Someone Explain the M735 Nerf

How is it that a steel core dart from 1959 is so similar to a tungsten alloy modern dart from 1978? Did the US military really just not improve their ammunition over 20 years?


No gaijin mesed up here m735 is a composite penetrator iirc and should have inflated flat penetration. It was right before. Composite penetrators have extremely high flat pen like apds at 0 degrees, and act more like monobloc longrod apfsds at high obliquities.

This is also hilarious because now Chieftain mk3 apds has the same performance.

This is now a really good excuse to riot for m735 to get replaced everywhere by m774, which is a solid round.


From another thread:

It looks like someone bug reported it but misread the numbers. The devs/whoever never actually checked the source, they just changed it.

Then people complained, 3 days later a mod posts telling us about it, then they just left it in and now it’s live in its ahistorical form


Yea lately this has been happening alot. Gaijin isnt cross checking their sources with the reports sources

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No, no hatred, it just takes time for them to review sources. And during the weeks before a patch, they can be very busy fixing other more critical issues.


They’re trying to get every dart’s penetration to be modeled by their formula that determines pen based on physical properties of the ammo while ignoring any nuances that go into ammo design


I was partially joking but this is another example of their half baked handling of US ground vehicles.


M735 was already bad before.
Now it’s become unuseable.
Until it gets fixed there’s no point playing anything that uses it.


I think the XM-1 is the only thing that has it without also having access to the m774


Correct me if I’m wrong, but due to M735s tear-drop design, they devs previously used the maximum possible diameter for it because it was simply easier, but that resulted in inflated performance (per Gaijin’s google doc for APFSDS; M735 used to be a 309x31mm projectile).

Right now they probably switched to using the average diameter hence the nerf rather than, as some people stated in this thread; " someone misread the numbers", or, “m735 is a composite penetrator”.

type 16 P and FPS as well


As explained on other thread there is actually 3 different versions of M735 which in this case gaijin took wrong versions of values and implemented it.

İts suppose to have better 60 degree penetration while keeping same or better 90 degree penetration.

It’s a bit more complex than that…

The previous vertical pen values were based on the 31x309 dimensions being put through L-O, however, the 60-degree and higher angle values, were based on documents describing base XM735 performance.

Here’s the problem with that. Base XM735 used the same projectile/penetrator body as XM578e4/XM579e4, just a different fin assembly and sabot. It was still a jacketed penetrator, meaning it had a maraging steel outer jacket surrounding the class 4 tungsten alloy core. However, the tungsten alloy core of XM735/XM579e4 is 86mm shorter than the core of XM735e2/M735, and also 227 grams or about half a pound lighter.


Still goes through my entire tank with ease, don’t really see how this matters

If youre using a light tank maybe

Ay, thanks for the explanation o7

But the funny part is that Their formula is wrong. And is NOT lanz like they say it is. All monoblocs have reduced 30 degree pen by in some cases 45mm or more. Do the calculations with M829A1
680x22 18600 1569mps. Its plate thicknes perforated should be like 538mm but its 505. Converting this to LOS is ~620mm, compared to 580.75mm which is 19mm LESS than the 0 degree penetration, which is of course false.

You know what nations turret fronts have shallow angle cheeks?

I tried making a bug report, then a suggestion report. And both were denied.


dude Type16 FPS will cry


Hope they change it back

It was stated somewhere that it was an incorrect source and it should get reverted soon

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