Stalinium armor?

Well we speak for the arcade atm and seriously something is wrong with the armor of the Rus tanks, in particular, T-34 series IS curved and slop armor values if they are moving make them unpenetrable even in weak spots if you speak about France at 7.7 in the arcade never had a problem with them no armor and ammo they use mostly unreliable solid shoot and Heat-FS comparing to other nations at this same BR - Rus APHE nuke - Sabot
The cry about France being OP is total BS only good about them is fast reload and autoloader.
Going forward APHE is discussion at is own another Rus bias component

they are only impenetrable unless you AIM at the weak spots, you cant just blap a round from the hip at a tank with angled plate and expect to hit it.
i get blatted all the time in the russian tanks, the t34, the kv1, the kv1 zis5 is even worse.
all you need to do is come across a player who knows how to deal with your particular tank and suddenly it is found to be FULL of weak spots.
there is no russian bias, trust me, if there is a bias it lies in the american tank range.

im not understanding this argument for bushes…

in AB you are lit up by the identifiers above your tank.

They are only useful to a degree ,that’s about it. Buy some see what difference it really makes.

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This is new, no booster ON I swear ;-p

KV-2 vs m24!!!

is that one of those ridiculous bounce shots you get on practically every one of the american tank range?

Is that SAP-He? If so stop using, use He, there’s 5kg of TNT for one reason, and it’s not for bunkers. 😂

Nop it was HE and even on the ground or on the wall the over presure would killed it -have done so many times-

*I only use SAP for those pesky KV-1 ;-)

I hope you realise, that the only nuke APHE is russia are the 122mm+, while other natzions have nuke APHE with 75, 88, 90, 105, 120mm guns.

The Russian 152mm shell is pretty troll. It has a high chance of doing non-pen damage (periscopes, barrels, tracks, etc) or it one hit kills. There’s really no inbetween with it.

The 122mm gun on the ISU and IS series is far less troll.

APHE in other nations is just lol dude seriously the only nation that has aphe passing 4.7 BR is Japan other nations use APCBC with less filler so less spaling and here is wrong

APHE have huge spaling (post damage if penetrated)

APCBC have less even with more filler should be cone spaling if pene the armor killing the crew

AP has no spaling at all obviously solid shoot APCBC behaves like AP many times if find module is stopping there wrong again

APCBC behave like solid shoot APHE don’t so somthing is wrong many so Vulometric help Rus and Chinese with Stalinium armor

Remember that in Arcade you get more speed and more HP in the modules Realistic is different because of this there huge possibility that something is broken in Arcade and the calculation of post dmg is wrong

for the last APHE used in Japan in Ho-Ri prototype and Ho-Ri production, no other nation use APHE some low levels and again Japs till the 2 mentioned Chi series

Japanese armor-piercing ammunition was manufactured using face gradient hardening technology,


which eliminated the need for an armor-piercing cap; it was, as it were, already formed from the body of the projectile. Even for later shells, not armor-piercing, but ballistic caps were added. The only shell we know of with an armor-piercing cap for AT gun was produced for model experiments to simulate the behavior of naval shells at scale. In addition to the structure, even the material of the late projectile was unique - it was made from tungsten-chromium steel, which significantly increased the impact strength, hardness and strength of the ammunition body.


None of these aspects of unique properties are modeled by gaijin, which is why we see a monstrous discrepancy between the in-game and documented values; the numbers in the game are 1.1…1.5 times lower than what is shown in the documentation of the Japanese and American sides. In order for the Gaijin penetration calculator data to come anywhere close to the data from the documents about Japanese shells, you need to set the mass of explosives to 0 and check the box next to the cap, and even this will not guarantee a value close to reality.

In addition to penetration into the normal, even the slope effect is modeled incorrectly, it gives underestimated values of penetration at an angle, but this does not prevent us from drawing frankly fantasy ones for Soviet blunt-headed shells, which are superior even APFSDS.


So much wrong here.

This is just plain wrong.
The caps the shell have only affect the penetrating capability, not the damage.

Ahm, no, this is just plain wrong.



Because all of them, the 122mm ones included have HE fillers over the overpressure trigger limit.
So you either do nothing because of a nonpen, or becuase volumetric being shit, or kill everyone inside.

The only way something different happens, when you overpen (and the tank is not open top).

Americanium ! A thick layer of copium overlaid with whinenium and lined with a German Bias spall liner made from a victimization and kevlar weave.

Stops any form of common sense from 100 metres .

Nuh uh,

Check again, for example, T-34-85 (d-5T) has 164g of TNT equivalent in BR-365 (85mm), and it’s more than enough to one tap anything, T-28 with BR-350A (Md-5 fuze) has 150g of TNT (76mm), or the SU-152 with the BR-540B with 739,2g of TNT equivalent or the TT-250 with 130 000,0g of TNT (425mm).

Man thinks he’s going to do something with SAP-He. This is not naval battles!!!

Its that old reds under the bed mentality, still prevails.

I was talking about overpressure.
All these examples you provided do NOT trigger it. None of them will for example 1hit a Tiger in the cupola.

This on the other hand will.

All these examples you provided do NOT trigger it. None of them will for example 1hit a Tiger in the cupola.

Obviously, I wouldn’t go for it.

However, the quantity becomes sufficient to disable only the tower crew, as the distance between the driver and the radio operator is large enough for them not to be killed by spalling caused by the post-penetration explosion. This scenario applies to many vehicles with two crew members separated by a module and positioned at a safe distance. For example, the PzKpfWg VIII Maus has such a distance that you can cause overpressure, and the vehicle can still emerge operational from the situation.

The examples I mentioned can indeed destroy anything in one shot, but this scenario and the modules hit can either decrease or increase spalling, affecting the damage. The presented scenario of shooting at the cupola of the PzKpfWg VI Tiger I H1 would be the most extreme case if the mentioned tank is well-positioned, and this is the last resort.

I must and will disagree with your assertion that only soviet cannons with more than 122mm have destructive capability comparable to 75, 88, 90, 105, or 120. Also, none of these cannons have the destructive capability to trigger overpressure in a PzKpfWg Tiger H1. Still, they may be sufficient to disable it in a single shot, depending on the cannon and ammunition.

Neither you nor anyone else will destroy a PzKpfWg Tiger H1 with a single cupola shot from a 75mm M4A3E2 Jumbo, a common opponent. Even the PzKpfWg Tiger I H1 and E, with the PzGr. containing about 216g of explosive, lack the destructive power to trigger overpressure, where damage is prioritized in such cases, and overpressure is a consequence of events.