Spitfires are literally untouchable. You should do something to balance it out, because it's getting out of hand

We already have this, it’s the Yak 3U. Which btw is a post-war creation.

Yes all yak 3’s are a pain in the butt. It’s just more of a rhetorical question because something will always be “meta”

Yeah, that’s a fair assessment. Though if you move the top meta plane up, the difference between the best and worst vehicles at a given BR might become narrower.

Yeah that’s true, but there will always be something at every BR that is “meta” or X plane will be better than Y plane and someone will always not be happy about it.

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Babe wake up,another Mantis cope thread dropped


If something is incorrect about the performance of the spitfire. Submit a bug report.

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I think you’re playing the wrong game because this isn’t remotely true.

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if you think spitfires are the number 1 meta vehicle i’d like to 1v1 your spitfire in my F-15


Although i disagree with his claims about the spit fire, specially the one where he claims that the worse at dog fighting is the lf mk9, a meta vehicle doesnt need to a top tier vehicle as there is several different metas in the game depending of its br.

he said number 1 meta vehicle in the game

Spitfires are meta for sure but not overperforming. There are many planes that can give them issues.

Well aware of that. Despite losing 5-4 (likely 5-3 as I believe I had spawned back in with another Zero and J’d out when I noticed he had left the match) he still claims to be correct.

Yeah i dont know how anyone could claim the spitfire can outturn the zero outside of the really early Mk IA and Mk IIA just because of how light they are generally the higher br you go in spitfires the worse their turn rate gets and they become more like inferior energy fighters than their contemporaries like with how bad the Seafire FR47 is


Another useless thread about OP Spitfires. I have had just as many really good games flying my Spit’s as I have had really shit, bad games. You all seem to think everything is on an even playing field… you all think you are the best, but it’s far from it.

Some people play with a console controller, some use keyboard and mouse, and some use proper stick, throttle and pedals, and some use VR headsets. What on earth makes you think everyone is on an equal playing field??? Delusional thinking. People winge that others kill them and they don’t like it. What is it with people??? Just because YOU think you are good, doesn’t make it true, and the amount of butt hurt players who will just blatantly refuse to believe that others are simply better than them for various reasons. Take away someones stick controls and they will play worse. Give someone on a stupid console controller a proper stick set up and they will be better. These threads are made because people are sore, egotistical losers against better players/equipment, but they think they are the best and it’s impossible to beat them.

A lot of my best games ever with my keyboard and multi-button mouse, were when I borrowed my nephews Oculus Quest II VR headset. I was able to look around the cockpit and spot my next enemies better. I was able to see enemy planes coming from beside, above or behind me, just by turning my head. What amazed me more was I was able to judge better the closing speeds and turning speeds. Now my nephew has his VR headset back = I SUCK compared to other headset users.


Yep, just like how the F-5s and Gripen just suit the meta. The Spitfire is the right balance of speed, climb rate, firepower and turn performance.

Actually, I think they are underperforming. At least the Griffon engine spits.

but wait until Mantis finds out Hispanos are getting buffed.


Lol people wouldn’t last a day in tournament series, where people use full real controls too their full advantage and whoop anyone who isn’t using them.

This is a fair point- the game is not level, as far as playing fields go. Thanks to a variety of reasons and factors, it’s simply the truth. A vehicle is not necessarily better because it best you once it twice-or even twenty times, especially when it’s piloted by a player more skilled than you.

Are the Spitfires good? Yes. Are they also generally piloted by higher skill players thanks to being in a minor nation tech tree? Yes.

Are the Zeros good? Yes. Are they also generally piloted by higher skill players thanks to being in a minor tech tree? Yes, with the exception of the A6M5 Ko since it’s a readily available premium (and a cheap one for its rank and BR).

Are the P-51s good? Yes. Are they also generally piloted by lower skill, newer players thanks to being in a minor tech tree? Yes. Which of course, is going to affect the outcome of the battle. A P-51 is able to readily out speed a spitfire, but players may not yet have learned about energy fighting, and instead engage in a turn fight.

The whole point of this is more it’s the pilot not the plane, particularly at low tier where there are no missiles or anything like that.


Funny thing is when I saw this I had just woken up not 3 minutes before. I immediately thought about that 😂


I love Mk IXs turnfighting my A6M5 Ko, i always laugh when the US premium LF IXs do that, cause then they turn into free kill, instead of using their speed to out run me. There is no way Mk IX turns better than A6M5 or A6M5 Ko, better than Otsu or Hei? Yes, cause these are heavy bricks, but regular A6M5 no way.

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I play the spitfire quite a lot, the only reason why it does well is the same reason why the zero and B239 do so well is because people think they can take it in a turn fight. you can not and never will. you are however faster than them. refuse to turnfight, dive on them and don’t let them bleed you of energy.

You are using the wrong tactics

Hispanos are getting buffed?! they are already really strong