SPIKE-LR & Others


I would like to talk about SPIKE-LR and other Non beam riding ATGMs missiles we have in WT like Hellfires, Mavericks, PARS etc which all share the same problem!

In video above we can see Spike launched in MANUAL mode without seeing the target, and later on operator selects and locks to the target. SPIKE missile was made intentionally slow to allow operator to have enough time to do that.
While it is reasonable, because otherwise there would be salvos of spikes flying over our tiny maps towards the enemy spawns, the reason why I posted this video is that clearly spike strikes the target from the ABOVE:

Bypassing the strong frontal armor and striking weak roof armor, sometimes virtually flying into open hatches, which is why the SPIKE is probably most deadly ATGM out there despite being rather slow and with Low penetration warhead:

But not in WT, where it strikes from the LOS of the launch vehicle:

This is not form ABOVE:

And this is common to many other missiles as well:




They all share the simmilar flight profile:


  1. lofting a bit which does not have any meaningful impact in game
  2. striking horizontally like beam riding missiles

But this is not how it shall be. All those missiles should be




There are numerous disadvantages to current flight profile, which would not be there if the missiles would have correct trajectory:

  • Easier to loose track due to obstacles
  • Hitting ground obstacles before reaching the target
  • Going trough thick frontal armor/APS instead of roof armor.

So any ideas how to convince Gaijin to fix all those indirect flight profiles ? Because there are numerous bug reports for this so they must be aware…
Is it to much to ask to give those weapons correct parameters/behavior ?


you know its funny when the new Kh-38 is top attack and these purpose made top attack missiles are not

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Stop noticing things, we cant have that.


I support this idea. Addition of more realism and new play style would be great to see in the game. Some of the players were accomplishing likewise scenario by locking their own Scout Drone, then dive into enemy after shooting the missile.

If this mechanic that you mentioned come up in the game, it would be really cool. Although, this had to be done when the “Drone Age” major update released.


Rather then a new mechanics, it s a weapon attribute which should be there form the day 1 when such weapons were introduced.

Interesting, I’ll check it out. However now it looks like that top attack does not work for any missile in the game.

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The Mav and Hellfire both get their “top attack” shown in the images simply from being fired from above. The Maverick is of course primarily designed to be dropped from aircraft, which IRL typically fly high and fast unlike in-game where players skim the treetops to avoid getting slapped by SPAA. Hellfires are laser-guided, flying straight at the reflection of a designator without the context of range, target size, etc needed for top attack. The exception is the Longbow, not yet in-game. The SPIKEs are just incorrect though, discussed here.

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It’s so painful to see so much care, only for a specific part of War Thunder, while for the rest it isn’t even calculated.
How I wish that instead of whoever is in charge now, there were the protagonists of another game, maybe they would solve the bugs or problems like these first, instead of milking the poor players.

Not at all. Hellfire loft up to 500m above the launch point.
It is all here: AGM-114 Hellfire - Badly underperforming?


Maverick also loft due to fact it was designed to be launched form low flying platforms like A-10 or even helicopters.
Problem is that for example this particular Maverick was fired with significant altitude advantage but it ended up hitting tank horizontally.

There were two other who crashed into a terrain, which they should avoid even by flying from AC to target on direct path and even so if the Maverick would loft/hold alt a bit.

Not at all, approximate location of target is programmed into the Hellfire prior launch and missile uses IOG to navigate to that area. It is all there in the Hellfire topic.


Those missiles should be corrected as fast as possible since they are underperforming since the day they were added. But off course it ain’t gonna happen cuz russian will suffer from this and off course GJ doesn’t want this.
Very well made post btw.

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