Spitfire Mk24 got moved to 6.7 - but what about Ho229?

I’m really sad that Ho229 got ignored once again. It is very underperforming at the br, I myself feel its hard to control and many, many people argued about its need to downtier. Now Spitfire mk24 got downtiered, but Ho229 needs to fight mig15s? This is just pathetic at this point.


Just the usual failure on Gaijin’s end to consider less popular vehicles, no one plays the Ho 229 because it’s trash.

Spitfire is balanced now though, another quality set of BR changes.



The more a vehicle is played, the more likely its BR changes based on performance.

If it’s a bad vehicle and few people play it, Gaijin doesn’t feel the need to change it.

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Holy hell, ya gonna submit that to the record sheet?

Say that to the japanese R2Y2 which sit at the same BR as a Sabre lmao…


If said BR was already dead this is why…

Unbalanced OP crap…

Because one person did well in it in a full downtier with a team that did sod all?

Ever flew it yourself? (Was only just 7.0, one increment above where a prop meets a lot more air spawn jets).

@TheArcticFoxxo I think you will find it is cropped and does not show the player or match result. Someone does not play the Mk 24.

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Womp womp

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Apparently averaging 1.53 kills per match! Think the Spit needs to be 7.3 at least from that.


The reason that spitfire got moved was not to balance it. But because it was about to get slapped around by mig-15s and Sabers because of what they just did with the BR changes. If they’d left it at 7.0 you would see in an up tier sabers and mig- 15s at 8.0.

Okay, so now it gets to slap around things instead of being slapped around, amazing solution isn’t it?
And literally everything else at 7.0 is going to now face Sabers and Migs in an uptier… so everything at 7.0 should come down as well?

I simply let you know why the spitfire was moved. The community asked for it. They saw the BR changes. They saw what was going to happen and there were forum posts about it. It’s unfortunate you can’t please everyone. But that’s the way the world works. I do agree with you that some of the 7.0 planes should be down-tiered. But then people will post and whine on here about that. It’s just the way war thunder is.

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@Stona_WT this thread is discussing a British vehicle but has not been moved to Machinery of War discussion, why?

Hey bro, you got some brown stuff on your nose…

I’m trying to better understand why threads discussing general mechanics are moved to machinery of war discussion for mentioning the name of vehicles.

Then how about you ask the questions directly to the people who move it instead of coming into threads and narcing on threads that you don’t think meet the proper criteria.

And this thread is discussing a BR change that was recently implemented.

I did not single out your thread, I looked at the 5 most recent general discussion threads discussing vehicles and asked why they were not moved. The answer to my question is seemingly selective bias on the part of the staff member.

Then if you know the answer already, why are you on here?

I did not know the answer until after I asked the question.