Someone explain the M735 nerf

Can you link to this thread?

I already hated the xm1 because of how shit the shell was, and they go ahead and make it even worse

A young man reported the documentation of the bullet m735 and m774 with documentation (not classified)

Howdy, is there any update on them fixing this? It’s been a while.

I haven’t heard anything yet.

If it was Russian it would’ve immediately been reverted.

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True, unless it’s a “nerf”, like with the IS-6 turret. that took months and a Datamine.
How long did it take for them to replace 3BM22 with 3BM42 on the TURMS?

hmm i think it was changed the day it was added but im not 100% sure

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Couple of hours after the release if i remember correctly, meanwhile M735 still waiting for its fix after 2 months.

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2 months?

It’s February my guy, this thread started in October

It has been nearly 4 months already