Skill issue

I see many complaints on this forum.
The majority of complaints I see, come from people complaining about trivial issues OR people blaming the game itself for their bad decision making.
So, my question here is this:
Do you guys actually want to play the game? Or do you want the game to be played for you?
i hear “my aircraft is not the best so please do something about it”
“The enemy tank has more armour, its not fair, please fix or change br”
War, combat is not fair guys.
Just because you have to overcome an obstacle, does not mean its not fair or the game is broke.
I see many complaints here, yet i jump into match and all i see is people lawnmowing or headon-ing the first thing they see, without fail, every single match.
Then i come here and i see people complaining about everything and everything.
The game is meant to be PLAYED - dont expect to be given everything without putting in any kind of effort.
I see only premium vehicles, you have more reward now - yet the average gameplay i see from players is terrible, and they all come on here expecting Gaijin to change the game to fit around their bad playstyle.
In short - get your act together guys and put in some effort, stop expecting something for nothing.
Put in the effort - gain the rewards, it is not the dev or games fault for your inconsistencies.


Yeah, people complain about CAS, they want separate game mode without airplanes… But they play SPAA like tank destroyers and if they spawn in fighter airplane, they just kamikaze someone who killed them (often not even damaging him), instead of killing enemy airplanes.


! my thoughts exactly brother. Glad to see someone who can see this.

Yes and no, people do like to complain about how they think the game should work and how XYZ mechanic isn’t fair. You’ll get this mentality in any competitive online game regardless of genre.

If you do something that you think should work a certain way, and it consistently doesn’t work that way, that’s on you.

But I also think that some of these complaints can generate actually helpful discourse, whether it be for the player who complains to learn a new skill or adapt to the meta, or start a discussion on what changing how some mechanics in the game could actually bring to the table in terms of improving gameplay.

I see more or less complaints only. Besides a very small group with guys like MOBB with these incredible MEC/Joystick/Whatever guides and aircraft testing sheets, most of the forum participants belong to these 2 groups:

  1. People unable to deal with intended or non-intended flaws
  2. People aware of flaws, complaining and trying to change them

Seeing a very small group of people able and willing to have actual debates (in opposition to plain opinion exchanges), any time spent is this forum is from a holistic point of view a waste of time.

The only exception i see is to help and support newer players with specific issues. The other reason to nave a forum (exchange and support) is rarely seen, it ends mainly in flame wars.

Seeing so much valuable input like in the last 5-6 years, it looks like that suggestions to improve the game (game play, mechanics, set-up, etc.) were only considered if gaijin gained benefits (except the last 2 months).

My favorite (and exclusive) game mode Air RB is ruined, massive flaws and unwanted “improvements” like real shatter, new ballistics, 16vs16, etc. deteriorated the former quite positive game experience into a highly exchangeable experience - honestly, i have zero clue how they earn that amount of money with such a flawed product.

And I am not talking about stuff intended to earn money - i talk about basic things like you are blamed as a team killer if a friendly plane crashes into yours, unbalanced maps, strange MM (14 fighters and 2 bombers vs 7 attackers, 4 bombers and 5 fighters for example), the list is endless…


Luckily this is just a game.


Actually some SPAA are tank destroyers too, such as the ADATS. It’s dual purpose. And I play it as such, and before the update that screwed the missile flight pattern up I was having fun averaging taking out 2-3 KAs and often 2-3 vehicles too or either.

But Gaijin decided to screw every SPAA up making the missiles wiggle all over the place or launch sideways or into the ground, or as in my case it often launches from my ADATS way up high almost like flying from behind me out of another vehicle and (hit?) a ground target from top down, just like a Javelin would. Only these aren’t Javelins, it’s not working correctly. Making it extremely hard to aim. It’s erratic. I understand if it should have a minor swirl pattern but not like this. When shooting at a helo or jet, any little movement of the crosshair throws it all over the place making it difficult to get back on target.

Before the update it was just fine, zero problems. So don’t tell us everyone plays the wrong way and it’s all our fault, that’s BS and you know it. Gaijin screws things up regularly and this is one of those times. And it affects gameplay. Yes some people do play carelessly and just drive into the firing line or rush to die. But saying people playing SPAA as TDs is something that sometimes is a proper way to actually play. Especially with the vehicles designed for it. Many SPAA are effective as ground attackers. Plus it’s effective as helping the team if they don’t have an air target. Problem is now I’ve experienced many times where I’m firing my ADATS missile directly at tanks and it should be a straight on shot, yet somehow magically it flies straight right until it gets in front of the tank and then swirls up and over the tank, like it has some magical forcefield to redirect the missile. It’s total BS and needs fixing. Just another of Gaijins F ups. Or on purpose I don’t know.

So I partially agree with you but also disagree as well. If players can use SPAA to help the team on the ground, effectively, I’m all for it.


Nice essay but you left out low and mid tier SPAA to prove your point. Atleast you managed to whine about Gaijin so Im not leaving my opinion anyway soon.


Ok yes you are correct, my mistake on that. Only due to the fact that I only play top tier so I forget to keep in mind the lower tiers. So I only make points relevant to top tier. I should have been more specific, even though I did only mention such as the ADATS and assumed you would compare similar models, not thinking lower SPAA would be included as well. My mistake. And yes I absolutely complained about Gaijin, and will every time they screw something up either by accident or on purpose. You might be in love with Gaijin or be afraid to critic them but I’m surely not. Nevertheless, I also stand by my opinion on the use of SPAA as well. But as I said, I agree and disagree with you. Even some lower SPAA can be used efficiently against ground.

A lot of the issues complained about in here are real, just as a good portion more are disgruntled players who haven’t put the time in to understand the game and learn the all the little things that will make them better players.

Everybody has their own ideas and wants in this game, some reasonable, others kiddy rants.

We can split hairs on details forever, game will continue to change and not always to everybodies liking.


F14 is from 1970, mig29 from 1977 and yak 141 from 1987 , so those sould not fight each other.

Yeah, lot of people complain just because, but games needs balance

Aside from the general economy being too rough I typically don’t agree with the many complaints I see. The economy is already much better now in my opinion.
Every patch there are complaints x nation is now better…well, the meta is ever evolving for each BR range. At some point the meta changes again and then sure enough someone will complain about that.

Speaking deep from my heart.

Sure, some things could be handled differently, and I also lament certain things that I think are missing, wrong, or just not player friendly, but all in all, the experience here is enjoyable - especially if once choses to play the game instead of just trying to advance and get to the top quickly.

Also, I find the challenge of some vehicles being subpar to others not only acceptable, but enjoyable. Yes, it’s a challenge to win over a vehicle which is much better suited technologically than your own, but that feeling when you actually manage!

And finally, I guess nowhere one has more vehicles, game modes, vehicle types, eras to chose from as in WT, so why always complain? Just try out something different and PLAY WHAT YOU ENJOY MOST.


It’s the reverse for me. I’d much rather all vehicles be balanced fairly rather than having certain nations with more difficult vehicles and other nations with really easy vehicles. I main UK but have top tier US and Russia. It’s almost boring how easy it is playing Russia compared to the UK, whilst it’s infuriating playing against Russia. When things are this unbalanced/biased it isn’t “variety” or a “challenge” it’s a just playing on easy-mode.

Exactly - to find your personal “sweet spot” were you have fun is the key to wt. If your sweet spot allows you challenges, entertainment and fun - and you use a non-op TT vehicle able to compete in full uptiers - wt is still somehow enjoyable.

Don’t me wrong, but imho the majority of disappointed players buying expensive top tier jets and then get missiled across the map are often lured into the game by advertised “realistic” planes (or vehicles) without understanding that the way gaijin setup the game is far away from any realism - wt is no simulator.

So those guys are realizing that they have to adjust their level of expectations, and like irl, lowering expectations is not easy.

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are you playing the game or is the game playing you?


Problem with this logic is who determines the scope of what is fair and balanced play is a multi-faceted view. Ham sees it from the perspective of a PC player, I see it from the perspective of a console player. Some as Arcade bomber pilots, others as RB fighters, still others as tankers and so on. And lets not just get into the minutiae of nation tree and BR balance. So who then is the final arbiter of what is or isn’t appropriate and fair? Obviously it’s the dev’s, but they have the monumental task of balancing one of the most complicated military vehicle games ever made with one of the most diverse and passionate fanbases in the gaming community. So how do they do that? —> Well here we all are. That is why every one of these discussions adds value, if not individually, but in toto, and therefore holistically very much adds value.

Despite i share your overall opinion - i am not sure that the balancing efforts of devs are matching the expectations of most players or their usual understanding of the goals of those efforts.

A game is from a holistic point of view created to earn money. A totally fair and balanced gameplay can’t be your goal if your income relies solely on in-game sales - therefore f2p games are designed to be “unfair” in order to create demands to overcome fully intended imbalances.

With the right balance of fun and frustration you can create the need to overcome fully intended imbalances with buying either a premium plane to beat TT planes or to accelerate progress via premium account. Quite simple.

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Well said, but that frustration can also be as Ham expressed legitimate challenge, in which case everyone wins

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Yes and no - depending on your personal experience level and your overall goal whilst playing the game…

It is possible to find sweet spots which offer a perfect mix of fun and challenge, but sooner or later you find out, that the game has the ability to identify such spots quite accurate and has “features” to limit your fun and to increase your challenge to a mission impossible.

Some of those features are quite obvious like BR setting, nation allocations in matches or repair cost. Others are more subtile like hidden FM changes or MM changes.

If you have some good matches in a row, you might observe the following:

  1. Your full uptier risk increses significantly
  2. Your team gets (polite) less smart and your enemies get smarter
  3. Your team has very often lost on paper right after spawn - so you have 4 bombers, 7 attackers and 5 S-199s and you face 14 fighters (5 interceptors with air spawn) and 2 bombers in a 4.3 match in Air RB…

You can sometimes get out of this loop with changing the nation or by selecting other servers, but not every time…