So the Soviet tree now has the best SPAA and ASM

Sorry it took me so long but i wanted to make this so everyone understands my idea

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There’s a Hummer SPAA that shoots AMRAAMs (or 9X’s) like the Type 93

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Yes, because A6 tram and A-10 is balanced at 10.3 with the best missiles best atgms and best laser guided bombs + thermals, at stupid low BR of 10.3, but you choose to complain about Su-25 lmao

At least plane can kill Su-25, f-16 is 2nd best fighter in the game (after broken Gripen) with invisible missiles, so it will kill your plane too

The new su-25 can spawn in and start around their own airfield fire missiles land, circle the airfield to get up to altitude while staying out of any other spaa range and do it again, while the pantsir can provide air protection to make sure most planes dont get close enough to fire on the su-25.

With the new update the a-10 may have a better time being able to hit targets with the agm-65 and could get annoying if they started to get more consistent, but the there are good spaa’s for other nations that can make quick work of the a-10. The A-10 has no thermals or laser bombs.

With the a-6 and its laser dropped bombs all you have to do is pop smoke to not get hit, and you have to be flying over the area to use them. While flying over you are in range of the SPAA to be taken out. I’ve killed several a-6’s doing just that with the strela. If you think that is over powered at that br its a skill issue on your part. The su-25 can sit outside of the range of every weapon minus another plane, but that plane would have to dodge 2 or more pantsir’s and more than likely a mig-29 and a KA-52 and fly 40 miles to try and hit the su-25. Comparing two planes that have to fly with in the weapon range of spaa’s isnt comparable.


I specifically said 10.3
A-10 late at 10.3 has thermals, you are wrong.

Same can be done to stop kh-38.

Also, how the hell do you know you are getting hit from the air using a tank? That’s some bs defence for the tram being 10.3

The a-10 has black and white tv seeker. turning on the thermals drops resolution but it does have gen 1 thermals ( i keep forgetting about the tech tree a-10 ) but even then flying at higher altitude with gen 1 thermals isnt much of an advantage.

It is an extreme advantage, it literally allows you to find targets fast. You just lock on to white dots and fire.

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And even if we are talking about the a10 without thermals, the situation is even worse there. 10.0 plane with 10Km+ atgms. Endless flares. Aim-9L. All at 10.0 (9L is better than garbage R-60M in every way, its literally an aim-9M without IRCCM)

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You can see the contrails of the a6 coming as most fly around 20k feet to drop bombs. This is in the range of spaa’s. if you can see the su-25 at 20k feet they are 20 miles away so its just a dot in the sky and out of the range of spaa.

İf you fly below 5400 meters you will not create contrail.

I never fly above 5400 meters.

I stay around 5000 meters altitude.

İf you fly above that it’s skill issue/you deserved to be shot down.

Player lack of skill doesn’t justify A10 A6E being this low BR.

But we all know how bad American mains are.

Most of them are so clueless that they lose dogfights to a full weapon load 2 ton extra load carrying Su-25SM3 in their F-16C with UFO flight model.

Now don’t tell me Su-25 is an op dogfighter as well.


OMG you guys whine and bitch so much! Not every nation can be the best in every BR. Just play another nation, or another BR and the problem is solved.

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I have no idea what your talking about. We are not whining or bitching. we are having a discussion about aspects of the game. Most people in high BR’s do play other nations. You are the only in the thread bitching and crying.

İf American players used their planes properly no Su-25 could ever fly. F-16C is the best CAS because it will literally out dogfight any other plane (except gripen).

Also invisible 9M is op in ground RB.


i never said anything about it being and overpowered dog fighter. My argument has always been the range of the weapon it uses and the lack of counters available to it. Hell even the pantsir cant shoot down the su-25 at its stand off range.

I know, I was being sarcastic. I was just showing how useless and clueless most American mains are. İf they actually used their brains in their F-16Cs no Su-25 could ever fly.

When I see an F-16 bombing my team I get in my Su-27, not pantsir.

Or if I’m playing Germany, I get in my Mig-29G


There really is no reason to insult people.

Useless/Clueless Is not an insult.

Everyday top posts in warthunder subreddit are about useless/clueless teammates (or russian bias and crying and Germany sufferz)


Well this is why doing CAP and air spawn kill nowadays are more fun i got average air kill in GRB more than air RB already i feeding my Gripen well