Something needs to be done about players leaving after 1 death

Leaving after 1 death seems to have reached an all time high (at least in 95% of the games I have played.) in the last few months. It makes the gameplay experience HORRIBLE for everyone who isn’t leaving after a single death. I’ve especially noticed this in High Tier games.

In a team game, having team mates is important to winning the game. If you get into a team with 10ish people, and 5 of them leave. (This has been the case for 90% of my games in the last few weeks) You’re now down half a team while the enemy team maybe only loses 1 or 2 and you’ve lost the entire game in the first minute due to players leaving. As we all know winning games makes more RP. You don’t even need to win, just playing a game in it’s entirety instead of leaving helps IMMENSELY

Grinding RP is WAY slower. When you leave a game after 1 death and getting barely 1 kill will not earn you anywhere near enough RP to do anything. RP is gained through both actions in game and battle activity. So playing through more of the game, the more RP you earn.

Something needs to be done about this awful problem. I may not be perfect at making game balance, but I have a few ideas I’d like to get out to at least have something to talk and discuss relating to the problem.

  1. I think as much as I hate premium spam at high BRs especially, but if a player has ONLY a premium, it should have a system like naval in place where it gives them at least 2 spawns with it before it’s knocked out. (I think this is the best option as it lets players still play how they want by spamming premiums, but allows them to actually contribute to the teamplay)

  2. If they don’t want to implement said system above, simple, just don’t let players with 1 tank enter queue. Require at least another tank within 1 rank of each other. Not 1 air 1 tank, at least 2 tanks. (This is the worst option by far, but still want to put it out in the air)

3/4. Both of these are kinda similar so I will group them into a single set. These also relate to the previous 2. Require either 2 tank spawns or a required number of SP spent.

  1. This one may not work, but it might. Crew lock players who leave after 1 death, even if they’re killed by an enemy. It will force players to either bring in another tank/air, or requires them to play another nation while they wait for a crew lock to be undone.

Now I don’t want to say players can’t leave outright. As that isn’t a good idea. But if any of the ideas aren’t met, just enable crew lock for the normal amount of time. Require them to play another nation, but make it as annoying as possible to do it. If they leave after 1 death quick enough, they will still have to wait for their previous nation to be out of crew lock.

Absolutely willing to hear criticism of the idea, or other ideas that might help alleviate this problem plaguing the game at high tier.

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Statically, given 50% of the team leaves, which applies to the opposing team as well, things are still equal. Equal opportunity to win or lose?
Unless there are problem nations but you only mention “premium” tanks.
I would find it suspect, if it is only teams you play on?

The best way to prevent 1DL is rewarding players who stay the whole match in my opinion. I would suggest increasing rewards to the top 3 players on each team, and increasing rewards for those alive at the end of the battle.

Gaijin tried this by giving newly bought premiums 20 backups, but that didn’t help. I think your idea is good.

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The rate at which it happens is certainly different between every nation, BR, and Team. I find it happens a lot less at lower BRs (not that it ISN’T happening), but I do see it happening in every nation.
And certainly isn’t just the teams I’m on. (but I will admit negativity bias did play a part in me making this post.) I would absolutely love to get a more accurate look on how much it happens over a larger number of games, but I’m not certain there would be an easy way to do that/access the info needed.

I actually really like the idea of just rewarding players more. Jealous I didn’t think of it. Everyone wants RP and Lions, so rewarding players with a higher amount of SL and RP for sticking a whole game through would be great. I think the only issue is it would have to be a good enough bonus to make it worth it. It certainly is a better idea to reward players over punishing them.


Ima be real with u chief

If I get into a match and I try to do well and I have braindead M1A1 AIM players or T80 players I just leave after 1 death. Its not worth getting spawn camped and cas’d to death.

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Though I agree that getting team mates with lower skill sucks. By actively leaving early, you’re just ensuring a loss without even bothering to try. Would something like the above mentioned “Extra rewards for top 3 players/extra rewards for players who play the whole game out” be a good enough incentive to keep you playing, even with bad team mates?

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That’s essentially what it needs - because what happens is we get rolled - or I have no support so I die and all that happens if I respawn is I get spawn camped or cas kills me coming out of spawn.

Why respawn again to just die?

Even if I stayed for the better rewards - what say I don’t even get them because I got cas’d or killed right out of spawn?

Ideally they should make an objective push gameplay - where one team defends the other pushes - if you defeat everyone in that first section it pushes back to the next section of the map and everyone respawns. So this way the game keeps everyone active and provides a new chance to do well.

You get 1 spawn per wave and maybe if you get x kills during the first wave and die you are allowed to spawn again in that wave or something.

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I do like this idea as well. I think WT is in desperate need of a new game mode, especially since they’ve basically ditched World War mode. Has potential to be helpful to the game’s overall health.

The way it would work is that each section everyone respawns - you also get a chance to change your tank if you feel the first one didnt work out - but youre allowed to bring back in your previous tank.

If you die during a wave but lets say have X kills you are allowed to respawn that wave, however if you wish to use your tank you had died in - you would need to consume a backup (maybe) or you can change tanks.

If defenders lose ground - but defend the next section - they get a chance to push and reclaim their previous section for bonus rewards. If they do this it ends the game, if they don’t push and reclaim their section this gives the defenders one more chance to come back and take the next section - but at the cost of half the time.

The kills would maybe have to be 3 or 4 - to promote players who are doing well to keep playing.

I think this would have to be a ground only mode - no cas for this. And the map design would have to allow flanks and chances for the attackers to push - as just having an open map or something would be hard for attackers. But also not allow defenders to push up and shoot into spawn.

On top of this maybe they could make some really big maps - so we can actually fight at range in tanks - this would also remedy the issues of the Challengers being “niche”.

This would also create longer matches - and the chances to get very big rewards at the end of it.

I will not fight biased soviet obj 279 at 8.7, that thing is almost unkillable. You won’t change my mind. If I can’t leave the match, I will stay afk. I can’t leave nor stay afk, i will troll the team. Do not force me to play against my will, this is a game, not my job. I have enough dealing with uptiers and cheaters.

You already sound like you play this game against your will. Might I suggest finding another game that doesn’t boil your blood so much? I got a large list of games I can suggest!

On a serious note, there needs to be a middle ground that users can come to, because I think that you leaving early due to 1 fucking tank is ridiculous (and I’m a US main, so I know the OBJ 278 is a pain, but I’m not leaving my games early).

I sound as if I Played against my will because I was already doing that when suffer extreme event, 20 days of grinding.
There are a lot of things that might get me leaving early. Cheaters, spawncampers and awful mal design, Helis and CAS spam.
There are other things that annoy me, but won’t make me leave, like uptiers (well, it depends the tanks I’m playing, I won’t be able to do anything with a jumbo at 6.3), wheeled speedy stuff, lag, bugs, stock ammo. Those things by themselves contribute to the anger and fury, combined might get me out of the match, but not necessarily if alone.
I keep playing until the last tank mostly when paired with friends. But guess what, the event burned them out.
And when I posted the first reply, I got killed by a 279 that bounced me 5 shots. Next time I will jout so I deny them the kill

I have a linup of 3 vehicles + a plane for each BR I enjoy in ground realistic. All today my second vehicle is bombed to oblivion as soon as I start moving, some matches my 3rd vehicle if I had enough sp to get it out is also bombed to oblivion. Honestly it seems toooooo easy for some of these pilots to bomb you… I tried spaa’s but can’t kill them before they strafe me to death or drop bombs on me like shooting marshmellows.

I completely understand 1 death leavers. Completely. I’m going to start doing it too. Why waste my time spawning in to get bombed Over and Over and Over…

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Gaijin need to address the plane rush. There are people who play planes more time than tanks in ground battles. Ridiculous

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