Should Gaijin add Hungarian helis?

[Remove the needless Hungarian helis from the Italian tree?]
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This is not cool, the Italian community has been waiting a long time, ever since the heli tree for Italy was added for new Italian helicopters. I dont enjoy the fact that there is now a bunch of soviet-copy paste. Italy has been one of the worlds biggest helicopter makers, with no shortage of things that could’ve been added. Its not even obscure vehicles we’re talking about but well documented helicopters which historically were used by Italy. If Gaijin wanted to they could look at the previously suggested vehicles. I honestly dont see the need for the Hungarian sub tree.



just fix the t129!! we do not want to get more copy paste helicopters !!! (upgrade t129b1 model to t129b2 and it will get RWR, MWR, LWS, F&F UMTAS etc. ) we do not want to play with damn flying tortoise!!!


Please fix the Italian helicopters and add new ones, Italy is one of the major producer of helicopters in the world, there is really no need for some hinds


We wanna see more italian helis,not copy and paste.
We need A129D more than these russian helis.


I agree in part. ok the hungarian heli but that wasn’t needed now. we’ve been waiting for Italian stuff for years. 2 premium helicopters and were also taken off. And now 3 heli in a single hit?. Italian stuff please. the others can be added slowly.


Italy is one of the major military Heli producer of the world. This is just an insult to Us. You could add like one of the other 10 version of the Mangusta or some of the other 10 version of the A109 with low efforts. And they could be both better options than the Mi24. This is just ridicolous.


totally agree .
gaijin added pointless vehicle which doesn’t make sense.
What Italy lacks is the 12.0BR top helicopter. What needs to be added is the A129D or other unique vehicles. No one will choose these Soviet vehicles.


hah? i never know they’ll get them

it is?

I’ve had no troubles with Hungarian helicopters, but with the only exception, you should’ve been added plenty helicopters before which wasn’t made. But what was made is absolute ignorance for (Almost) 3 YEARS , for this period only one thing was added and it was poorly made premium that was taken from shop, so we get 1 vehicle per 16 updates, and then it comes


Why doesn’t Gijin just add more Mangustas? What’s the reason?

I thought the soviet Tanks in the Italian TT were a horrible and pointless addition, but now we will get soviet helis, that’s just disgusting




isnt that only because you can count the military heli developers on 1-2 hands?

The AW249 is the first European helicopter that weighs 8 tons - on par with the Mi-28 and the AH-64. The A129D has major upgrades from the CBT and can fire SPIKEs, although we know F-F arent the best.
Italy is one of the most committing helicopter developers in the west.


still in development isnt it?

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i never said it wasnt, a whole heli project alone is hard, but that doesnt make them one of the most/best sellers

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Brazil would be better, or Spain, but even though we got Hungary, Italy could get some extra supplements from Romania - they got some interesting domestic helicopters, I believe one of them already exists in the game


So I see a few interesting vehicles for Italian tree made by themselves and they needn’t anything in ground. I’m sure Romania helcopters line will be good option.

we don’t need any romanian heli