Skyflash or AIM-7E

I’m considering trying the AIM-7E over the Skyflash, and I was wondering if I should.

FGR2? Skyflash pulls better I think. Its better for those CQB moments.

F-4J (UK), my issue is that skyflash often just doesn’t kill things and loses track for no reason, Skyflash pulls nearly instantly off the rails to 25g but the 7E takes 4 seconds to start pulling those 25g. I was just wondering because my hit rate for Skyflash is really low currently.

Hmm… Worth a try at least. I odnt have any experience with the F4J, and I’ve not used the FGR2 in over a year, but I do recall the Skyflash generally being better than the Aim-7. Things loosing track for no reason though is because the british phantoms have one of the worst radars in game. I dont think they’ve ever tracked anything all that well.

Yeah, for example a while ago, I was going head to head with an F-16 (I was slightly below), I locked the F-16 up, launched a Skyflash from 4 km, the F-16 didn’t maneuver nor chaff and the Skyflash just… missed.

Yeah, that happens on the F3 too. So maybe its a SkyTrash thing,

That’s why I was wondering if I should use the 7E, I know I would have to launch the missile sooner, but maybe it will have a higher hit rate than skyshits

its possible. Though, if the target is really low. They’ve artifically nerfed all SARH to not really work at ultra low alt. So wont help much there.

Another thing to try, is to fire the missile up at 5-10 degrees. Give it a bit of an arch. Might help with getting hits. Was suggested to me for the F3. Went from about a 10% hit rate to about a 50% hit rate.

Yeah, most people stick low so I don’t have many launch options at all, but when I do not many seem to actually hit the target, even if the enemy was maybe 3 km high I wouldn’t be able to connect with them from an ideal launch

Yeah, SkySlugs get easily distracted and will go wander off if given half a chance

Only good thing about them is that I’ve only been able to kill 1 friendly on accident, usually my missiles will get distracted when a friendly waltzes in front of them, then they switch to tracking the friendly

Yep, had that more than once. They just like giving teammates hugs, thats all

Yeah, though the skyshit doesn’t kill them even if they track them! So I mean, I’m not complaining

haha, the one saving grace to having a bad weapon system. Though my experience is that a direct hit onto an enemy does nothing, a glancing blow to a teammate kills them instantly and probably also killls the next 3 closest teammates as well.

I’m kind of the opposite, even if it just proxy fuses next to an enemy it will kill them (Maybe a crit that causes a crash) but hitting a teammate barely does anything.

That’s fortunate then

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The FM of both the AIM-7E2 (DF) and Skyflash are exactly the same in game. Both have the exact same datamine values and are effectivelly copy and paste with different models.

IRL the difference for Skyflash was a more advanced seeker that allowed for higher hit accuracy, this is not reflected in game due to the huge disparity in capability this would create.

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Uhhhh where did you pull 7E2 from, this is 7E or Skyshit

I once fired my Skyflash SuperTemp at a MiG-29 going head on with me then the Missile magically did a literal 180 and hit a teammate 💀 I then left the match in embarrassment


Skyshit Supertrash is really strange sometimes

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