Whats going on with my RP?

Recently i noticed something strange… When I am about to finish the research of a part and lets say 523 RP is missing to do so, at the end of the battle I get 523 RP toward the research and 523 RP toward the next vehicle.
If, god forbid, I manage to squeeze second battle before the first one is over, both will grant me 523 RP…
Not a single point more. No matter what…
As of now I suspct thousands of RP go >poof<.


you should get the RP added to your next battle.
if not then it is bugged.

It didn’t happen.
Game restart also didn’t bring the missing points back, but after restart for a couple of games I started receiving all the points eg.: 523 RP needed to complete the module, plus whatever I earned in game added to the next module.
Sadly, after few games RP started disappearing again.
This also manifest when vehicle is fully researched. Next vehicle I pick for research gets 0 RP. Everything above the needed amount of RP needed to finish research vanishes.

I’ve opened support ticket and seems it is a known issue for years… :/

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You can read more about this bug on the old forum:


mother of god…
I wonder how much RP I have lost throughout the years… Gaijin robs me off my RP and charges for ‘free’ RP at the same time…

The best way to avoid this bug is to play less. Wonderful.

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Necroing to say that I changed my user review on steam and travelling here and to the bug report forum as often as I have time until a dev has the…desire…to responde to me anywhere regarding this. Like, a real response, not a thread lock or some other silence tactic.

The devs don’t respond to topics or even bug reports. Especially on this forum you won’t find any real dev.

Moderators already responded to this a few times in the past, just most links are not working anymore. And their response is always the same: “this issue is already known to the developers”. You can hear this response for about 7 years now. Some companies are able to write 2-3 AAA games in 7 years, but for Gaijin fixing this bug in 7 years was simply not important enough. Even if a lot of players actually reported and supported the reports about this bug:

Community Bug Reporting System (283 players have the same issue)
Community Bug Reporting System (70 players have the same issue)

A few years ago I contacted important person on our forum. It was a private conversation, so I don’t want to reveal the details here.
His first response was: “I will ask about this and get back to you.”
A day later: “I am trying to get some information, and maybe update the developers with new information.”
Again, a day later: “Hello! The issue will be re-raised with the developers.”
That was September 2, 2022.

The whole conversation with this person was of course huge, I only pasted short key sentences here. In general, the devs know about this, they have all the information about this bug on their inside bug tracker. I was assured the information I provided were also added there. But no community manager or any moderator is able to fix this bug on their own. They don’t have access to the source code, even if they had the knowledge and wanted to fix it. It’s up to the devs to finally “waste their time” and fix the bug. So it’s the devs who didn’t fix this bug in 7 years. And you can’t even contact the devs directly and ask them about this situation. It is frustrating, but we can do nothing about this.

Like I said in the different topic about this issue. If that bug was giving players free RP from time to time, I’m sure it would be fixed within days. But because this bug steals RP from players, it’s a “waste of time” fixing this from the devs perspective. There are many similar bugs in the game for years and no one cares to fix them.

I would really love if instead of 5 major updates every year, we had 4 major updates + 1 huge bug fixes update (that is fully focused on fixing bugs, especially very old bugs that weren’t touched for years). But this won’t happen, because fixing bugs don’t give them money. And every major update with premium vehicles and in general new stuff generate money. It’s sad, but that’s just how things work.


I agree with your perspective. However my tactic is to bring it up as often as I can in as many places as I can to get the largest amount of player base to notice and talking about it. In the hope that it in some way hurts their bottom line enough for them to actually give a damn. Since apparently that is the only thing they understand. Who would want to buy premium time when it randomly doesn’t mean anything? When that money you gave them doesn’t have a return on the investment then why should you spend it? So, I will keep posting and keep reviewing and letting everyone know what kind of company this is.
I should also add that this crashed my game and I submitted the bug report with the crash and it has been ignored.