So the Soviet tree now has the best SPAA and ASM

honestly short range or mobile spaa is not america’s strong point. I think the only thing they could add for usa would be experimental. I know there was some with AAMRAM but i think the striker spaa is still in development


would argue with that

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the striker spaa still uses stingers

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patriot is not a short range system its a long range one

The patriot system i think would be a bit overkill

he was talking about systems more akin to tunguska pantsir osa tor buk etc

oh shit sorry

Spawn in a plane, you’re 15km away, then you need to fly another 15km to catch the Su and it’ll just camp their airfield, it’s insane you need to take a plane and cover 30km to counter a weapon.

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sorry read comment wrong

no worries :)

untill next patch drops where fox 3 missiles come as they were able to cover even 30-50km

They could spread the map out more?

They could also add the patriot systems radar that datalinks to the jets/Spaa to help them find these aircraft and weapons

that would help alot ngl as aircrafts spawn instantly in range of spaas/close enough to use atgms

you already have that with the air alert in game

thats a double edge sword as well

No but with the bigger maps

although, the higher BR tanks could really use bigger maps and not this CQ maps.

Wow, literally example of ItO, TOR, Flarakrad, UK ADATS vs f16c. What can I do besides take a fighter jet and shoot it down?


Yeah, even further decline of the game quality.

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