So where is the P-47 meant to sit in the Air RB meta?

If I don’t sideclimb, I get told I’m a moron who gets dived on by everything in the game, if I sideclimb I either get no kills because my team mopped our get no kills because my team got mopped in the time it took me to get to 6km. THEN I get told by the team I’m a useless AFK lmao.

What do I have to do to make this plane work in the 3 minute furball meta?

don’t bother using it. IT’s been powercreeped it seems to me. So many planes at that B.R better suited

Be fast…

More seriously every thing you need to be above 4k and team M8. Plane is fast and dive speed can be easy exploit in good wingman.

Don’t use them, unless it’s the P-47D-28 or the M model.
I put in a thread suggesting taking away the airspawn of the XP-50 in exchange for the Razorback P-47s, the D-25/D-27, but the thread was deleted

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I’m using the P-47D-30 which is just the D-28 with airbrakes and I’m having these issues.

Well that climbs much better than the earlier P-47s, so you do have to be patient with it unfortunately.

Did you read the OP?

I did. Trust me I’ve spent hours trying to make P47s work, they’re just not meta due to their terrible energy retention and absolute need for an energy advantage over your opponent. And because of their poorer climb rate comparable to most other planes you’ll struggle to get an advantage anyway.

Yep and they seem power creeped or just forgotten for a while from gaijin. They really deserve an air spawn, heaps of other nations have planes that do. They’re not suited and it seems many other planes at 4.0 can do their job way better. XP 50 with airspawn already in enemy faces disrupting climbs, being an early ground pounder etc.

Agreed. Just compare the P-47D-22 to the D-25/D-27. Almost the exact same performance but .7 BR higher than it.
p47 br problem

4000m, climb to one of the bases.

If you’re lucky, you’ll nick a bomber, after that just zoom from the side. Go rat, don’t head-on as much.

I find this plane to be a great 3rd party plane that just sweep in, squeeze trigger and climb again.

At first all the P-47s had air-spawn, of course they were devastating you got 3 or 4 kills without a problem, then of course everyone complained, and Gaijin removed air-spawn from all the P-47s. The D-28 and especially the D-30 have no problem climbing, you just have to find a way to do it.

That’s not much consolation when you’re flying the D-25/D-27 with a whopping 2000 ft/min climb, at the same BR as the Yak-3 and BF-109 G-2…

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Then try asking to restore the air spawn to the P-47s because there is no other solution.

I’d like to see that, and/or a reduction in BR to 4.0. Having near identical performance as the D-22 but 10 HVARs does not warrant a .7 br jump

P-47D-30 is a very strong plane at 5.0
You have to climb without much sideclimbing if any and play strategic using your team.
It has the clmb, the speed and the guns to obliterate the whole lobby, the turn is also decent.

This doesn’t really explain anything more on what OP already elaborated on, the p47 28-30 is workable but it ain’t special, most of what it does many other American planes like the Corsair or mustang can do as well with overall better performance

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It does, as I said just a slight sideclimb.
He is prob sideclimbing too much or not sideclimbing at all

In that case your better off with any other plane at the same BR, don’t get me wrong they can be worked with, but to say they are “good” especially in the current meta is disingenuous at best, there’s a reason why they aren’t flown as much as they used to be

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I feel the issue stated is very much noticeable no matter the plane. People do generally give up on climbing and go to the furball, especially in 16 v 16.

So if you do climb, unless you are more skilled or in the right plane, you are often left alone and on a dead team. And yes, I’ve been mocked too like the OP with “you are bad for climbing”.

People just seem to love throwing themselves into the low cluster and hope they come out on top.

Between that and losing too many to fruitless bomber chases.

And come on, US teams are not generally known for the best play, especially with so many looking for their favourite 80s/90s military jets. You can tell from queue saturation sitting mainly on one nation, bar a particular Premium Bomber tier.