Spawn Camping has become a mainstream attack method and needs to be addressed

ok. spwan camping is good. so good i’d make camping players to divide the kills get with camping to all team… just too right.if u are camping, probably some other players are giving their blood in the middle of fight.or they are distracting enemies ;)

Rush mid is a genuine tactic though xD

in which universe?

But in the whole match, the entire team either had no clue he was there or completely ignored him while he picked them off. Even the guys with aircraft were too stupid to realise the threat and go after him. Needless to say, we lost.

i bet u warned several times the “teammates”

This happens game after game after game. People put ZERO thought into what they’re doing because they’re so focussed on their own little world that they have zero care factor about the outcome of the actual match.

people cant put something DOESNT HAVE ;)
their little worlds are paid with the ruin of fun to other people

I preferred the old game before the great areas where the enemy can see you. Now you cant even go above half way without being visible.might as play arcade


OR, just make people permanently invulnerable inside a small part of the spawn zone. Is frustrating to see most of the games ending in a spawn camp bs and ofc gaijin as always blallantly ignore the issue

This is a BAD idea because that would have people sitting in the spawn, refusing to move, just sitting…

and that will be an automatic lost game.

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But they’ll not die…

See the issue, because I see a LOT of people upset just because they died, and this would lead to them hiding away, waiting till it favours them to leave the spawn…

will still be a better situation than now. i’m tired of games when after my first death as soon as i spawn i got 1/3 guns pointed at me because the enemy just rush my spawn point.

Then be ready, and watch the flanks on your first spawn… Especially if you know they do it…

Why are people being all awareness-averse then being upset that they got flanked?

the “if you are homeless just buy a house” of the war thunder world
We have respawn for a reason and italian mbt are hard enough to play without having someone to defend one of the worst part of war thunder

Not really…

This is just an excuse to not be aware as you’re looking for… They have to have got there somehow, and you know they are doing it, yet you still don’t pay attention.

Did you realize i don’t play alone right?
I’m not everywhere in the map and i don’t have a 360 FOW
so yes, is that argument
Mistake can be made and spawn camping is something that should not be allowed, no matter how hard you are trying to justify it

You’re the one trying to justify not having to be aware so you can keep going out with blinkers on…

You’ve got spawn protection, you know they’ve possibly broken though yet you still ignore it.

spawn protection don’t let you even find a cover in some map
But accoringly on how you speak i guess you have never make a single mistake and you have never beign killed in this game right?
You clearly are the average war thunder players after all

I merely don’t have issue when I get got, unlike some who think that somethings wrong with the game because they got got…

It’s part of the game.

Got it,you have no issue when 2 minutes in the game the enemy team camp outside your spawn. I have because i’m not the perfect life form that never make any mistake like you and i can undestand that spawn camping is an unfair bs that cut short what could have been a fun game. It litteraly suck the fun out of the game but if you like it…
BTW, Cancer is part of the life, but we still try to find a cure for it

everyone against changes either work for gaijin or get some kind of perks. The best answer for anything = skill issue. Nothing will change so we have to adapt. No more money out of my wallet that is for sure. This last month is nothing but toxic gameplay.

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Same for me, the last month was toxic asf

That can be very easily abused.

Games end in spawncamping because 1 team has collapsed, which is an unavoidable outcome.