So uh gaijin,both are 9.7? really?

how is this:

at the same BR as this:

let compare shall we?
(and keep in mind im going to get both these vehicles and m not calling for nerfs but BR adjustments)

Radkampfwagen 90:


Screenshot (181)



Has Thermals (gunner)

Screenshot (180)

Has 491mm of penetration (APFSDS)

Screenshot (177)

Has 750mm of penetration ATGM (tandem):

Screenshot (178)

Has HEVT (proxy fuse):

Screenshot (179)

  • Has sufficient armour (angles)
  • Has .50 cal mg (anti aircraft on turret roof)

In all fairness:
The ZLT11 has less HP but also less weight:
Screenshot (185)

but the rad-90 has more HP but more weight:
Screenshot (184)

Top speed is still the same!!!




nothing is equal,… that’s a WAR game,… War is always inequal,…

ah ok, sure,
your f-4 phantom against the su-57.

Such a simple comparison does not work for horsepower and weight. I mean, even with the stock values as shown there, the Rad has over 20 hp/ton, the difference in horsepower far outweights the increase in weight. This part of the comparison is very poorly done.

Forwards top speed, yes, but reverse speed is not, which is arguably more important that the forwards speed here. Radkampfwagen goes -35 km/h in reverse, the ZTL11 goes only -8.5 km/h.


fair enough but its only 23 vs 17 (hp/t)
as for reverse speed, thats still manageable since its not the abysmal T-72 reverse.
plus the other factors really dont give any room for doubt that the zlt is 10.3 worthy if the rad dosent go down


Not really when you factor in that this is a vehicle that relies on mobility above all, specially to get away from danger. Having a poor reverse speed is not good in such a vehicle.

26.95 vs 19.57
It cannot be understated how much faster the Rad 90 is over any other wheeled vehicle other than the Type 93

It’s that much worse because of how much faster the ZLT can go forwards over the T-72

And the protection is vastly superior on the Rad 90, both in armour and survivability, the ZLT is huge which offers some ability to take a hit but has a huge ammo rack behind the loader in the turret.

The two are not equal but you are massively underselling the Rad 90.


You mean the armor that leaves you vulnerable to overpressure by HEAT, and can at best make low caliber APDS bounce from the front straight into the turret which of course kills the turret crew

its a light tank as is the radkampf, HEAT kills em both.
and apds is more damaging to the radkampf.
atleast the ztl has the ability to bounce it from the front

the ZLTs glacis is only sloped 75 degrees, the chance of most APDS shells bouncing off that is incredibly low, let alone APFSDS which is quite standard at this BR.

Yes, HEAT can kill both what a surprise but that isn’t the point. Rad has particularly heavy armor for it’s type of a vehicle with spaced armor all over it’s turret and front. Doesn’t really work against APFSDS, has limited effect on APDS, but it is very effective against HE, HESH and reduces HEAT damage massively. ZLT gets instantly destroyed by most explosives as long as you don’t shoot it straight into the fuel tank. It also gets absolutely skewered by anything bigger than old autocannons, and at 9.7 you don’t really run into hordes of BTR80s anymore

of course it cannot withstand APFSDS
but APDS iis another matter
Screenshot (186)

i dont dispute that, and as i said, i dont want anything nerfed, but when you compare what the zlt has over the rad… your position of justifying why both are equal is a hard one to defend

you can also check type16 at 9.3 and VRCC at 9.3
they are similar to 90R but with thermal at 9.3


you should ask for br change for 90R but thats possibly not gonna happen

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Ok,… then gimme one exemple when both armies were totally equal IRL,…

Gimme that,… you’re authorized to check any known war from 4000 BC to today,…

hey dork, we are playing a video game. Video games don’t have to be balanced to be fun, but it really helps.


So you’re unable to found one?

So my comment have it’s truth, on which your just applying the “it’s a game” stupidly, without even knowing that today the game is unequal at any BR possible?

Found me one IRL war, instead of insulting people.

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