Soviet Armor is mathematically impossible

Tiger II armor is nearly double the thickness in-game tho as of models the Tiger II armor is practically 4+ times thicker as of size in comparison with T44’s, a slight angle on stalinium is equal with nearly as much armor as Tiger II armor, this is so wrong. Realistically Tiger II’s shell would shatter and send the front plate of an T44 into the stratosphere, but not in War Thunder. Stalinium at its best. This is one of the many examples of Gaijin artificially increasing armor values because Stalinium>german armor (apparently), maybe it is in fact without intent, but its been like this since forever. I would be surprised if this is seriously a sincere mistake, tho anyone with 4 school grades would see how this is wrong.

I don’t expect soviet mains to agree with me, because why would they want correct armor values? (less armor for short)

I will appreciate sincereness and maybe explain me how I’m so definitely wrong about these armor values.

This is mathematically impossible.

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But Impact angles 45° vs almost 60°


so what? the angle is not 4+ times bigger

how did you calculate, Einstein?

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That’s not how effective thickness works. The problem you have here is a lack of understanding how big a difference that is in angle and how armour angle changes an armour plates line of site thickness. Have you used any of the many calculators online to see this?


Firstly I can’t see how a Tiger II shell wouldn’t pen the T44 hull, either the Tiger II shell penetration value is horribly wrong which probably is anyway or the armor values on soviet vehicles are artificially increased which is very clear as of this example.



Guys, its just venting post.


hi soviet main (nice T55 stats)

One day OP will realise that the penetration calculator is taking into account both the effective armour thickness and the performance of the shell at said distance/angle and giving a result based on both.


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It isn’t off topic, not does it outweigh the dozens of comments you’ve made.

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So hold on, you think that the increase in angle is directly proprtional to the increase in effective thickness and only grows linearly?


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“Mathematically impossible armor” + “I did not calculate anything”

Somethings not adding up chief


You guys keep defending him…is he incapable of that? I simply asked how its possible and nobody proven me wrong. Still waiting.

Boss, angled 150mm plate is less thick than a slightly more angled 90mm plate, math really checks surely

either the tiger II shell penetration is wrong or the T44 armor