Skill Bonus Mechanic

From my pov you are both wasting your time.

It looks like that the forum mods came back from their 4 weeks trip to the Amazonas a few days ago - they deleted a hell of similar stat shaming posts in another thread.

So relax and don’t waste time!

I’m not shaming him. He actually has pretty good stats. And you should play whatever vehicles you want. They’re just hypocritical stats based on his comments, that’s all.

But agreed none of this has anything to do with the thread and is a waste of time. Almost as if ad hominems are fallacious.

And again you missed the point that your kills changed nothing regarding the outcome. So at the end of the day they had ZERO game impact.

And that was the point of this exchange. If you claim that the number of kills has an actual game impact - you proved that they haven’t.

Nobody in this thread had claimed that they are useless, but you simply refused to reply to any arguments which were not in line with your opinion.

This is fine now, but some players (me included) invested time in order to react on your general claims and instead of limiting your views right at the start you tried to participate in a general debate.

As some of your general views are simply not covered by actual evidence it is simply sad for all the people who invested time.

It would be great if you can bring evidence that your claim “proximity score still exist in Ground RB” is correct - i would like to address this in Air RB.

Thanks in advance!

Doesn’t just refer to veterans beating new players (not noobs look up the term). You’re sealclubbing with vehicles that new players have a hard time killing. A noob is someone not improving even after playing for an extended time and you really goddamn suck.

Your most played vehicles are all below 3.0 but nice try.

Except the last time I seriously played arcade was 8 years ago. When I play arcade now it’s just to fuck around.

You have a fraction of the games with those vehicles and haven’t played any of them during events yet.

You have no bloody idea what the playerbase in RB is like. You’re not clubbing there except in tier 1 towards reserve planes and around 4.0, where people try to figure out how to manage energy (usually when they first try out the mode). The vast majority of RB players are somewhat experienced and most just play whatever they fancy. You’ll regularly find veterans everywhere on both team.
Plus, that thing was my first proper moneymaking premium and before the marketplace I bought gold and premium once as part of a pack for some lowtier fun machines (like 5 bucks).
I also find it hilarious that you think using a P-39, a jack of all trade plane that is available in the regular tech tree, is in any way outperforming other planes at it’s br…

Shaming? That guy literally told us we suck because we flank and “don’t fight enemies shooting back” whilst mostly playing vehicles that don’t care about being shot!

This isn’t about stat shaming, this is about him being a conceited prick!

Except the last time I seriously played arcade was 8 years ago.

So I compared the stats of an arcade playing noob to the stats of… an arcade playing noob.

Yeah, what was I thinking? Oh right, I was thinking of valid statistics and apples-to-apples comparisons.

I also find it hilarious that you think using a P-39, a jack of all trade plane that is available in the regular tech tree, is in any way outperforming other planes at it’s br…

But it’s not hilarious that you think a Grant, a jack of all trades tank which is available in the regular tech tree as a Lee with one redundant machine gun added, is in any way outperforming other tanks at its BR?

Relax man! The mods called it so, i actually don’t care about stats…

I just wanted to save time for both of - the mods killed a hell of posts in the cloud thread, i wasted time as i actually participated - and they got all deleted…

The self-deprecation isn’t really working here.

But I give you that I didn’t think of it like that. Though, going by your vehicle list you go into the Tigers and panthers with more practice than I did (germany was my starter and I haven’t played any other nation back then, got me to the tiger relatively fast until I got “stuck” on the Tiger IIs).
Not to mention the balance and mechanics were partially completely different from today.

Still doesn’t change that you talk awefully haughty for someone who mostly uses hard to kill premiums in easymode.

Except the Grant has 6 crewmemebers with quite some empty space and slightly better distribution, a better turret than the lee (which is a major weakpoint since it’s practically one giant copula that let’s APHE launch shrapnell downwards) and actually adequate overall armor for it’s tier that can be quite trolly since volumetric and especially for new players. The Grant is objectively better than the Lee whilst sitting on the same BR.
The russian P-39N-0 meanwhile has (theoretically) slightly better overall performance because it loses it’s 4 wing mounted 8mm MGs (feels like a placebo effect at times though…) and still retains all the weaknesses of the techtree variant whilst being 1 BR step higher meeting one of the best Bf109s (F-4) and the P-63 Kingcobras with much better performance and 37mm cannon (A-10 and C-5). Not to mention even more Zeros (A6M3) and the bloody Ki-43-III otsu which is just a really bad time.

It’s weird that only kills count for the bonus.

I was second on the team in a match earlier, with only 2 kills, but 2 caps and 4 assists, I was about 800 score higher than the 3rd place player, yet I had no bonus, whilst 1, 3 and 4 had the bonus due to kills.

Maybe an objective bonus could also be added, so that both high kills and high objective score could be rewarded, offering all players a chance to be rewarded for their efforts?

But You got bonuses for capping and getting an assist. What is the problem?

Edit: I agree that there should be system where best 3 players get something more, like 3 best players from winning team get additional % of RP/SL and 3 best players from losing team get rewarded as good as winning team.

Additionaly, the score system would need a rework in Ground modes so it doesn’t favor air units.


You are forgetting what action allowed you to cap those points.
No kills = no caps so in my eyes kills should be rewarded more than standing in a circle behind cover x amount of seconds.


This would be great in tiers where ODLs are prevalent, it would allow you to at least get something out of those abysmally bad matches.
Majority of your team left after the first minute of the match, while you’re the one out of a couple of people in your team that have over 300 points.


Bottom line:
If you use premium time and premium or talisman vehicles, this bonus is most likely in the ~10% region of your RP income, when you get it.

It is good for players who play for free. And that is fine with me.


I had 4 assists, it was a case of I didn’t OHK so therefore i lost my arbitrary 15% bonus.

We still just need a significant reduction across the board for ground, can easily be reduced by 50%, period, and that still makes it a worse grind than air.

So tired of these tiny little itty bitty RP increases being sprinkled around and then pretending the issue is resolved.

I’m loving the new skill bonus (airRB).

I was flying the Yak-3 last night (rank III), researching the SU-25T (rank VII), and getting nice RP!

That bonus adds up.

The mechanic is stupid because you get more braindead players who try rushing to enemy spawn to get kills and result is that your lost because the middle or the left/right flank collapse.

It may indeed make people rush more etc, but it does NOT make you lose more often. Because the enemy team is also just as likely to have players rushing and doing all the same dumb behaviors for the same reason, as your own team is. So it cancels out in terms of winning or losing.

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This flag mechanic to gain extra xp was terrible, and in a game that lasts less than 5 minutes you can’t kill more than 2 and get nothing, you just get screwed because instead of placing a flag to ruin everything the game, put it in the ammunition exchange mechanism without having to spend any because it doesn’t make sense to have to waste ammunition to change. Every day I become more discouraged from continuing to play War Thunder because they add useless things.

If you are a free player, the mechanic adds significantly.

If you are a premium player, the effect is marginal at best. Once you realize this, it will affect your gameplay accordingly.