Skill Bonus Mechanic

We still just need a significant reduction across the board for ground, can easily be reduced by 50%, period, and that still makes it a worse grind than air.

So tired of these tiny little itty bitty RP increases being sprinkled around and then pretending the issue is resolved.

I’m loving the new skill bonus (airRB).

I was flying the Yak-3 last night (rank III), researching the SU-25T (rank VII), and getting nice RP!

That bonus adds up.

The mechanic is stupid because you get more braindead players who try rushing to enemy spawn to get kills and result is that your lost because the middle or the left/right flank collapse.

It may indeed make people rush more etc, but it does NOT make you lose more often. Because the enemy team is also just as likely to have players rushing and doing all the same dumb behaviors for the same reason, as your own team is. So it cancels out in terms of winning or losing.

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This flag mechanic to gain extra xp was terrible, and in a game that lasts less than 5 minutes you can’t kill more than 2 and get nothing, you just get screwed because instead of placing a flag to ruin everything the game, put it in the ammunition exchange mechanism without having to spend any because it doesn’t make sense to have to waste ammunition to change. Every day I become more discouraged from continuing to play War Thunder because they add useless things.

If you are a free player, the mechanic adds significantly.

If you are a premium player, the effect is marginal at best. Once you realize this, it will affect your gameplay accordingly.

Yeah, the bonus isn’t that significant if you have premium, but it’s really nice to have added bonuses for exceptional performances. If you get 3-4 good games with 6/9 kills, you can except to get 10k+ RP basically for free, which will add up over time.
I have no idea why anyone is against this mechanic.

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I can confidently say that after more games, the bad ones feel like they go worse. Where people are focused on kills they forget the objective and rush spawn harder and more consistently.

Everyone dies outside of enemy spawn a lot more so the opposite side can just go into objectives largely unopposed.
Then allies either leave because that happened the majority of the time or are forced on the defensive because the advantage was lost.

While it isn’t a bad mechanic, it needs to be expanded more to include objectives and teamwork more like I said previously. Because it feels like there’s a larger gap in the quality of gameplay.

Kills have always been the focus in War Thunder, the developers specifically state this in the post introducing Skill Bonus.

The take away isn’t to remove Skill Bonus, it’s to include captures in counting towards the Skill Bonus.

You get the same research as you did before, at least now when you perform well you’re rewarded for it.

This still leaves a large portion of the playerbase with bad XP rates which is why their decision to “wait and see” before adding research bonuses once you’ve finished a nation falls flat.

People aren’t against the mechanic, people are against this being all the RP improvements we’ll get.

This is exactly what they did with the helicopter RP and I called it out word for word, they moved the problem away from heli PvE and put it on the plate of ground, which is already the worst grind in the game by 200-300%, and now when you bring up heli PvE they tell you that you can already grind it using ground.

They sprinkled a tiny bit of RP into the game and they’ve already used it to stop adding nation bonus RP, that’s why people have an issue.

Well, if they actually wiggle their way around adding what they said earlier, I’ll be here to complain, don’t worry.
I’m just happy to see every bit of free RP we can get.

Yeah, bits of free RP indeed.
And having ground be able to research helicopter isn’t bad either, but not if they use it as an excuse to ignore heli PvE even more than they already are.

Even that is adding up to the total RP you need to grind in Ground, but we’re somehow still stuck with the same RP multiplier like years ago.

Yeah, it literally adds millions of RP to the grindiest grind in the game and still doesn’t resolve the plethora of issues with helicopters, the crappy PvE mode and the module grind is still insane, but the moment you bring that up they use it as an excuse because now you can grind it using ground.

And as they’ve already postponed the nation bonus with a similar weak excuse I don’t feel too optimistic that we’ll ever get it because muh vehicle acquisition rate.

We’re constantly getting new vehicles in the tech tree to grind out, but somehow our RP gain stays the same for the most part.

They could just transfer RP gained from already spaded ground vehicles you’re using to the helicopter that’s in your lineup currently.
Would solve lots of issues.

People think I’m joking when I say we should have 10x the RP we have today, but that’s what it would be like if it scaled with the requirements, there’s 10x more things to research yet we still have the same RP gain as we did in 2014.

Same reason why I don’t recommended the game to new players, it’s infinitely worse now than it was when I started, it’s a joke to add 200 million RP to the game but refuse to add RP gains and then give an insultingly bad excuse about how we’d research everything in the game in weeks if RP gain was slightly improved.

‘‘We’re doing it for the players, it’s not fun to actually progress through the tree at an acceptable pace of course, you’re welcome’’.



It’s funny for me to be able to level up now being killed in my own base, even though I managed to kill 3, I had to put countless boosters to get something good, this mechanic literally only favored those who came in 1st place because the rest get screwed and for me to research a vehicle I have do at least 300 games to complete the research, I literally no longer recommend War Thunder to any new player as they will only get screwed and frustrated to the point where they stop playing.
War Thunder Screenshot 2023.11.21 -

I’m very bad at numbers and I’m mostly curious and intrigued, how did I get 3785 skill bonus? isn’t it 100% from base RP of the kills? 9 kills BASE Rp gave me 851RP, it seems alot and too few at same time idk, I’m confused, anyone explain my confusion?

also 25k its probaly my highest Ground RB gain Premium+150+10%Boosters+Talisman

never mind I understood now the math, its 100% of all actions not just kills
critcal hit
and time alive, it all made sense now