Spawn Camping has become a mainstream attack method and needs to be addressed

Players have started to realize that you can rack up 10 - 15 kills easily this way and then get a nuke and auto-win the match. There’s always 2 or 3 players in every game who go straight for the enemy spawn and hide just on the outside of the detection radius. Maps like Campania are ripe for this kind of spawn camping.

As much as I hate to suggest increasing the detection radius, I think it needs to be done. Or even better, the shield icon that flashes over a target attacking into the detection radius should last 60 seconds.


It is not illegal practice so who cares? However you get your kills…


If they get in position to spawn camp, then you and your team screwed up.

NOTE: this has been addressed ad nauseam here in many, many posts.


Really? Not from what I am seeing they are not and we have so many complaints about how bad new players are and how they are buying premiums they can’t use.
So everybody gets a nuke every game? Like you do presumably?

Campania is what it is and is played accordingly and hopefully with some kind of thought process and intelligence. Some cap rush, some glide through the town where they think it is safe and cut of supply of incoming vehciles. That is choice of game play and something Gaijin very much promote.

I hate the new detection radius, it’s another new game killer and no I don’t think it needs to be done. I think the stupid Idea needs to be removed to be honest.

I have spent more time on this game getting my ass kicked as a poor player than being a reasonable one I am today who can dish a bit out. If I am now good enough to use the same methods used on me all this time, then good for me. If you feel so strongly then get out there and work the flanks or sit back and defend the home base.

I bet you won’t be, you will up there getting that nuke every game.


Not when they don’t render in and it isn’t the players fault they keep getting matched on the same team who gets spawn rushed over and over and over and over and over, you get the point.

Learn the map(s). The other players are not doing anything you can’t do - they are just playing better.

Life’s not always fair. Sometimes you’re the statue and other times you are the pigeon.


Its a broken game. No one signs up and says ill protect the flanks, ill protect spawn, you can spawn in your MBT so you can take the caps and defend there. There is no team captain, no organisation, just chaos

You will see people say its your and your teams fault. No, there is no team you are just matched with random other players with in 1 BR. You may never be in match with them ever again, you could be fighting against them in the next match, plenty of times i have and said hello

Some players will say its a war game, nothing like it at all. Ask any service man or woman do you count the enemys you kill. There is no glory in war.

Some players will rush cap, get an assist or 2 and have a go at flying a plane and not care about the guys behind him, used to be a time when players would wait for everyone to catch up so you can cap faster before you get hit on the head with artillery, used to be a time when the fast light tanks ran to the flanks and scouted for the team.

Its just a third person shooter that makes gaijin al lot of money. Im sure if you had squad battles there would be no spawn camping, maybe scouts but they would not be shooting.


It is a single player game just with other online players. No more a team game than Doom was.


Yes, spawncamping is lame, but:

A. It only happens when the team gets steamrolled or nobody watches the flanks

B. A lot has been done about it already, like: spawnprotection, markers for enemies close to the spawn and enemies firing into the spawn, removal of flanking routes

What more is there to do? Make the maps even more narrow? Expand the invulnerability? The only sensible addition I can think of is to change the spawn system so that the exact spawn location is less predictable.


gaijin is trying to fix it by ruining all maps there is 👍


Dont forget its pay to win

The map changes are a disaster and make spawn camping easier than ever. It’s completely boring now so I just spawn camp for something to do. Now new spawns can’t shoot back unless they drive out of spawn protection so you just wait outside. Before, they could return fire while in spawn protection but Gaijin took that away.


Not really. More like pay to support all the players that don’t pay.


I knew it would be worth picking this up …

even though I don’t spawncamp … I scout camp :P


My experience with spawn camping is that it most often happens to players who are not really participating in the fight and who do not move out of their own spawn, but sit either in the spawn or only move their ass a little bit away from it. It’s a given that they will be shot at while they are in spawn or very close to it.
When they start yelling about spawn camping, it’s a bit difficult to take them seriously.


So play something else that you are happy with.

Yet the other non-team is organized enough to break through and take up position to take out your non-team. Sounds like an acceptable non-team effort that payed off. Take the time to learn maps - it is what most successful players do.

You really need to read some history. The "glory"of war has always been embraced by man - from Hannibal to Patton. Children play war games growing up. The current woke generation prefers to bury their heads in the sand as to the reality of the world.

As for asking any service person - you really should actually ask one that has been in combat. It would open your eyes.

Tend to disagree with it just being a shooter. The level of programming to achieve the in-game physics and display is remarkable. I grew up when pong first came out and current games like WT are simply amazing.

As for money - sure that is the goal - why else would it be produced? It’s ironic how many players complain about the game yet enjoy it on the backs of those that financially contribute to it’s existence and development.


Are you sure you cant shot from spawn is this for all maps

So called leeches that you call them are the cannon fodder thst give p2w something more to shoot at than bots, unless you play navel of course 😆 As for your other quotes, sooner ftp realise its a p2w the sooner they will contribute and stop crying. As for service men and women i know a few that are broken, ptsd.

Now tell me how much i should contribute on top of my premium and they few premium units i have purchased to get on in this 10 year old game. As for learning the maps i do, but they keep shrinking 😆

Another thing in my eyes pc players are cheats compared to console players due to being able to change gfx settings znd lots of other stuff console users cant do.

As for pong, i was around on the zx81, spetrum, dragon 32 (programed a spitfire simulator on that 1 with its massive 32k bytes of mem from a book) , bbc micro. I know a thing or 2 about programming. As for WT its in a constant state of betaflux sin e day 1

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Nobody is arguing that, but this is a competitive game with objectives and Gaijin clearly thinks the game should be played that way since they already have “defenses” in place to combat spawn camping, they just aren’t working adequately.

Pair up with some decent players and use proper comms. Group tactics go a long way.

to each their own, but more like using the proper tool for the job.