Starstreak on the AH Mk.1 Apache should cost Spawn points or be nerfed

And you are the reason I spawn camp helis and watch as heli players complain on the forums. God cannot do all the work.


Well this is how you use AH MK1 and it starstreak the right way guys
Eat S Kamov

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Mfw I’ve spawn camped Kamovs, Hinds and Havocs with nothing but gunpods.

Pure bliss.

Oh sorry. Kamovs are the ka-helicopters. I was talking about ka50 and k52.

was this from ages ago, or have fixed the hit registration?

they always worked against helis

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well from ages ago still possible to do it nowadays just harder.

Not any more.

Says the man in a t80bvm? Yes it annoying but you can’t ask for nerfs where there is none to give and change that would unfairly nerf our heli. Either remove heli first spawn or do nothing, their is no other choice.

To be entirely fair I have seen some madlads in Ka-29s make the Russian Naval Aviation Service vomit/cry with joy in Ground RB.

Counterpoint he could just be an insanely good player and be running rockets.

Or, even more ludicrous, running Hellfires this early on.

At min 0? Hellfires? İt was starstreaks

other AAMs can’t be used to kill lightly armored targets tho

fucking fun, innit?

super fast and maneuverable missiles with enough pen and HE filler to kill light targets in 1 shot at 7km range at the start of the battle. wtf gaijin

First spawning a AH Mk1 with starstreaks, getting 10 kills with starstreaks and then spawning a backup with a full loadout of missiles after finally getting shot down seems like a weird definition of fun and it feels like a lot more people would be shouting about this were this a more played nation where they were encountered more often

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Wait until you find out they were artificially nerfed to make them significantly less affective vs ground vehicles. They should have more pen

op → slightly less op… Great change, definitely working as intended. I guess they really want to make starstreaks spawnable at the beginning of the match to the point they are willing to have major imbalance. What a shame

I think my fetish is using the Stormer as an anti-light tank scout.

Nothing I love more then sniping BMPs and 2S38 off spawn from my spawn. I drool that every light tank I kill comes to this forums and complains about Starstreaks when they themselves haven’t ever used them and demand they need nerfed.

Its not AH.1 but its still satisfying.

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Yeah, i once sat in one covering a cap point in GSB. Got a few air kills and denied more than a few light tnaks trying to push the cap.