So the Soviet tree now has the best SPAA and ASM

So now the new su-25 can stay far out side of any other nations spaa and kill it, has the best spaa to take out air targets. What is exactly left to do for other nations?


Same what all nations do with a-4e.


Its great that you think diverting the conversation to a different topic is acceptable. if you want to complain about one plane that can get shot down easily by another plane start a new topic. This is the airspace being locked down by one tech tree.

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Well, what all nation do with a-4e? They take fighter and kill it.


start a new topic this isnt about the a-4

you can intercept the missile easily in any spaa except ir guided ones and adats

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Ok, sry bro. That was my mistake. Let’s restart our conversation and forget about a-4e which I wanted to use as an example of a similar case on a lower br.

You ask:
What is exactly left to do for other nations?

And my answer will be:
Take fighter and kill it


That was impressive. BUT the problem is that sometimes you have more important targets in your radar and that makes it hard to shoot them down. I think that most nations need there most recently made SPAA or if this would be possible in game a player controlled mid map AA. So let’s say there are multiple jets with long range ordinance that you can not hit with you SPAA. There could be a feature that lets you spawn into a patriot system/ whatever the russian equivalent is(S400?). They did this with drones and I feel like this could be a great feature. It would be 500-600 SP to spawn and it would help with these long range weapons. I think it would be even better if only one or two people could be in it at a time.

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i was the one firing missile guy who was intercepting was Thunderphenol and tbh the red side aka russia and china had need to do it alot as well f16c was and still is very opressing

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obviously you just want to be a troll, so i’ll just block you at this point.

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He has a point but his point is very flawed becuase when this thing is shooting you from 15km it is nearly impossible to get in a plan and shoot it down in time before it fucks you team

What do you think

i do not think any of long range systems like patriot and s300/400/500 would be good idea to the game ngl the maps are just too small for that even I who played su25sm3 think that they are too small you spawn at like 10km from battlefield and airfield is even closer you. would say we need bigger maps and something more akin to s125 (the missile on ship bravy in game) and something for shorter range compared to s125 first

Would there be a shorter range system of something to match these jets. Maybe even new and better spaa

You have a mig-29 in the air, a su-25 in the air, and two pantsir’s on the ground. You spawn in a plane, you have two pantsir’s targeting you in 5 seconds. while your trying to avoid them and try to kill them with an ASM, the pantsir will just shoot down the ASM, while the mig 29 is about to shoot you out of the sky with a r-27er, followed by the su-25 wit the r-73.


i do not know alot of nato/american tech so sadly cannot answer that

Yes which is why i said his point was very flawed

Oh ok thank you though

The soviet tree has the best everything at all tiers in all game types.