Spitfires are literally untouchable. You should do something to balance it out, because it's getting out of hand

Hispanos are getting buffed?! they are already really strong

SAP rounds are getting their explosive filler nearly quadrupled.


WHAT THE HELL THEY ALREADY OVERPERFORM. I already near enough one burst high tier planes in a meteor and they want to make it so that its near enough a one shot?!!?

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All shall fear the British



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I don’t actually think it will be that massive of a buff…I need to actually have a look at the belt loadouts, but currently I think it’s the HE rounds that shred things but the SAPs get mostly hits. So this might just make them more consistant on output

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I am the definition of a britain main in this game but I genuinely think this is a bad idea for balance sakes, all the hispano armed planes are in decent positions for their flight characteristics and this could bump them up into obsolescence like the vampire and venom are. this may make it more consistent but they already were

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We’ll have to wait and see

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I was flipping through this and saw your thing and it was spot on XD

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ill certainly enjoy it

Yep, I need to play more of the things like the meteor and co

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The Meteor Reaper is tremendous at 8.0 as a CAS plane and will take any other plane out of the sky with ease (2 1000lbs bombs and 16 RP3 rockets is my loadout for it) provided there isn’t a Gepard on the enemy team but that goes for any plane at that BR.

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ikr. Most fun thread in a long time lol

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Zero is impossible to outturn. Not only that, the Zero doesn’t compress like it should IRL. It’s pretty brainless unless someone has a massive drastic energy advantage over you.


if you get outturned by a spitfire in a zero you have a skill issue


Even the really early Mk1s will face lighter Zeros, so I don’t think that advantage will hold. But a Zero can still win in the long run by taking advantage of the Spitfire’s overheating issues.

A6M5 Otsu has about the same weight as the Ko and regular A6M5, it’s the A6M5 Hei and A6M6 that are significantly heavier.

Who wins a 1v1 duel spit f9 or yak3 at 4.3?

the yak cause its a UFO

I need non stupid answer

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Probably the Yak. But that could change depending on the starting conditions of the fight. But I don’t fight the yaks in the spitfire unless I’m in a position of advantage. Unlike the fw190s that you can take out with ease. The yaks need to be engaged with some caution. Even then it really comes down to how the yak reacts