So where is the P-47 meant to sit in the Air RB meta?

OK, what about the D-25/D-27 at 4.3 with 2000 ft/min climb rate?

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Im not talking about other P47D’s, they are bad
D30 and D28 are very good tho and fit the meta

Then just dive into the furball, clean the enemy and help your team.
With 8×.50 and d30/d28 performance you can make quick work of the enemy

You have to use MEC on the P47s… not an optional thing either if you wanna get your time’s worth. Luckily its very much a set and forget thing.

75% PP, 0% rads, 80% mix… best climb is around 265 kph IAS (yes lower than what one may expect). the D28/30 climbs pretty good tbh, pretty strong 5.0. When you’re at speed, you can get 2 good turns out of the plane, anything longer and you gtfo unless you hold a good position and you are 100% confident in getting the kill and not getting 3rd partied. Takes very long to reset fights if you have to, so be cautious of that when you take a risk to not become useless when you have to reset a fight against a G6 or so who parked himself on your 6 because you got too greedy.

When this plane has speed, it’s a monster, but only on the offense. It will require you to fully understand the capabilities of the enemy plane, more so than other planes which rely more on engine power than kinetic energy as the P47 does.

I typically start game by climbing to 4000m, see what enemy does, maybe climb a bit higher, or just go in and start cleaning things up when enemy is co alt or lower. Depends a lot on what enemy team is in, where they are, BR, map, etc. There’s no 1 way to victory. Whatever the case, you HAVE TO come in with speed, not only because the plane requires it, but people in pub battles are notoriously bad at managing their speed 99% of the time. So when you decide to go in, you level out and gain as much speed as you can.

Also don’t sideclimb very much away from your team, stay within reach. You may need them as cannon fodder, and they may give you an option to 3rd party someone. I would say, 4-5km away at most.

And, don’t be passive P47 sitting at 9000m because “that’s where it shines”). While you can absolutely kill 10 enemies when you are above them, what is more likely is that when you are alone you will not know anymore after a few minutes where all enemies are and eventually will find 1-2 above you while you are searching for them. When everyone furballing, have a little party and kill them. If not and your team dies, the game will turn into you running forever because a P47 on defense doesn’t have that many options against multiple enemies when they get co-alt/above you and spaceclimbing is just sad and won’t teach you anything except new colorful vocabulary picked up from all chat

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I don’t think you really understood what I said in the OP.

What did I not understand then?

Must be different from the D-22/D-25, on those two I found 85% prop pitch to be optimal. It resulted in the same low overheat, 0-5% radiators with boosted climb performance. When I tried it on the D-28 I never could get 85% to work right, so thanks for the 75% recommendation.

But mostly I never play P-47s so I’m not sure when that knowledge will come in handy.

The P-47s are just very ill-suited to Air RB. These were designed primarily as bomber escorts, not an eastern front-type conflict where the enemy airfields are almost within artillery distance of each other. It’s a shame because I really like them, I want to fly them, but they’re just not designed for Air RB combat.


It does not matter for what they were designed if they are good fighters in the ARB meta.
And D28 and D30 are good fighters.


And they’re still unsuited for Air RB. They lack climb rate, they take way too long to get into a good position, their energy retention isn’t great.

Them being good fighters implies you can have fights at high altitude where the turbocharger can really give you an advantage, or that you can BnZ endlessly while nobody just tunnel visions on you, which requires teammates.

I believe the post is about being left alone at high alt because you choose not to yolo into a furball.

I do not see is as great for ARB to advise just going into the furball (though I understand the context of being a vulture through the furball with energy built up from the altitude made).

Point being the 47 would be better off if a few more on the team climbed too. And people insulting those for climbing should be ignored, as most don’t seem to climb and matches are lame in my opinion due to this.

This appears more to be about how teams come across and not that particular vehicle. Most planes stuck high solo versus 3 enemy planes at same alt are at a disadvantage.

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I mean you are right regarding P-47s in wt - but your points are valid for irl too.

There is a reason why the 8th AF converted all (except the 56th) fighter groups to P-51s - the P-47 was good with numerical AND altitude advantage - without it had no chance against “real” fighters flown by trained pilots.
Most people forgot that 1944/45 training of German fighters was rudimentary and focused on killing bombers.
Btw - same as the P-38 - assigned to recon duties as not good enough without advantages upfront an engagement.

So yes, i watched the 8 parts of Greg’s aviation channel, praising speed and high alt performance, but it simply looks like some of the players think it was a good fighter for wt. I agree that the D-30 can be flown quite effective, but it depends mainly on the quality of your opponents. The P-51 D-30 is imho the better plane at 5.0.

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I don’t agree, up high at bomber escort altitudes the P-47 can definitely hold its own and IIRC some units stuck with the Jug until the end of the war to great effect. The issue is that fights rarely happen that high up, and when they do it’s bf109s, spitfires, etc which have much greater climb rates.
Maybe if we had Air RB EC as a permanent gamemode it’d be better.

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I do not agree.

Maybe my comment was misledading or i was not clear enough - without bombers, no escort duty, without escort duty no alt advantage. No alt and speed advantage – very limited plane.

Have in mind that the goal of the Luftwaffe was to kill bombers, not fighters.

Besides that 44-45 experiences draw a wrong picture, just look at 43 records and u might see why the majority of fights on equal terms had bad results.

Like in wt it makes a difference if a “new” P-47 pilot with 400 hours flight training meets a “new” 109 pilot with 100-160 hours pilot training (various sources claim ~ 10- 40 hours in the plane they were sent to die…) so late war experiences are not even close to realities of Air RB…

All in all the “great effect” is imho limited to ground attacks. The early P-47s had just bad luck that they had to fight better trained enemies and they had to develop viable tactics forr the ETO. And i am quite sure that the P-47 was pulled out of the fighter role (except 56th FG) in 1944/45. You might want to check this.

As long as wt is not able or willing to provide Air RB with somehow “realistic” combat scenarios i see little to no hope to improve the role/importance of P-47s (below 5.0) in Air RB.

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P-47 D-28 and it’s equivalents have climb rates that are competitive with most planes that it will face. The time to climb rate difference between the D-28 and contemporary Bf.109s is the closest of any of the P-47 variants in the game except for the P-47M.

The trick to side-climbing isn’t in order to gain a massive altitude advantage; the point is to get some horizontal space so you have a little room to accelerate before merging with enemy team. Where you absolutely do not want to be is merging head-on with multiple players who will just hold mouse 1 on you.

At the same time you can’t be completely dead set on strict BnZ tactics. The P-47s have reasonably decent turning performance where if you enter a fight with positional advantage or energy advantage you can stick to a lot of planes for long enough to spray them down. At the same time you can use speed to avoid unfavorable fights, or third party others in order to defend your friendly players.


Turn decent?! That thing turns in 2-5 business days if it even feels like it compared to the things at its BR

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P-47M 6-7 years ago used to be one of my favourite aircraft. I was new to war thunder. It had an airspawn. It’s camo was sexy. P-51H spam didn’t exist matches were not limited to 25 minutes.

There were amazing maps like Norway.

Now, it has no airspawn, every match there is the P-51H and Spitfire MK IX which are superior to you.

It’s been powercrept, all P-47s are dead now.

Nah, it turns pretty decent. Just needs a bit of hands, is not a zero or a spitfire of course.
But it can handle its own against 109s and win against 190s.

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P47D28/D30 is one of the strongest planes in war thunder