SkR-7 br

SKR7 has been nerfed by the reloading time, 1s per round to 3s per round if you used out the first ammo rack.

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When did this happen?

SKR-1, SKR-7 — according to AK-726 76 mm launcher documentation, the stacking of the first rounds was reduced from 276 to 138 rounds; the time to replenish the feed elevator from the ammo cellar was increased from 1s to 3s. The number of continuous shots before overheating of the gun barrel was corrected to 40-45 shots.

This will hurt SKRs a lot, when the devs fix the HE problem. And HE shells surely won’t stay this way, they are way too good against armored targets. They are actually better than SAP and APHE right now, which doesn’t make any sense.

SKRs always had problems with low first-stage ammo (you only see this kind of things, when you actually play the vessel). I never liked SKR too much for this reason, you could kill about 2 ships (assuming you don’t shoot planes etc) and then you had to wait for the first-stage ammo to replenish (it was 1 round per sec, now it’s 1 round per 3 sec). You can’t fire at all without having ammo in the first-stage storage. Most other rapid-firing frigates don’t have this problem. Keep in mind, I’m not a person to kill 2 enemies, then J-out, switch to another SKR or use a backup. Some people did that, because its actually a faster way to replenish your first-stage ammo and you have 3 vessel lives in Naval Arcade anyway.

I actually like some rapid-firing frigates more than SKRs. Their problem is that they are usually dragged into 4.3 battles anyway. If the matchmaker had +/-0.0 BR, SKR wouldn’t even be the strongest rapid-firing frigate in the game. Probably the 3.7 Isuzu would be the strongest. I love this frigate, the only problem is, it constantly face 4.3 vessels. But it doesn’t have first-stage ammo, and has short guns cooldown time, so it can fire almost constantly whole battle long.
And for example HMCS Terra Nova guns doesn’t overheat, have huge first-stage ammo and when you use them all you don’t have to wait for ammo to be moved to the first-stage storage (it will just fire with 63 RPM instead of previous 90 RPM, which is still amazing rate of fire).

PS. I again wrote more than I wanted. Which is pointless, because no one cares about anything else than “SKR is too OP, just nerf it right now or move it to 5.0!” posts.


Good. This is the balance we need.

Yeah, I would actually laugh if this change moved especially the SKR-1 to 4.0 BR. And to be honest, it’s possible.

The SKR-1 was always on the edge, even before this nerf. I always preferred the Köln and Lübeck much more than the SKR-1, and after the nerf the difference will be even bigger. The SKR-7 at least has proper rockets, so it will probably stay at 4.3 (I don’t think they will move it down).

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I can’t even avoid the skr-7 because of how the spawns are in some maps. I will try the only way to get away and ill get shot in the ass regardless. Going in close would be death too.