Solution to One-Death-Leavers / One-Death-Quitters Problem

And you being a jack ass is not a problem?


Dropping a nuke is out then?

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I play the whole match, and do what I can to help my team.

I am not the jack ass in this situation.


You’re an Olympic mental gymnast I see.

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You are and it is little Hitlers like you that brought crew lock in like anybody needs more totalitarian rule on this planet. It’s a damn game and not in any way a team game,
Battle pass sees to that more than anything. Everybody with a private and differing agenda, a game within a game.

Anybody can see that if they stop ranting and analyze what they actually have in front of them.


Yeah I can see you trying to come back with a snappy retort but BP is a fact. Players given the task to get kills not win games or scout and not shoot, use SPAA rather than game winning tanks etc. etc., so you are raging about an ethos that the even the game makers don’t share.
No encouragement of team play from Gaijin just a loose pathetic crew lock punishment contradicting one vehicle line up ability and direct entry to top tier via expensive premiums.


How? A bad map is not fun to play on. Bad teammates aren’t fun to play with.

Why should I be forced to spawn when it will be a very bad experience?

PUNISHMENT IS NOT THE WAY TO FIX 1DL. It is rewarding players that works. The game already punishes you for dying ffs.


A solution,
get ride of uptiers so that there is more balance
Must have min 5 vehicles and can only spawn 3 through out the match, but you can have as big a line up as you want. New players at rank 1 maybe excluded
Gaijin to provide more vehicles for nations that cant forum a 5 vehicle line up all with in 0.3 BR. 1 light, 1 medium, 1 heavy/ TD, 1 SPAA, 1 aircraft

Premiums to be given all none premiums at there rank

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It’s funny how the game and many of its players have no problem with a player being out after only two lives with no kills in only a few minutes.

I have had the game throw me out even after getting a kill which should give me enough points stay in the game, but I suspect Gaijin want short games and people not earning RP.

Its just BS and needs to be viewed as BS. Its like the environment issues, the public are all expected to play the game while the Government do not.

I hate to say it but I’m not surprised that so many treat Warthunder with the contempt it deserves sometimes.

For every Dev who works hard to create a good well-balanced game a greedy exec steams in and stamps avarice all over the good work.


Gaijin are selling a game, f2p or p2w. But a game has to be playable, simple google “game” its not by definition if eveyone is up in arms about it

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Okay. And anyone that doesnt go for caps should get 24hr ban too. And those with scouting that dont scout. Dont forget those that drive by and dont help repair.

Better yet, just let me personally give bans to those that dont play the way i want them to play.

Sounds like a fun game :)


Its my bat and ball we shall play it my way or i am going home

Not sure about any “we” but I’m definitely playing it my way.

If we have CAS I will revenge bomb, If I have artillery, I will use it. If I have cover, I will hide behind it.

If one single thing is killing War Thunder and driving veterans away it is the removal of freedom of choice.

You can even see many occasions where Stona the Community manager has tried to explain freedom of choice to certain forum members, and they just don’t get it so I can’t solely lay the blame at Gaijin. Little armchair Hitlers are also to blame.

They want CAS nerfed, all tanks to be equal, no cover and big maps or tiny maps are a must. There is no freedom of choice and no diversity in this game anymore. No freedom of expression in how you personally want to approach each and every different map and scenario.

Nobody will invest the time to get good and overcome the adversity which for me was where the satisfaction came long term.

If half the team do a runner then let them go, more kills for me, I will see the retreat and take up a defensive position, bagging what I can before I’m overwhelmed. That is how I started to get kills in this game as a newbie. Turning the bad into good for myself. Same with spawn camping and getting two or three to take top spot as the game ends, just a consolation for losing.

If you didn’t work to take the good from the bad in WT nobody would play it.


Keep dreaming, you cant force people to play, with that shit idea you basically kill the game. The only way is improve the game not doing worse.


All the things he lists are things I am discussing too. Its not that I dont know it. I even made other forum posts and comments about the topics. For example the maps.

Also I know that the economy was never a real reason for ODL. This is why I said “so called reasons” when listing these reasons.

But he does not take into account that the snowballing he identifies as a reason for ODL is even more a problem when people ODL. For example: if the whole left flank is killed in first attempt to get somewhere and decides to give up instead of trying to do something about it, the enemy will use the gap in frontline to flank the rest of the team too. Yes, there are very strong positions on every map in this game and since I am a very terrain-based player I think I know them all. But I never give up when these positions are currently held by the enemy. I try to regain control over them and often it works. But it only works when you try to get them back, communicate with the team (map pings are helpful) and dont ODL.

When I am in CAS I always look for people on strong positions, flankers and try to defend zones. Its not too hard to get into CAS and once in it is always appreciated to get info from ground forces. But often in high tier there is not much left of the team once I am in CAS (no I dont J out just to get in CAS ASAP).

TLDR: Yes, Canadians analysis is right and its nothing new for me, but the ODL is even increasing the snowball effect.

And no, I think discussing solutions for a game is not building the 4th reich, but thanks for caring.

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It’s not that he doesn’t identify it, but that it is irrelevant. War Thunder is not professional sports, where you can expect competitors to stick it out to the bitter end. It’s an MMO, and you will always be contending with player behaviour that you cannot change.

Let me make an example. One of the reasons why World War Mode hasn’t been back in so long is that it’s unbalanced. Because it’s unbalanced, everyone wants to play the stronger side, until nobody is left to play the other side, and the mode dies.

You can tell me that “people flocking to the stronger side just make the imbalance problem even worse” and it would be completely true. It would also be irrelevant, because it’s not the players who are to blame if the mode is not balanced. Fix the balance issue and the players will sort themselves out.

Now translate that logic onto snowballing. That is the core design of ground RB. Do we want to change it? I’m open to the idea, but what’s important is that we should be talking about game design, not players.

That hyperbole was a bit too much, but the sentiment behind it is not wrong. A “solution” like the one you propose is just lashing out at other players in frustration. It also implies that ODLing is something inherent to some players and not others, so bingo, segregate them and the issue is solved. But that is not the case, you’re looking at the finger (the players) and not the moon (game design).

I will sometimes ODL. And then sometimes I will spawn in seven times in a desperate effort to save a match hanging in the balance. Which I do depends on so many factors, like whether I’ve had a bad day or not, whether I’m on Ritalin or not that particular day, whether I’m trying to complete a task or playing in a squad… Good luck sorting me out in one box or another.

As the quote goes, “the worst thing about life is that everyone has their reasons”. Try and work on hard factors like game design, and not on reasons, because that way lies madness.


You don’t understand ODL in GRB. I don’t need to fight op team “cheaters” shooting accros small maps hitting our spawn in domination mode. Last battle op team shoot accros from " D7" and hitting everybody coming from the spawn almost. It suprise me after watching the replay they see through bushes and low hills.


You have people quit because not having full line for the br or facing op team “cheaters”.

Players are already punished in the form of repair costs, a F2P player who 1 death leaves without a kill or two is not breaking even, if not barely making any SL.

My only solution would be to give RP or SL penalties to those who leave mid-game and did not meet a % of activity and time spent to encourage more spawns and time in the game.

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I will soon become part of the problem of ODL XD can hate me for it if ya want. Please punish me for doing this. (sarcasm) only grinded the US up to 5.7 soooo wish me luck soon.