SkR-7 br

So fed up with these players abusing playing SKR-7 !
This boat was already broken before the update. Now, it’s even worst.

Come on gaijin WAKE UP !
Time has come to raise the BR of this insanity to 4.7 or even 5.0.


should at least go up 5.0 - got killed in my Moffet w/o a chance. The SKR7 is virtually emtpy and very difficult to kill. one or two salvos from the skr7 disabled nearly all of my turrets and caused a lot of fire.


Fr. The fact that the SKR-7 is somehow still at 4.7 is insane (it’s 4.7 in naval AB which is what I play). 5.0 vehicle easily.

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Didnt know it was a higher br in arcade

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Nope, it"s 4.3 both in Arcade & Realistic !

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I have seen people have kdr of 5 to 1 or more and sometimes even commonly. Checking the leaderboard in battles, they are often the top ships.


I switch targets a lot. I don’t kill everything in it because I use it for score farming for the event. It’s completely broken for score farming. I’m also not that great of a naval player.

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Poul’s stats

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As I said, I’m not that great of a naval player. Naval isn’t really my specialty. Poul’s stats are an example of what that ship can actually do.

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Poul, the logic you use says “if your stats disprove your opinion, you are wrong”, this is the case with you so you are wrong.


This is exactly what I’m talking about. People use very weird arguments, even if they have no knowledge of the game mode. Please also check my other Frigates stats:

You know what’s the reason why you don’t see other frigates often in battles? Because the SKR-7 is a squadron vehicle and most players don’t grind Coastal tech tree. Also 4.3 is the highest BR for frigates and it’s a very popular BR. So when you play with something at 3.7 or 4.0, you will almost always be put into 4.3 battle anyway.

For frigates, 4.3 is a top BR (there are no stronger frigates in the game). It’s the same situation with boats (that’s why 4.3 boats feel so overpowered). You can compare this to 6.0 - 7.0 situation, where playing 6.0 and especially 6.3 or 6.7 is a pain, because you are uptiered into 7.0 battles very often (and 7.0 is obviously strongest).

This is the BR +/-1.0 problem. And you can’t really do much about this.

Part of the problem is also that other nations than Germany and Russia simply don’t have 4.3 boats and 4.3 frigates, so there is no way for them to compete. It should be obvious to everyone that the higher BR vehicle should be stronger than the lower BR one. That’s exactly how this game works.

And if someone tries to tell me that USS Moffett can’t kill SKR-7, then for me this person knows nothing about Naval game mode. I remember I showed a battle some time ago, where I killed 5 SKRs (plus plenty other ships) and survived, and everyone just ignored this video, because it didn’t fit the theory “SKR is unkillable”. It’s easier to blame the balance than your skill and understanding of the game.

I wrote many posts on the old forum about this topic. I’m not going to write all this again, because most players will ignore all this, as usual. Facts and evidence are what people tend to ignore if they don’t support their opinions.


You only cherrypicked the other frigates that you did well with and left out the ones you did not. Skr-1 is also known to be pretty op, and regardless of how strong other ships are, the skr-7 can still also be considered op. OP does not excuse op. Btw, this “very weird argument” was your own argumential logic.
I can kill the skr-7 with my uss douglas, however most of the time the skr-7 is going to kill me in less than 5 seconds and my 2 missiles from experience, even if i do hit them won’t do enough damage to kill the skr-7. Experiences with other ships against skr-7 also exist. I was playing the Z12 and skr-7 pretty much front on killed me in span of seconds while my shells didn’t do much of damage. Same appearances of the skr-7 not taking much damage from bombs while bigger ships are dying to them. It does not happen always, but that does not mean that it can’t happen often, just like back in the day when su-25k’s would tank 4-5 stingers. It happened often, however it did not happen every single time which gave some people reason to make trash arguments “if it doesn’t happen always, then it never happens”

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What I’m saying is that people without experience talk about stuff they know nothing about.

The funny thing is, you don’t even listen to me. Your problem is, you don’t see the full picture in Naval. But how would you, if your whole Naval experience can be showed on two screenshots:


If you knew history of Naval game mode in War Thunder you would understand why things work how they work. But the devs went so far with the damage model changes, I don’t know how to fix this problem right now.

When all vessels used the same damage model, there were ways to fix naval balance. After the devs introduced two different damage models and then applied ship damage model on frigates (and even some boats!), it’s pretty much impossible to balance Naval. Raising the BR of one vessel and putting it against ships (that will make this vessel completely useless) won’t solve anything.

200+ battles facing the skr-7 is definetly enough, we also have large amounts of other community members and people talking about how op the skr-7 is and how “fun” it is to play (op vehicles are often seen as fun). Ofcourse your argument would be that the skr-7 would be useless with a br bump, but if you are currently getting 6 kills to one death that is evidence to the contrary. It would just be less op which is your only usecase here.

before the change in fragmentation-damage SKR7 was not so a thread to Moffets or other 5.0 destroyers like actual. Of course it can be killed but its now much more difficult in a 1:1 situation at ranges < 5km. Not to forget close ranges where the SKR7 can also use its rockets.

Just wait when I get back and pull out Chikugo on 3.3 hehe

I don’t think the current HE changes are final. We have to wait a bit, because right now HE shells are definitely overpowered. Mainly because of this all rapid-firing frigates are broken currently. But again, it’s not a question of one specific vessel, it’s a bigger problem.

I saw yesterday Köln frigate with 24k damage and 14 kills. I also played 3 battles with HMCS Terra Nova and it’s broken frigate right now (even if it’s 4.0, so a weaker frigate and it face 4.3 vessels all the time).

The devs said that the HE shells fragmentation damage didn’t change, only the distribution of this damage is more realistic right now, but you can clearly see in battles it’s definitely much more than this.

They have already changed some parameters of HE shells and I am sure that this is not the end of the changes. So I don’t look at the current HE damage as “it will definitely stay this way, so we have to rebalance the BR of every vessel in the game”. They will almost surely change a few more HE shells parameters in the future.

i also see some positive aspects in the increased HE-damage. Previously a boat survives quite often a full hit of a destroyer grenade which was quite unrealistic but its now very rarely. Actual I play very often the japanese frigate Shinan (BR 3.3 at rank V) with which I often can destroy reserve destroyers - maybe its also a little op actual…

SKR-7 is an OP vehicle at its current BR… Deserves to be moved to 4.7 or 5.0