Spawn SPAA die to tank in spawn Spawn tank to kill spawn killers die to Air

Remove crew lock if you’re not going to encourage finishing games.

I love how people expect things to happen making demands like these instead of going through the reasons why it should happen.

Reading comprehension.

I mean going deeper into the reasons why. No one is going to listen to you if you have a simple demand like that.

Don’t fall for for his tricks. He does this all the time, and will never explain anything, or allow anyone else to try to disagree without misquoting. I promise you that you will make no progress with him. I’m sure he will even attach some craziness to what I say too.


“Please give reasons” “no I don’t like those reasons give more reasons”


What is it you would like me to explain?

Crew lock should not be a thing if finishing a game is not encouraged. Every time you respawn the battle makeup is less stable, it’s more efficient to go to an entirely new match than to sit there giving a coin flip whether you die to air or not.

You have not stated anything in this thread related to crew lock or to battle conditions described in the title. Your three comments so far in this thread are to whine about your personal dislike of me.

This is why you complain about rp rewards being low. Because you don’t stay in games. The efficiency of staying alive in a ground game is much higher than leaving prior to running out of respawns. Time played rewards will ALWAYS give more RP. That is all, I know already know your whole opinion on RP rewards. Not going past this in this post.

I’m not sure about my reading comprehension of his post, but from the bits I got, the idea is that since air support and spawn camping are features, people should be free to leave the game without penalty as spawning in some situation is just a free kill for the opponents.

I have to say I quite support this idea. Also because it just cause a forced “one death quit” in the following match.

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When have I complained about RP rewards being low?


What is my whole opinion on RP rewards?

On multiple occasions you’ve proven you don’t understand why rewards are at certain levels for certain game modes and that you have wildy incorrect ideas of how rewards are actually given out.

Be specific please I would like to know more about my opinion on RP rates.

Just use another nation lol

I do, why is the only solution to crew lock to abuse game mechanics?

I don’t see how playing more than one nation is “abusing the game mechanics”.

Switching nations to avoid crew lock is bypassing the crew lock mechanic. Crew lock is meant to punish users who leave early, switching nations avoids this punishment entirely, thus abuse.

Switching nations is also not the only way to avoid crew lock. You can also bring in reserve vehicles and use them to deplete your spawn points so you can leave without penalty.

Ahahaha I got to do it to you this time, that thing you do with quotes where you change them. This is the most fun. The best part is if you do it back to me now, it’ll just confirm that you do it.