Sim community wishlist - small fixes/changes

Gajijn is a company and nothing will get done on their time that doesnt generate revenue. Like i said in my original post. If we can convince the devs that small tweaks here and there would improve SB tremendously, then maybe they could justify working on SB.

I do find it a bit strange that they havnt tried cashing in on the simulator trend thats been around a few years now. The flight sim market isnt exactly tiny nowadays like it used to. Hotas isnt just for die hard simulator nerds these days. Maybe they have without me noticing, why havnt they marketed War thunder to sim folks. Seems like such wasted potential, they have literally hundreds of aircrafts from different eras with fully modeled cockpits, working instruments and just overall great detail. The flight modeling might not be the best but it fits the “arcadey game flight simulator” feeling if you know what i mean. Like one medium sized sim update, polishing add, new maps, new games modes, whatever. Just flesh it out a bit to make it feel like a proper flight sim-game, couldnt that draw a lot of attention from the sim nerds with hotas that never tried War thunder before?

Like how many combat helicopter sims are there to buy? None! sheeesh. If nothing else use the assets to make a new game or something.

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absolutely right.

I don’t know why the sim mode is not promoted a little more. I can only assume.

With a perfect and ingenious sim mode, the AB and RB modes would look like a pile of junk. maybe that’s the reason?!

the idea of using Sim as a template for a new Sim game is really good.
but which company puts in so much work? Gaijin probably not.

I think the current state of SB makes RB look like a pile of junk. (at least for top tier air)

But yeah, I think its simply a case of investing time and effort into the gamemodes majority of the playerbase plays. which is why RB gets 10x more attention than any other gamemode. (though if it was better then more would play it, its a stupid catch 22)

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Yeah major catch 22. A new player going into sim will 100% think its absolute trash and to be fair it is.

Interesting note. If youre old enough youll remember the original 2001, IL-2 strumovik. Eight years later in 2009 Gajijn entertainment develops and publishes a very hyped spiritual successor IL-2 sturmovik: birds of prey. Also called “Wing of prey” for some reason? Anyhow i dont exactly remember what the reception was like but it wasnt good. I do remember my own disappointment with the game, it wasnt very good compared to the original game. Im too lazy to research if its the same devs under different studios or whatever, but this game was supossed to be a sequel as far as i can remember. Fast forward to 2012 and Gajijn realeases war thunder Which is basically Wings of prey with the MMO part slapped on. So maybe Gajijn fucking up sim is only natural since War thunder is essentially founded on one of the biggest disappointments in flight sim gaming.



Being able to open cockpit mid-air.
allowing people who pay attention an extremely unfair advantage as they can hear other jets from miles away and can hear you shooting missiles off at them - making it impossible to sneak up on them as they will either hear your jet as you approach or will hear the very distinct sound of a missile being fired. I know some of these people reduce their own engine sound for greater effect.


There seems to be no limit to when you can and can’t open your cockpit. This is such a stupid exploit that should’ve been fixed years ago and is a testament to how little gaijin cares.


Simple. Just remove the option of opening your cockpit after takeoff, make it automatically close on you after exceeding 60mph, maybe have it rip off like flaps at high speed or give it a massive drag disadvantage (as it should)


I just use the same argument as you because it’s the main & MASSIVE problem.

Rewriting: Then, dig up all 5 years old posts about ground sim rotation, all is in it.

I will not waste more time in it (Sim rotation report et suggestions), it’s not MY JOB.

4/5 squadrons mates made 2 or 3 suggestions modification topics since 2018. None of them have any answer or effect. Like the sim rotation since 2018 ( & 9_2 rotation introduction, it’s the last one) nothing move.

Dispite the fact my squadron disapear 2 active player on 12. And gaijin claim Sim player number is too low… You don’t say! They do nothing to keep them.

Imo it is already there. I did a test with F-4F and i was unable to open canopy past 400km/h and canopy was ripped off at 600km/h and increased a drag a bit. (Numbers are approximate, I tested it while ago)

Can you hear others jets?

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I love the idea of having heli’s in AIR SIM as well, it could really diversify the gameplay and the number of situations players could encounter.

The rendering problem is real and should be fixed. Sometimes I can see a jet 20km away with normal view but cannot see a jet 5km away with full zoom… that’s a problem.

Having some offensive actions from the air bots would be great as well instead of just being flying pinatas…

Whether or not you can spot planes depends a lot on weather and time of day.

Heck, maybe remove the RP/SL cap there is. That would just be jolly.

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That would be jolly, but maybe its to big of a change for this thread?

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Or just the one we need. ;(

I dont understand why the game wants to punish the players for doing good. It shouldn’t be like that.

Yeah maybe. If we want to discuss it i this thread i think we should define exactly what makes the current system flawed. Or at least we can start there. I can think of a few reasons.

  • Its confusing for new players to figure what to do, why and what actions gives rewards.

  • Objectives given to players does not always equal rewards. (E.g “cover bombers/attackers/convoys”)

  • You dont know when youve reached your cap or how much reward each action gives.

  • The most obvious one simply being that you have a cap on rewards. Pull a pro gamer move in one of the cap windows? Well fuck you, you were too good. Now fly back to the airfield, rearm and lose out on the next cap window.

  • Dropping 3 tons of dynamite on the enemy carrier isnt useful, well unless you sink it of course.


Yeah that sounds about right.

  • Remove the reward cap all together - dont make ‘hotfixes’ like adding a new reward multiplier, its like putting a bandaid on a decapitated leg, its just silly.
    Just remove the cap to begin with. No reason to have it in a game like this, where you have to put in work to unlock new vehicles.

  • Stop punishing your playerbase for doing well.

  • Give some sort of reward for just being near allies or enemies. Dont punish your playerbase for playing as a team.

  • Each tick of damage on a ship should give a reward, as if you hit an enemy.

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yes but how can you explain that I can see a plane in standard view and it disappears when I zoom ? xD

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No i cant really explain it since i dont know why, but i can guess?

You see a plane off in the distance the game renders it right. The game calculates have many pixels that plane should be based on a shit ton of factors. When you zoom in those factors will change to give a new result. The two results will be different because theyre different.

Lol well thats how i image it being.

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Thats a civil response…

I would’ve said:

‘Well, gaijin doesn’t play their own game, so they dont know whats going on.’


  • Intruments in cockpit renders markers and lines from minimap. E.g cockpit radar display, AGM sight. (those are the ones im aware of, might be more)


  • Dont render inappropriate markers on cockpit instruments.

I’d like to see more players added.

I’d like to see more game modes, specifically for bombing with large bombers designed to encourage the bombers to stick together.

But I’d also like an improved AI and more options when creating a match such as to allow bots (which would replaced with real players as they joined), setting weather and full flexibility to choose the team options (i.e. which nations are on which teams including all nations on each team) and full flexibility with BR rather than the options available just changing every day.

Also I’d like to be able to view the server settings once you’re in the game because when you join a started game the screen goes by too fast to read.

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