SimEC maps: Bases are too hard to see


The new style bases in SimEC blend right in with the rest of the ground clutter. I tried some bombing runs the other day and kept passing these almost invisible bases, taking two to three times to finally eyeball it, and approach with a decent bomb run. When using a bomber view, you literally cannot see anything until you’re right over the base, and you’ve passed your bomb drop opportunity. The main issue here is, you cannot see the base upon approach when looking through your bombing sight.

I tried base bombing on a couple different maps, and both were equally frustrating. I’m sure this frustration also convinces players to take the cheap way out and just go for the airfields, because they can actually see them targets.

TLDR: Please bring the old style bases back. The new bases are practically invisible.


You’ll get used to it the more you play

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not knowing how much to drop is even worse

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to squinting my eyes that hard. The old bases were better. There was absolutely no reason to change them.


There’s actually a wiki for that. Scroll down to Additional Information section. 😉

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I forgot to paste the link. Post was edited.

ok, what about RB tho?

This discussion is about SimEC maps.

i know, but it would be incredibly helpful

Google? That’s how I found the link I posted.

No different. Bases as far as I am aware have the same value in both, at least that is what i’ve found at top tier

Also doesnt help that on 1 or 2 maps, the bases can be semi underground. Spain I think has a few like that.

Never played SB in a bomber, but yeah, it can be extremely hard to spot at 500ft in a jet, not too mention how hard it must be from 10000ft in a bomber.

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Bombers? Simulator? Well, I don’t even know. The bombsight is automatic, the navigation is automatic, the target is a fat red circle, what else is needed for happiness.

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No red ciricle is visible in the bomb sight in SB, you are looking for a cluster of tents that do blend in with the terrain

There is another variety of base model types when it comes to the bombing point bases. Afghanistan was trying out a few revisions over a year ago, last I remember, for example, like an oil refinery.

For some reason, we stop seeing these new models. Once all the EC maps were revised to the new mission logic. They were mostly showing just this single model of the typical military base with tents.

That’s fine to at least add something new, but the entire point of adding new bombing base models was to make the bases not feel so generic with each EC map location. The other problem is that the texture of this very model does not blend well with all EC maps currently available for map selection.

Afghanistan is one of those maps that already has that reputation with spotting bases, and also ground units. All because the ground just blends so well with them. It makes it extremely difficult for most players to visually spot them.

Not too mention the fact that CCRP is really really buggy on Afghanistan. But yeah, we need more variety, but it can have its issues. Im hoping they’ll give SB a total, ground up, overhaul for things like bombing. The current style of bases is “fine” in something like the Tornado Gr1, but will be really really wierd in the Typhoon. I think its time bases get given a “weak spot” for taking out a base with laser guided bombs

It depends on what the mission editor can support. But some ideas will be:

  • Fuel depots (can hinder ground assault progress)
  • Radio center (main buildings to knock out communications that will affect ground assault progress)
  • Intercept transport (carrying VIP personal like a general)
  • Bridges behind the line (slow down progress with logistics & reinforcements for frontline forces)

The thing is ground spoting in the distance is broken, they don’t render bases properly until you are too close.

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bases are fine. just use your eyes, you already have a magic GPS and a marker. The rest is pilot skill, no different from attackers having to eyeball convoys or fighters having to spot planes.