will be more meta if they add actual sam sites like that

yeah, They probably would be.

I agree with this, the starstreaks should be locked behind a spawn point cost and the AH Mk1 should be given ATAS or something of that nature.

That is a definetly a possible solution, give it a pure AAM alternative. (providing its historically accurate) that being said though, not until ATAS gets fixed. (bug repots are in) They can’t hit a damn thing currently

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Imo spawn points across the board for helicopters should be increased. Not by much but just enough to stop people from first spawn heli rocket rushing or going to sit somewhere by a hill and camp the air spawn. Basically just make them actually spawn a ground vic first.


First spawn helis are harmless.
Most players aren’t Bruce after all.

Though I still think that Heli SP costs should be on par with Jet SP costs and in doing so, would fix that “problem” either way,

If helis were as survivable as jets, sure.