Stalinium armor?

Hello everybody, i know that most of you have faced the same issue but this is getting rather ridiculous than frustrating anymore. As you can see on the screenshots that i have attached , i have a breda spg with 150mm APCBC shell and im snipping to passing enemies in rather close distance (160-180m). The first tank a sherman ii and the second an M-10 Achilles dispite that both are moving are easily destroyed with a single shot on their side … but this not happening to the t34 dispite that it has almost the same side armor thickness and barely moving., it suffers only a HIT (lol!!) . Stalinium armor?

Could be that the T34 is controlled by an experienced player who is only carrying 20 rounds of ammo as I might. The others are carrying much more and go off like a bomb with one tap?

You will see in the game that you hit somebody a good shot and they didn’t die one hit. Then you see they are often level 100 which could mean a good player who knows the ammo trick. Just detective work.

Shots do take odd deflections. I play all nations and I don’t buy into the Russian Bias rubbish or stalinium to be honest.


Just typical war thunder moment, any vehicle can sometimes ignore any shell.


I do undestand that there is a possibility not to destroy the tank but in this case the t34 stz suffered a single hit with no crew lost or system damages…hasnt the shell exploded? rather strange. Also surely this is happening with other nations tanks too but from my experience (playing for many years WT) with russian tanks is extremely common.

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Also the t34 stz player is level 20…

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The T-34 was the best tank of the war, combat losses were incredibly low and crew survivability made other nations jealous. The incredible engineering involved in sloping the armour blew the minds of militaries around the world and made it impervious to anything short of the long 88.

In addition the intelligent design to use unarmoured fuel tanks resulted in the earliest known pseudo-ERA to be used in conflict. It would entirely stop APHE and removed all spalling from shells with no filler. The T-34 single headedly turned the tide of the war and evolved into the MBT we know today after western nations copied their proprietary technology and paid off their scientists and engineers after the war.

Working as intended.


Try GRB, you might get more realism.

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so i guess you find it normal that this t34 was hit with an 150mm APCBC shell on its side and had no damage and crew loss at all…

Perfectly normal. Best tank of the war.

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In the WT realm? Yep, absolutely normal, hence why the “stalinium” meme exists…


so i guess t34 85 needs a nuclear bomb to be destroyed…

You could try. Best tank of the war.

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" My Furher , we might destroy a T-34 tank with this gun "

hitler-inspecting-schwerer-gustav (1)


“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action”

Come on m8 of coarse its on purpose, it’s the only tank that it’s guaranteed it will do this almost every time especially while moving fast.
The funny part is that if the shell velocity is lower 800ms it will punch through more easily, on the other hand if you shoot it with high velocity shell like +1000ms it will just recoset which is weird.

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I thing it was the STUGs

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You hit roof armor from the looks of it.

You got Gaijin’d.
This stuff happens everywhere.

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You penetrated but hit the fuel tank, APHE does really poor when it explodes inside a fuel tank.


I thing it was in a BREDA so it was 90mm APCBC

It still has explosive filler and behaves exactly the same as APHE.

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