So the Soviet tree now has the best SPAA and ASM

Considering that it sits at 12.7 while the Su-25SM3 somehow gets away with only, 11.7. Should it not be expected to be better? And its not like it has access to any of the actually spicy ordnance it could, let alone things like the GBU-103, -105, AGM-154 / -158, GBU-39B/B / -53/B or AGM-88E.

What do US lineups in the 10.7~11.7 range do, if they don’t have the A-6E? Since they otherwise arbitrary lack access to SALH ordnance.


Get in a 10.3 F-5C and kill it. Hell, any jet with flares will kill it. Unlike F-16C with invisible thus unflareable missiles.

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F-4E with AGM-65S
Has radar
Can dogfight well with agile eagle on the E variant.




Literally one of the best dogfighters in the game, no plane will ever touch you.


You got a Tech Tree option, or does everything require premiums?

I literally stated any plane with flares will do it. Because if you avoid the R-73 with flares the su-25 is defenseless.

F-8 crusader
Mig-21 Bis
Mirage F-1
Harrier Gr-7

Even the new 8.7 alpha jet will beat the Su-25SM3

The list goes on endlessly.

All of them below the BR of Su-25SM
F-5E being full BR below.

I gave the example of F-5C because it is such a low BR plane and every American player has it.

Why the hell did you think I meant you specifically need F-5C to kill Su-25? You don’t.

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Same problem as Longbow: ARH seeker.

It always have a problem when in come to western weaponry isn’t it?

Go to your engineers and ask them to design a weapon which can be balanced in war thunder

That must be why Harrier GR-7 was added so long ago at 11.7 with thermal optics, aim-9Ms, mavericks and endless flares. With actual self defense dogfighting capability unlike Su-25.

What about the Jaguars with thermal optics and bombs at 10.3? While all that the Russians have at this BR Is dumb rockets and bombs. Russian bias I guess.

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There are significant issues with the HEAT warhead Mavericks, not actually doing all that much

Due to arbitrarily lacking the AN/ASX-1 TISEO (see Kurnass 2000), it entirely lacks LD/SD (let alone radar interacting with multipath) capability, so Sparrows aren’t a great option.

And so being armed with Rear-Aspect only AIM-9Js will likely come off poorly vs the All-Aspect R-60M or R-73, let alone the limited CM count(which yes is probably erroneous as the MJU-7/B flare has a 1x2x8" form factor(count should be half what it is), not the 1x1x8"of the M206, which is anachronistic).

And as such you can easily be reduced to needing to get to gun kills, which is a lot to ask considering these things don’t happen in a vacuum.

Literally just sit on the lock, until the distance closes(2~3km or so). If they aren’t dumping their limited number of CMs you have a better chance of it not being seduced, can’t do much about the lacking guidance though.

The GBU-39B/B uses GPS/INS & a SALH seeker, there is no MMW involved.

And where is the US equivalent to the GR.7? The AV-8B(NA) or -B+ / A-10C have been conspicuously absent for how many patches now?


İtaly. Since many guys here think game is NATO Vs Red, you have AV-8B in NATO in the game :))))

Yep, just let me put that in the same lineup as my M1… Oh, wait.


seem you forgot about MiG-27K before GR7 even exist and AGM-65 seem to do little damage since way before that it took two or three years for AGM-65G which is for some reason way better at killing tanks than A-D


You have a better option to go alongside Abrams, F-16C, it’s supersonic

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does the C really give that much of an upgrade to what the A offers?

Yes, just let me uptier my 10.3~11.0 Abrams all the way to 12.7. I’m sure to have a good time.

I dont know enought about c variant, i cant give info about this sorry

take a10 late then? You were talking about av-8. so you were gonna uptier your abrams for 11.7 av-8 then? your internal logic is lacking. you are contradicting yourself.

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Better targeting pods (Sniper maybe?)
maybe more CM and MAWS
as i know maybe more maybe less

Can Self designate for SALH ordnance (Paveway II & III, ect.) via Targeting pod (SNIPER ATP or LITENING(V)4), HMD, AGR-20, 4xBRU-61, better RWR . Yes