Somebody explain to me why I can't kill people

Why can’t I kill anything with .50, 20mm

How do you think we would be able to answer this? I mean picture the first theoretical 5 replies. What did you imagine they would say?

I can give him a hint. “Have you tried hitting them with the bullets?”

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You are most likely missing them because of bullet drop.

Go to test drive and try to kill those NPC airplanes so you know what to expect from airplane you are playing…

I’m a veteran of 5+ years I know what I’m doing, but 0.303s are doing more damage than an MG/FF, there’s a problem with that

It would be helpful to have this information from the start rather than making a statement that all 20mm cannons dont do damage.

No they dont. German cannons especially with Minengeshros can destroy airplanes with single burst.

To be fair, it appear that he is talking about the mg/ff which are the 20s found on rank 1 german planes. Yeah they are the worst of the 20s but a couple of the belts seem to do reasonable damage.
I agree that the mg 151 air target belt is very good. It is very fun to use the air target belts on the narvel and open open top spaa.

MG/FF doesn’t get Minengeshoss

He didn’t say they did, however.

What also is really a problem is the Mg 131, the He rounds damage the fuselage a bit, but NOTING under it, the I-T rounds are meh, and the Ap-I and Ap-T do some damage to the pilot and allmost no damage to structual stuff.

They’re still good guns and perform well. You’ve likely had one or two bad experiences and are now here expressing your confirmation bias.

Good question. Are you going to give any actual proper info so people can help you?

Best we got so far is that he is talking about the mg/ff.

He could also be using a bad belt. I did a small test and the air target belt is not very good but the stealth belt works pretty well imo.

MG/FF with air targets/tracers, I just get sparks, with no damage. my 7.92s do more damage

Don’t use those belts… you want to use stealth on the MGFF, it’s a shit gun tbf. Stealth is so-so ok

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Can you provide some information for

  1. what aircraft you are flying
  2. What ammo belts you are using
  3. A clip of whats happening in a dogfight?

Messerschmitt 109 E3.
Air targets belt.
I don’t have a clip but I can describe.
I dive on an enemy from angels 10 or so, get on his six (P-36 Hawk), and he’s going slow, about 250 kph, as opposed to my 650 kph, and without him maneuvering, it’s a relatively simple deflection shot, I aimed true, and watched my 20mms impact him just behind the engine (Around the cockpit area/right wing), and nothing happens, I loop around on top of him again and finish the rest of my belt into his left wing. Whilst I did get a crit, his maneuverability seemed unaffected, so going for a third loop I came down and finished him off my cutting the tail with my 7.62s


I’d say what others have said is probably right, try stealth betls

Fi-T I dont think is currently on real-shatter ( I could be 100% wrong about this) and Im fairly certain neither is APHE (again I could be 100% wrong about this)

I can say with a bit of confidence that IT and AP-I probably don’t do all that much damage currently and I’ve never used FI-T, but I’d guess the same. So its probably a case that 4/5 of your rounds arent doing all that much. Stealth is 2/3 APHE. and is probably going to do a lot more consistant damage vs lighter targets, like fighters.

Alright thanks, I’ll try that,