Sim Rewards are absolutely unaccaptable

4 player kills and 3 bases destroyed in 1 hour of Air Sim is less RP than you would get for getting two kills or one base destroyed in Air RB.

Also note the -91k SL for 1 TK on a german F-104G while fighting the US, who ping or respond to any pings all game.

I’m not sure why Gaijin is so set on completely killing Air Sim, because it’s one of the modes with the most potential. In its current state, you might as well play custom battles for effectively the same reward.


Too many people hate only PvE players and a lot of botters abused the mode. As always gaijin solution is to decrease rewards ( or increase requirements in case of events )


To be honest, this is true… If this is the ‘solution’ to the botters and those who are playing passively, then this is the wrong fix…

Remove those who are botting and abusing the mode for the BP tasks and such to avoid playing ‘actual’ players.

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Well, I guess that the kaptcha will work with botters. But if they fix the problem, will rewards be increased ?

I don’t think it will as it requires someone to report them in the first place.

And with my bot farm that I found, I’ve reported that for 6 months already. 2 bots, sit on the field and do doughnuts, whilst the ‘owner’ comes in to bomb them…

It just gets tiresome to even try point this nonsense out.

Then we just have those who join rooms and expect, not just ask, but expect it now to be PvE… Just wastes my efforts to actually progress and unlock anything seeing they were all able to even do that for so long with no-one even paying attention.


I usually get that much RP just bombing 2 bases. Your doing too much in too short of time, so it capped your SL and RP.

that team kill though, ouch.

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Always a sign of good game design if you punish players for doing too well.


They don’t like PvE guys so they make the rewards system which only encourages PvE players more.

Make it make sense.


‘Yeah, we have a botting problem, lets punish the active playerbase instead of doing something about the problem itself! That will teach those botters!’

  • Gaijin probaly…

Never ever have I seen a company show how tonedeaf they really are over and over again.


Gaijins area of expertise eh?

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The actual rewards are a joke.
I had a short but very sucessful session in the CL13-MK6 in Sinai yesterday, shot down a surv. plane, 4 enemy players, captured an A, returned to base, landed the bird without a scratch and what did I get for these 30 min. of heroism?
25k SL and 5k RP. For a flawless mission. Didn´t die once , but of course it cost me 13k SL for just spawning… I brought the plane home in top condition, so give me my damn money back!

This whole system is so fckd up.

If they have no interest in sim, then just remove it from the game, so other fly sims will get our attention and our money and can grow better.

And the pointy-clicky players can have their fun in AB and RB…


I agree. I calculated it and I make exactly 50% more RP and SL per minute in ARB.
Though I won’t return to ARB as long as 16v16 continues to be a thing. I rather play something fun, even if I only get half the rewards.

Edit: Yesterday 2 hour game. Rank VII vehicle. Each “useful action” period I reached my cap limit. We won. I got 350k SL and 50k RP.
In ARB I’d get 600k SL and 100-120k RP in those 2 hours.

Maybe it’s time to remove the “useful action” mechanic?


It is true that EC has way too low rewards, so you need to maximize your earnings (RP and SL) if that’s your objective.

The way the economics works in EC is as follows:

IMPORTANT!!! It doesn´t matter how many enemies you killed or how many bases you destroyed, if you did it in a block of 15 min you´ll earn very few rewards compared to if you do the same in different blocks of 15 min.

  • Your earnings are based in blocks of 15 min (I think it starts as you first spawn). A way to know if a new block of 15 min started is by the message of useful rewards.

  • So, you have 15 min to try to reach the cap.

  • You need to do something to avoid blocks of 0 income (kill an enemy, do an objective, damage or destroy a base, destroy a ground target, land after you did something)

  • For example, in 10.3 and above using premium with premiums vehicles (F5C, A10, Mig23, F4EJ, etc) without boosters, the cap is more or less 55K SL and between 14k and 15k RP

  • Once you reach the cap, it doesn’t matter how many landings, airplanes, bases you destroy or how many air captures you try to do, it will not increase your rewards.

  • One way to know if you have reached the cap is doing something (air kill or an objective) and then land, if you only get the land message without rewards then you have already reached the cap and you’ll not earn more RP or SL.

  • After the 15 min you´ll get the “Useful Actions” Message with your earnings for that block of 15 min and the cap is reset (with the example above, you could earn another 55K SL and 14K to 15K RP).

  • So, for 1 hour you could get a max of 220K SL and 56K RP in 10.3 or above with premium aircraft and premium time without boosters, more if you activate them.

The final RP for research is different topic.


So I take off, throw some bombs at a base, shoot a missile on the way back, land and watch netflix for 10 min.

Game design at its finest gaijin. 👍


It’s up to you, at the end it’s how you enjoy the most. If that’s not your playstyle, you’ll hate warthunder xD.

At the highest tiers (as you mention missiles) you could reach the cap with a few kills in just a few min (most of the time I don’t need to bomb to reach the limit). But, if the match ended with only one guy in the other team, you could bomb or complete some objectives and still reach the cap even with very few guys in the other team and is a good thing as a lot of the matches ended with 6 vs 1 for example.

But, if you kill a lot in the first 15 min and do nothing for the rest of the match, then don’t be surprised to have even fewer rewards.


If nothing changed, the useful action cap is 1000 ( maybe need check again, but 99% sure it is)
I play just 3 planes so get that in mind for the data :
1 player kill is 600 ( at least with 3.3 itp )
1 ai plane 300 ( itp )
Ground vehicles didn’t do a full “research” but could be 60 to 130
1 base is 700 at 10.3
Ai planes at high rank are useless, ~30 pts

Anyway just try to get the minimum 1000 and above all try to complete the 15 mins, since the same score but in 13 mins get an ugly cut

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I do like the ‘useful action’ in simulator, I just dislike that it has to be capped!

It doesn’t make any sense to punish the active playerbase for doing good.

Its like they dont want us to progress in this game, SIM battles should ALWAYS give more rewards, as its the hardest gamemode in the game.


I’ve always wanted a hybrid system. Half of the reward coming from activity time as is, but the half coming from specific actions (but not all). So doing things like killing players or destroying bases or completing objectives would give an immediate reward and activity time. That amount could be uncapped and isn’t entirely reliant on you surviving for 15 mins to get the full reward.


Yeah, the fact that the rewards are capped in a game like this, where you have to grind to get the next vehicle is just absurd…

If I do well, I want to be rewarded, not thrown scraps once in a while like a dog because of some game designer who doesn’t know how to do his job right.