Spitfires are literally untouchable. You should do something to balance it out, because it's getting out of hand

Spitfires are the top 1 meta vehicle in the entire game and it’s impossible to deal with them unless the player has no braincells working. You mess up? Oh, don’t worry, all the energy you got is negated by the spitfire having twice your climb rate, no stall speed and better guns. You try to reverse? Don’t worry, the spitfire while compresses doesn’t really compress enough to lose control and pass in front of your guns. Oh you’re in a zero, the king of turn fighters? Don’t worry, because even the heaviest spitfire turns inside you! Oh you have a shiny P47? Don’t worry, the spitfire will catch up your shallow dives!! It’s disgusting.


Clearly you’re doing something wrong. It’s pretty much impossible to get outturned in a Zero unless you started in a horrible position.


this is the peak of your cluelessness. The Zero turns good at medium speeds, the spitfire turns better below 300ias. We can test if you want, even the heavy Griffons can turn inside zeroes.

The Zero has a much lower stall speed. There is zero chance of a spitfire outturning it at low speeds.

As you wish, i’m in-game right now.


come. My bad arcade battles. (I’m still chatbanned, 6 days left)

Unsurprising that you’re chatbanned.


yeah, too many kill stealers.

I see the game just reduced the maximum air resistance of flaps. The spitfire flaps broke at 300ias in the past, now at 240. Weird. And not just the focke wulf, but probably all planes.

Did you notice how I could STILL pull up and out of your guns even as you were stalling out? That’s what the Zero can do at low speed.


i broke my flap…

I didn’t use flaps at all. I don’t need flaps in a Zero.

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and now you used flaps and still lost. To spitfire superior turn and engine power.

Yeah because I pulled in front of you early in the fight just to see what would happen lol.

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you really wanna try again?

Sure, no idea why you left immediately.

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i just see a lame excuse for me being right. You did not pull in front of me, i cut your turn. I didn’t leave inmediately, one usually jumps out of the aircraft when the other dies to restart. You left the lobby entirely however. I was boutta get the mk24.

Are you gonna ignore that I handily beat you in the first fight when I played more conservatively?


What spitfire are you using ?

once again, i broke a flap and I was still cutting into you in the beginning.

LF Mk9.

You weren’t, you were being baited into a bad position. I still had speed to get out of your guns, you didn’t.

edit: also, you left the squad first.

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