Something wrong with RP gain - are we getting scammed for years now?

I noticed this a long time ago, but was always too lazy to do something about it. Today I changed my mind becouse I’m pissed. Maybe Im wrong (I hope so) but looks like we are getting scammed on RP. Example:
Play 2 fast battles (best ARB) researching a next plane/modification you almost have unlocked.
If you play the battles fast enough and get the modification/plane from the first ended battle - second battle RP gain is going to be deleted.

Im grinding next tech tree RN. Played 2 battles - first one got me next plane unlocked. Second one gave me nothing for the plane I picked to research next. Works the same for modifications. If you dont wait for the first battle to be over before starting another one your RP is going to be deleted if the first battle will unlock part/plane before second battle is over. Imagine HOW MUCH RP we lost.

I tried restarting the game. I even used calculator to check how much RP for the plane I unlocked I got from those battles. And guess what? I EARNED MORE EXP THAN I NEEDED TO UNLOCK IT. Thats right I recieved more RP for the plane and the surplus is just ignored - counted for the plane I already unlocked. Plane was 33k to unlock I checked - my battles gave me almost 36k counted to the plane for 33k ;)

Why noone noticed/talked about this earlier??!?!


It’s an ancient issue; see this bug report. The bug report was filed two years ago, and according to a comment by Major_Shaker it had already been known for 5 years even back then. People have probably given up on complaining about it; the only fix is to not play battles in quick succession.

this has been discussed before if you used the search function. Gaijin isnt interested in fixing it for obvious reasons

Longer than that.

I’ve noticed this too, always wondered where all my XP went afterward.

Or to avoid dying in those game - meaning that you survive until the end.

As the main portion or RP in Air RB is connected to a certain activity and the match duration - you should consider this whilst grinding. Even if your activity level drops the longer you play - most people don’t realized that the majority of RP gains is related to your in-game presence…

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Check this topic:

On the old forum the best topic about this issue was this one:

So it’s not like no one talks about this. It’s just the devs that “didn’t have time” in the last 7 years (since it was first reported) to fix this issue.

This doesn’t change the fact there is a bug in the game that should be fixed asap, because it’s an economy-related bug that affects players progression speed.

Imagine if this bug could give you let’s say double the RP, when you leave the battle early. How long do you think it would take the devs to fix it? But from their perspective, if the bug steals the RP from players it’s a low priority issue unfortunately.

The activity % can be simplified to just the score. Because it’s a relation of the score and time. In 2021 the devs changed the activity system and now it’s a bit complicated formula that also limits the activity level in shorter battles.

So for example, previously the simple formula required more score for the time played. Let’s say 5 minute battle required 1000 score to get 100% activity, 10 minute battle 1500 score and 15 min battle 2000 score to get 100% activity (this is just an example!). With this system it was possible to get 100% activity in an Arcade battle even in domination battles, that are very short:


Sorry, I don’t have the post-battle screen of this battle, only this screen:

In 2021 the devs modified this formula, and now you can’t reach 100% in a short battle anymore. This change affected Arcade battles hugely, because the devs “forgot” that Arcade battles are shorter, and the target time is somewhere around 11-12 minutes in this mode (which is higher than most Arcade battles time). So there are situations, where you get a very good score, let’s say 2000, get the 1st place in your team, but because the battle was short (e.g. 4 minutes), the game limits your activity to 72%, because you simply can’t get more after the 2021 activity changes for a 4 min battle:


*Notice that the activity formula is different in Air Realistic battles and it’s much easier to reach high activity % there.

And for example in 6 minutes battle I was limited to 87% activity, just because the battle lasted 6.5 minutes. Like it was my fault the battle was short:


It doesn’t matter I was best in this battle with far most kills and good score. I simply did more than I had to in this battle. I could have played much less aggressively and get a very similar result (not the same, because there is also action reward, but it’s much less important part of the total RP calculations).

You want to have close to 100% activity, because everything below that lowers your RP reward. For example, 80% activity lowers your RP reward by 20%. In this case every second in the battle is worth 20% less than possible, and you obviously don’t want that.

This system can also be used to your advantage, because there is little sense to do more than the target score (you won’t gain more activity than the limit, it doesn’t matter if you have 1000 or 2000 or 3000 score). But when you have 1000 score, going for more is risky, so it doesn’t make much sense to do that if you care about the RP. In an ideal scenario, you want to control your score to match the battle time and not risk more than needed.

Some time ago I showed on my channel how I use the knowledge about how the current RP system works in the game to my advantage:


I understand for some people this way of playing looks not fun and “broken”. But look at that almost 30k RP at the end of this Arcade battle and tell me it’s not worth it.

Of course it depends do you play for fun or do you want to grind something. It’s not like I play every battle like this, it depends what I want to achieve in the battle. For example, during events it doesn’t make much sense to play this way, because you want the best score per time possible, so aggressive play is desirable, but this will hurt your RP gains.


Walkaround is to play other nation if you had to leave match earlier while being close to finish research of anything.
Or not play at all…


Idk if it is a bug, I believe it is, as I played a few matches yesterday, and got well over 20k RP on a T-72, yet it only said around 207k RP were left, not 293-ish thousand RP. I think it’s because the vehicle your playing with, if unspaded, part of the RP goes to your vehicle modifications.

I agree (as usually) with most of your points.

Regarding fixing bugs in favour for players - imho the best example is still the VTOL fix some time ago. Some guys in Harriers just exploited RP gains for taking off and landing in infinite loops. I would say that it took 5-7 days from the first forum post until an “update” to fix this.

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If it hasn’t been fixed in years, then it clearly is NOT (considered) a bug…


Yeah… choppers dont get exp for take offs… :/

The bug moderators clearly said it’s a known issue in many different bug reports. If you actually read anything related to this bug, you would also notice it’s on the devs inside bugs tracker. It’s definitely a bug.

And to be honest, your logic doesn’t make sense. For example, there is a bug about belts and bombs on your planes resetting to the default, when you play Naval:

This bug exists since Naval was added to the game (2018 if I remember correctly). According to your logic, this is how it should work?

Another example. There is a bug with invisible torpedoes in Naval. This one is in the game probably since Naval got added to the game (it was reported a few times in the past):

This bug is also marked as a known issue. But according to your logic, this is clearly not a bug, because it’s not fixed after 6 years. This way of thinking doesn’t make any sense.

You’ve entirely missed the point, but that’s OK, I’ll make it simple…
Originally this might be a bug, but it became a “feature” and devs do NOT want to fix it for it’s in their favour…

Nice conspiracy theory. But if that’s the case, then they don’t want to fix invisible torpedoes and belts and bombs resetting to the default bugs in 6 years for the same reason.

You can argue the RP bug slows down the progression, which “benefits” the devs. But please explain to me, how the two other bugs benefit the devs? It’s not like you can pay and suddenly see all the torpedoes or pay and not get belts and bombs resetting to the default when you enter a naval battle. These types of bugs can actually discourage players from playing naval battles.

I’m not gonna draw a picture for you to understand the point…
I reported it 2 years ago, but the bug existed AT LEAST since 2017. Issue closed. They don´t care.