So freaking infuriating to lose this way

How can people be so shameless?


You lost because some guy killed ground units?


Yeah, he rushed to kill ground units at the start while we were focusing on fighting, draining our tickets. Then he proceeded to run away the entire game without being tagged as inactive, which is so inconsistent btw. My team then lost when time ran out.

Edit: umejima_439 was in a fighter, an FW-190D, which is why he’s fast enough to outrun my entire team.

He played smart then.


So your team got outplayed, resulting in a loss. Especially if he was in a fighter and had to take off from the airfield.


Learn how the game works and it isn’t all about pew pew zoom zoom.


Everybody can watch the replay:

Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

…and can come to his own conclusions.

Imho you should learn to play and how the game works instead of trying to tell fairy tales. I watched the replay.

  1. The best player in this match killed a few ground units right at the start. Every player familiar with the Huertgen map is aware of the layout as it allows fast ground kills for both teams.
  2. You were not focused on fighting - you scored 2 rather cheap 3rd party kills (#1 and #4), out turned a SM 92 (easy as the guy did not used his flaps) and got bounced by rookie #4 in a Bf 109 with 5 minutes experience in Air RB - and killed him in a headon.
  3. The guy which won the match flew a Fw 190 F-8 with 2 Mk 103 gun pods and not a D-9.
  4. This guy was not running the entire match - quite the opposite. He had the balls to go 1 vs 3 attacking you whilst landing on the forward airfield (his last teammate was afk on his af). Just by pure luck he arrived 1 second too late (at around 11:00) - he killed your plane a split second after you jumped out.
  5. You stayed a full minute offline (Maybe you lost connection, idk) and spawned after 12 minutes. Instead of going immediately after him (distance ~ 7km) you flew away from him and turned in when he was 12 km away.
  6. The 190 F-8 pilot managed to get rid of the high Spit chasing him and flew a wide circle, killed his last tank at 18:50 and landed at around 22:00 minutes, changed his loadout to rockets and remained untoucheable until the time ran out.

So if i see this and try to connect this to your OP it is obvious that you get outsmarted by a far better player, made some serious mistakes regarding target selection, survived by sheer luck a bold strafing run on you forward af and try to blame others for your own mistakes. Seriously?


Looks like you played well though mate so that is worth something!

Just accept there are many ways to win.

Alone versus entire enemy team, got 4 kills and didn’t die? that is very good mate, forget the loss.

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He played the objective and survived. What’s the problem. He won fair and square.


I don’t understand people who complain that they’re losing air battles because someone is destroying ground units. In aerial battles, you don’t always win by destroying enemy aircraft. You need to observe what’s happening on the map, what the opposing team is doing, and if you see someone destroying ground units, you try to quickly find and shoot them down. If there are aircraft in the team capable of destroying ground units, let them do it. When there’s only one opponent left and nobody has the ‘Blind Hunt’ order, I go to destroy ground units so that the enemy loses as many tickets as possible. Destroying bots also takes away tickets. In summary, there are several ways to win air battles, so stop complaining that the opponent won because they were destroying ground units and bots.
A few years ago, aerial battles were shortened to about 30 minutes, so instead of chasing the last opponent you can’t catch across the whole map, destroy ground units, bots or bomb bases.


I’m a little baffled by the people saying that this is okay.

Sweating your ass off and applying all the knowledge and every skill you have in the game to kill 70% of the enemy team just to lose the match to someone who played a point and click adventure shooting at the ground without needing to put the slightest bit of effort in is frustrating as hell. It punishes skilled play and rewards avoiding interaction with other players. Trying your hardest and succeeding nets you less gains that someone performing an activity that can be done by a bot. I’m surprised how many people are defending this.

But in real life planes also shoot ground targets in order to win.

In real life modern air combat isn’t 16v16 furballs, yet here we are

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Because you also don’t understand that the game isn’t (supposed to be) mindless TDM.
The scenarios are designed to accomplish some mission, usually GROUND SUPPORT. The job is to defeat the enemy team and destroy them to prevent them from accomplishing their objectives, you know, shooting those ground bots.
Likely the OP flew around picking off planes while ignoring his teammates and any mission objectives.
And then is shocked when the tickets bled out…

So why are you complaining?


ARB isn’t structured for such a system the way that it currently is. Something like the EC structure is way closer to what you describe (but somehow that seems to be the only time where tickets never seem to run out). Having targets clumped up in a barely 10x10km area barely constitutes as an objective and doesn’t encourage playing for objectives in any meaningful way. Especially not when fighters can also complete said objective just as effectively, if not more. Don’t pretend that the enemy OP lost to won because of his tactical prowess and understanding of the game’s objective.

Believe me, I’d be the first to vouch for a more complex ARB objective system where it wasn’t just mindless TDM but as it stands every match will boil down to either TDM and a victory or TDM and lose to the guy who didn’t feel like turning his brain on.

lol. That is a strange perspective. You really didn’t notice the contradiction while you were writing all that?


If you don’t feel like reading my posts then please refrain from redundant replies.

he played in a way that’s not smart. it’s basically just a way to grind without actually playing the game. all he did was ruin it for everyone else. people like that are what destroy ARB, and are why it should be PvP only imo


Nah you know what really infuriating? Having a BP task to kill bombers or attackers then only having fighters on the other team…

I did read it. It makes no sense.
You state the game isn’t structured for mission/team play, but then complain about losing to someone, whom you assume must be ignorant (irony) of that, who “somehow” managed to win the game because they played to that rule structure.


Seriously? Have you watched the replay? He scored 4 kills vs rookies, the first was a 2 vs 1, the second guy tried to turnfight a Yak-3 in a SM 92 without flaps near the ground, number 3 was a rookie with 5(!!!) minutes experience in Air RB and number 4 was a 3rd party kill in a 3 vs 1…

There was no alone vs entire enemy team…

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In that case I apologize that I assumed you were being dismissive as you instead seem to lack reading comprehension.

Just because you can win this way doesn’t mean the mission structure is functional and fun. As I said it encourages avoiding engagement with players and instead performing a mindless task no matter if you are in a fighter or an attacker. If there existed a gamemode where 3 players per team got sudoku minigames and if you completed the sudoku the game instantly ends then it wouldn’t be fun for anyone, despite being a “working objective system”.

Once again, stop pretending that the enemy won because he played better or outsmarted his opponent using the system the gamemode provided. Even Air Arcade has actual objectives that require interaction and define the flow of the match.