So where is the P-47 meant to sit in the Air RB meta?

Ordnance nerfs are base on bug reports, not complaints.

Nah, not really. Every single one is based on complaints from tank mains salty about being bombed, who (presumably) lack the IQ and/or experience to step back from their own salty rage and look at the big picture.

A few cases were bug reports, but most were not. I hold such folk responsible for “poisoning the well,” and until they are dealt with for all eternity (being stripped of any ability to harm the game any further), none of us will ever see the game live up to its true potential. How can it when its own playerbase is constantly cannibalizing itself?


Imho this is now way off topic, so hidden.

Deterioration of average skill and random results whilst playing Air RB

I mean you just describe the effects of lack of experience on average and the change from a somehow enjoyable game which required skill, tactics and strategy into a plain shooter.

  • Some years ago almost nobody was willing to lose altitude and or positioning to dive on enemy strike aircraft. The matches were long enough to kill all enemy players and early ticket defeats happened just on a few maps like Poland, Tunisia, the old Rhine map, etc…

  • Today the first low spot get jumped, enemy plane see a low enemy jumping a friendly too and a few minutes later everybody is low. Unthinkable some years ago…

  • And this absence of knowledge is not a matter of BR - whilst spading the HUN/IT Tu-2S-59 at 5.7 i saw dozens of players on both sides dying like noobs whilst using the forward airfield without aaa cover.

  • I mean they removed the aaa on forward airfields six months ago - and these stupid id*ots managed to throw away clear number advantages by landing there.

I mean usually it is enough to stay alive in such cases. I can confirm this with anecdotal evidence.

  • I used the BP Il-8 with a level 1 crew now 13 times - 9 wins and 4 defeats - without the last 2 matches (my team died before i was at 4.000 meters, so i flew back to af and j out) i had a win rate of ~80%.

  • There were just 3 or 4 matches which i could actually influence - the rest of the matches ended so fast with ticket wins or the total destruction of the enemy team that i was lucky to score a few points with killing an ai plane.

  • And in those 3 or 4 matches i scored a few 3rd party kills and all i had to do was to stay alive (last man on our team) as the other Il-8s (up to 7 more) killed so many ground units that it was impossible for the enemy to turn the tide.

  • My mission score to fulfill the BP challenge of currently 6.000 results from 1 good match with 3.000 points killing the last enemy fighter and playing 1 vs 1 vs P1Y1 - he bombed and i killed a dozen medium tanks and some other stuff, but the ticket where so far ahead that he had to kill me to win, and he stayed away as i told him (10 minutes left) that i would leave him alone to do his bombing thing.

  • So as written somewhere else: Just by lowering the standards to participate in Air RB with several measures (last significant imho 16 vs 16) and the flood of new players the outcome of most matches became a random event - determined by the number of non-pilots in both teams.


Agree in general to bomb nerfs (despite i haven’t read the corresponding bug reports) - best examples SC 1800 nerf of explosion radius some years ago and stealth nerf of Tu-2s last year - they simply gave them “newer” bombs with less TNT to decrease the overall TNT load, despite that it is imho not proven that production of the old bomb type was stopped or that they haven’t used the old type…

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F-4 is literally lower BR. Try fighting 5.7 spitfires in a 4.7 P-47.

I already have. It’s not hard.

It’s pretty difficult.

Not sure how doing only 1v1’s against the same guy shows the P-47’s aren’t bad. You could give someone with no experience playing War Thunder the Su-27 and they’d still probably lose to a 1.0 biplane.

I have barely played RB in the past year…just picked up the Italy P-47 D-30… honestly it’s about the same as I remember it.

How did you get 12 respawns in 11 battles? 😂

Pretty sure it’s counting the time I went and got more ammo.

It’s pretty consistent with most players vastly underestimating what the P-47 can do.
Is it the most meta plane at the battle ratings that its at?..maybe not depending on the up-tier down-tier cycle and how your team plays.

You can’t really use the plane to save everyone when you get a team that just wants to faceplant into the first target that they see…but that is really a structural problem with Air RB, the 16v16 matchmaker, and the fact that a lot of players are just using prop tiers as a grinding mechanism to stockpile silver lions to expend in other game modes.

The only planes that I would argue are meta-defining in Air RB right now are ones with a lot of cannons and good enough performance to back it up. Or something with untouchable performance like the BI.

But all of the strengths the P-47 has traditionally had still apply; the plane is really good at sweeping players because 8 .50 cals and it has acceptable enough maneuverability that you have a good chance in a dogfight against the planes that are able to catch up to you for the most part. The only thing that has changed is that you have to start sweeping sooner and often times you can’t afford to wait for the ideal situation because your team kills themselves. At the same time…as soon as 2 P-47s climb and realize they can just be faster than things…games are pretty easy to sweep just by target trading.

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The only bomb nerf which wasn’t directly attributable to tank mains complaining was due to snail overreacting about splash damage kills from the Sturmtiger, which shoots a 250kg bomb. Yep, you read that right - they pulled another Horton 229 situation and nerfed every single bomb in the game because of one vehicle.

Still, that’s a lot of “if’s” to make the P-47 a viable plane in the current game

How do the same circumstances not apply to other planes?

Probably THE most annoying part about Air RB in ‘recent’ times.

Having to rely on getting consistent downtiers (overall), hoping that you’ll only run into other high-speed or high-altitude buses since your maneuverability is only competitive against them, and hoping that you’re able to get enough altitude and/or speed before your team is dead as your only options for doing somewhat well is generally more “if’s” than most planes in game

It really isn’t.

P-47 D-28 time to climb is not particularly bad; it’s as good as any other US Fighter. It’s also a decent bit faster than most of what it faces.

Something like the A6M or any other slow turn fighter with low ammo count is far more limited because they can’t pick and choose when/where to fight and their ability to influence the game is limited if someone on the other team knows to just not turn fight them.

This really isn’t true, though. In my experience you have to go back to like 3.0-3.7 BR fighters to find ones that had similar climb rates.

That doesn’t really help it much, and there’s still a good amount of planes near its BR (above and below) that are within 50km/h of its top speed.

But in most matches, it will have the advantage because a furball will likely happen