Solution to One-Death-Leavers / One-Death-Quitters Problem

You nor Gaijin will not and cannot stop me or anyone else from committing ODL as much as we see fit.

If you think punishing us or trying to stop us will make a difference - It won’t. What will end up happening is abandonment of the game and the losing out on investment for Gaijin’s wallet.


Punish the people for leave is just the typical bad idea from Gaijin. You cant force people stay playing when the gameplay is extremly bad.

You really want player spwam more tanks/planes and dont leave early in the game?? simple start with:

-Improve the redward and progression.
-Improve balance and reduce the impact of P2W.
-Hire good map creators.
-Fix problems quick and improve the actual maps (all maps have hitboxes problems since years)
-Add a proper map rotation.
-Remove the ULQ (FGS we are in 2024 ULQ is not needed anymore)
-No more pathetic propaganda for certain nation.

For make the people stay more in battles the only way is improve the game and make it better when punishments you only obtain more hate and megative response from the community and right now is very high.


I’m not a fan of ODL. But I understand the reasons. And you pointed them out quite well.


not even half of these have been addressed lol

You’re just upset that people ODL so now you’re suggesting a “gamemode” to “fix” the problem that would only serve to make the game worse.

“The beatings will continue until morale improves” is you right now.


LOL that bonus is tiny and requires substantial effort and skill to achieve any of the higher ranks consistently

You don’t go out of your way to specify you solely mean top tier tier or near. This is a common issue on this forum where many players have a cut off limit and only play lower down and many players only play top. We all assume that others know what we mean.WW2 and top is almost like two different games.

As stated in other posts like this one WW2- Early cold war tanks

Top tier has tier above it and this is a cause for concern for many with some people just below top tier only ever getting the up tier and those at top tier never getting untired because there is no tier above.

If you read this post you see the issue some players have with the creation of a two division game giving a top tier with no tier above as a reason for not doing the split.

So is this the same reason for such heavy ODL at top tier? It may seem a tenuous link but is it the answer? You might also link to the issue of CAS and Map size at top tier as well.

I do find that despite the forums fixation with keeping topics apart that many are actually related and cause the same issue and same symptom.

The perfect response to your post, OP.

Put a TLDW. Even at 2x speed the vid goes terribly slow. It is insufferable.

Nothing economic about WT has been “fixed” It has had a band-aid put on it, so his argument that it isn’t a factor is just false.

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Full disclosure because I dont play a ton of ground or have near the experience of the others posting here, but isnt the mechanism to handle this already built in?

For the players with a limited line up due to premium purchasing you could account for that ahead of time in the queue and adjust the SP cost of tanks* for people in the match that have the sufficient vehicle count.

They are still at a disadvantage for having less allies holding important positions but have the option to fight longer.

I have just gotten to the higher tiers and believe me, it’s a downer seeing all of these players leave after just one death.

It ruins the game for everyone.

For the side with most ODL people, they don’t have a shot to win or get more XP. Most of the time they end up spawn camped.

For the side with the least ODL people, you win… sure, but you make far less XP because of the lack of opposition and you have to compete for kills.

My solution, and this extreme may be because I am new to the upper tiers and it’s pissed me off so much, is that when you leave while still having enough points to pull another Vehicle that you get 0xp and Silver for the fight. No rewards. No nothing. It was like you didn’t even do anything.

If you do it 3 times in a 24 hour period, then they should be suspended for 24 hours.

When you are that selfish of a person, there should be consequences.

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There shouldn’t be segregation. The people who do it should be horribly punished for it and either quit, or change their playing style.

You said above that you just ‘worry about yourself’, if that was the case then you’d be against ODL because they are effecting your gameplay.

Punishing people is the only way to get rid of the behavior. Trash people are trash people, and they will always conduct themselves with trash behavior like ODL.

So if you want to stop it, then make it so it’s pointless for them to do it. No XP, no cash, and 3 times they are suspended for 24 hours.

Not just ODL but people who leave while they still have points to pull vehicles.

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Make it worth it an enjoyable to spawn again. Punishment is a stupid idea.

Too extreme.

Make the game enjoyable and then you will almost never have 1DL issues. The maps suck, the economy is trash, and teamplay is nonexistent.


Of course and 48 after the implementation of this “great” idea the game is empty of players. If people ddsnt end the battles is mainly for the horrible gameplay not because they are trash.


I don’t play online games to be punished. I have enough tax and fines for every transgression in real life I don’t need it in a game as well. This is a game not work or school.


The game is enjoyable, when half mine or the opposing team don’t leave after 2 minutes.

Screw them. They can quit. If it isn’t enjoyable… Why the F are they playing in the first place?

The problem isn’t the game, or they wouldn’t be there to begin with. . The problem is that they are trash.

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Then don’t play it in a way that you will be punished.

Nope. All the trash is gone and the other 80% of us will have a far more enjoyable time.

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I’ll do what I like Bro. Im paying for it.


The game is enjoyable when it doesn’t punish you.

Because it can be fun. It is not fun when you are on a map you hate, with teammates of questionable intelligence.

The problem is the game, because they exist in the first place. This is 95% WTs fault that players play the way they do.