SPAA needs to have smokeless motors added

RWR is modeled ingame. Let players play realistically.

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There ain’t no smoke trail here

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Ahistorical modeling leads to greater issues with balance than choosing to accurate model vehicles.

Then give us HARM missiles.


Yes more dynamic CAS / SPAA gameplay would be good

SPAA has the option to not use radar modes which produce radiation making HARM functional, there should be no issue with HARM being added.

The current state of SPAA heavily favors CAS performance though and this needs to be changed.

One of the fastest fixes would be to removed the incredible amount of smoke currently rendered from SPAA missiles. It’s not historical and serves only as a crutch for lazy CAS.

Oh also for historical accuracy, we should add ground clutter to the SPAA. In reality RADAR sitting in the middle of a city or forest would have a lot of noise to deal with. They need to be in open fields with clear views of the sky.

So we should distort the RADAR and reduce its reliability when not out in the open. Even rain, trees etc all hinder it. That includes for missile launches.

This can be modeled after planes have their G tolerance correctly modeled.

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Correct G Tolerance can be modeled when tank crew members collision tolerance is modeled. I can ramp a tank off a 20ft cliff and no one gets hurt… Really? Running into a tree in a tank at 15mph is enough to knock crew members out. In the early days, tank crew members were knocked out simply crossing trenches.

We need to make sure we model this in game correctly as well.

A tank running in to a tree / wall has nothing to do with CAS / SPAA performance.

Planes IRL can not pull 12G turns consistently. Modeling RADAR efficiency with Gaijin’s current map structure would be idiotic.

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In response to the title: Like the VT1?

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A tank crew cannot survive hitting a brick wall at full speed, or jumping off a 20ft cliff. So if we want realistic G limits, we need them on tanks as well. Right now… I can ramp a tank off the a cliff and be just fine. Or slam into a concrete wall coming to a complete stop and only slightly damage the vehicle.

It is one in the same.

You want planes to act realistically, then SPAA needs to as well. RADAR doesn’t work in a crowded city very well except pointing up. You cannot see helicopters through trees, and to be fair russian radar suffers badly with anything at ground level. Helicopters would not be trackable if modeled correctly.

Roland 1 / 3

Then model this, I would like to see concussive effects from shell impacts modeled too. It’s offtopic to the subject of this thread.

I want CAS and SPAA to be balanced.

CAS right now dominates Ground RB

SPAA needs a buff, one possible way to increase SPAA performance is to not model missile smoke so heavily. It’s ahistorical and serves as a crutch.

You brought it up, when you wanted realistic modeling for aircraft G limits. You have to want both sides to be treated equal and together.

It’s offtopic to this thread.

The discussion is around the balance of SPAA / CAS

Not gameplay elements that would fundamentally change Ground gameplay.

So changing the SPAA/CAS as it currently stands wouldn’t fundamentally change Ground gameplay?

Changing missiles to produce less smoke would not fundamentally change game mechanics, no.

RWR is modeled ingame. MAW is modeled ingame.

You have the option of flying low to the ground if you don’t want to get slapped.


RWR in game doesn’t “as of yet” indicate missile launches like it would IRL by detecting the electronics activating. Radar guided is one thing, but IR/Laser guided and self guided heat seekers are different. The smoke points them out where as IRL you do have sensor packs that can help detect these which are not modeled in game.

I do believe some of these are being modeled in the Sons of Attila update although I could be wrong.