Solution to One-Death-Leavers / One-Death-Quitters Problem

Players are already punished in the form of repair costs, a F2P player who 1 death leaves without a kill or two is not breaking even, if not barely making any SL.

My only solution would be to give RP or SL penalties to those who leave mid-game and did not meet a % of activity and time spent to encourage more spawns and time in the game.

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I will soon become part of the problem of ODL XD can hate me for it if ya want. Please punish me for doing this. (sarcasm) only grinded the US up to 5.7 soooo wish me luck soon.

Games last about 5 minutes now , does it really matter who leaves and when? It’s all so trivial ,the game is so trivial and to be honest Gaijin are just making it more and more trivial with every update. The is nothing to get passionate about in this game anymore.


Yes, games last 5 minutes because ODL. This is why I try to make gaijin changing something about it. If it stays this way I will abandon this game sooner or later.

I don’t think Gaijin attach the same importance to their own game as some of the fan base do. That really is the feeling I get yet I know that there has to be many at Gaijin working hard. I just see the good destroyed and outweighed by the bad.

Its just shocking decision making and the players reaction is just that ,A reaction.

. I just get an overall sense of negativity about it all on this forum and every forum that talks about WT now.The maps, the Copy paste, the repetitive game play the crappy BR ,CAS overkill etc

I just played two games and quit one before the end because it was a BP task and got crew locked in the other so I only had one life. I turned WT off after two, had enough.
Crew lock actually forced me ODL in the second game lol

I don’t know how players stuck it out for 12 years, maybe it was a better game then. It was a better game when I started 3 years ago.

Gaijin did alot to improve the game. And they still do it. But these improvements are not helping the gameplay itself. The game mode “Ground RB” did not change in its formula.
Their approach on maps like “red zone everything that could be an advantage” will lead to checkboard-maps sooner or later. I made a different forum thread about it.
They just make the maps less interesting with less terrain. And less space because they red-zone so much. But thats a different topic.

Absolutely, the 2024 roadmap while good it didn’t really address any of the major issues with the game right now. Which is like you mentioned mostly repetitive and bad map design, gameplay fixes, new game modes, etc. These are probably the most important things they should be focusing on.

I just wish Gaijin was a more transparent about those topics.


Well said mate.

If they did address the issues and even said NO to some ,then maybe we would all shut up but we don’t get that so we can only continue to speculate. I think we are all quite reasonable people on here mostly and would enjoy a response or interaction from the Devs.

Better yet, only one and a half tanks of stock.

HAHA… that’s the way the game is for going a little faster.

This issue is so pathetic, mainly because it was generated by the game itself. It was more important greed.

I don’t want to be one of those who you call 1 death leavers but i leave before even dying for example i have no problem playing the match if its 50/50 in matchmaking but when you start playing for example 9.3 like example germany which nation im grinding oh man forget about downtier or equal matchmaking always constant 10.3 matches no matter what in the evening maybe you get 1 single 50/50 like 9.7 game but when you get constant 10.3,10.7 matches no thank you i can’t do anything with my lineup begel,kampfwagen leo 1a5 with the lack of firepower. i would rather play 1 or 2 matches with other nation until cooldown ends.


That is another problem 9.3 is perpetual 10.3.

The game in mechanics and 3D model is beautiful.

Everything else being balance, well thought out events and so on. Third division game.

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This forum always deals with one issue at a time but most of the issues are linked ODL is probably a number of other reasons.
Players who want WW2 only bail early when they get hit by a 70s vehicle. Those who hate CAS leave as soon as the skies fill up. Some hate a certain map ,some are doing Battle pass and cant achieve their objective on a certain map or feel they cant etc etc.

Gaijin has made the game outside the game too complicated.Gaijin also makes decisions that impact the game in other areas but does not seem to think it through how that might impact players.

What you are describing is called “the human element of matchmaking” and is one of the thorniest problems faced by any MMO. You can sum it up as “people leave when they get annoyed”.

It’s the thing I always bring up when we discuss historical matchmaking and why it wouldn’t work. The human element of matchmaking would cripple it.

Compared to other MMOs, War Thunder does surprisingly well in limiting this. The problem you have is that people get annoyed in very subjective ways. So you end up in a situation where you’re trying to “average out” the experience to make it less annoying for as wide a number of players as possible, rather than introduce drastic changes and risk alienating this or that part of the playerbase for good.


This is the big issue Gaijin face for sure. Many of the forum issues boil down to psychology, sociology and any other kind of 'ology. I try to make suggestions avoid that if I can. It does involve sitting on the fence sometimes and being overly pragmatic.

With things like Era matchmaking I never suggest anything that is fixed in a rigid line. It will only ever be" the closest we can get to appeasing the most people possible".

I would not for example suggest a need for pure WW2 tanks to face pure WW2 tanks or care about a tank that retired in 1941 facing a tank that didn’t enter service until 43, However I certainly would have done in a WW2 model making competition many years ago because that kind of pedantic detail was absolutely key to winning and it was expected. If you put a divisional marking on a tank on a diorama next to a road sign that said CAEN 55 Km you knew somebody would research to see whether that Division was ever 55 km from Caen at any point during WW2, assuming they didn’t already know. Thats how petty it was. That is never what I expect from WT and I don’t think anybody else does either really. Then we have the question “Well what do you expect then?” Cue a million different answers.

Now everyone who wishes to oppose a suggestion in WT assumes that level of pettiness from the OP when it nowhere near what they are suggesting. In many cases they are simply floating thoughts out there to see if anybody can develop them and it fails due to the general negativity and hostility that prevails on this forum.

We can see that many posts on this forum are born from frustration and are made seconds after ODL from the game in anger. The Rant.

My point is that I see ahead of the game I think and I see new things that Gaijin are bringing in and I think “That is gonna upset the masses” I’m sure many of us do I am not sure I agree that Gaijin manage it well but I don’t play other online games really.

I think simplicity and transparency would ease the pain and frustration surrounding War Thunder and Gaijin chose to opt out of that in many cases.

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If Gaijin ran more customer surveys to see what players do want ,would that ease frustration and subsequent ODL? They could send them to their entire player base and not have to rely on the forum or they could at least survey more players than those that are on the forum.

Call me crazy, but maybe, if the devs fix the bullet damage model, the penetration model, the CAS balancing, the adjustment to make the maps much larger, and the rebalancing of the Br of the tanks it would make at least a few How many players would leave the one dead leave.

The reason I leave after 1 death is to 70% that is no use to spawn again, when 4-5 people is sniping from across the map, OR a fast tank is camping the spawns 3 min into a game. So fun to have 3-5 players shooting at you right as you spawn. Like Ash River, you cant spawn in the SE spawn at all, because someone is sniping from the hills across the map.

The other 30% why I leave after 1 death, is often that my team is full of idiots! So many times the last weeks I been run over by teammates, or flipped by an heavy tank, that somehow manage to miss to see my Sherman/T-34/M18 etc.

Then we have the problem with teammates pushing you out of cover! You find a nice spot, wait in ambush until a enemy comes near. But just as you gonna shot, a teammate comes from behind and push you out of cover right into the enemy tank/s line of fire! So many times since the dragon event started, I have had teammates doing this shit. I have tried reporting players for this shit but nothing happens. So I leave, that or I must fight the urge to bomb that teammate, lol.

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Yes, why sick around with that kind of stupidity. Move on, find some good team mates to spend time with they are out there. Some great players on War Thunder and I have seen both sides of the coin. I can see a team of clowns very quickly.

It would be great if the game was more entertaining than watching a baby die of starvation or more enjoyable than using brake cleaner and wire wool as eyewash. It is just shite on so many levels, in fact it is worst than shite, shite can be useful.