Shell landing out of line with Gunner Sights

I’ve noticed that randomly and without warning the Optics become horribly misaligned from where you’re actually aiming. For example when I was in my Chi-To my shells decided to land at about the left side 8 Mils mark inside of either in line with the center Range Markers or even a bit to the Right because of Parallax. I’ve had this problem completely randomly and without warning for about two years but it’s rare enough I never really bothered to ask about it. The linked example was particularly frustrating however which is why I’m now bothering to ask.

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I’d say that needs reporting, it shouldn’t be on the other side like that, it should end up on the right.

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I watched the Server Replay and for some god awful reason the game thought I was aiming that far to the left despite what my actual screen showed.

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Now that is even something interesting. May have to see if I have the Chi-To and go test myself.

(Edit - Checked it, not seeing it. Checked both in gun and in gunner sight views. Maybe you wanna verify those files, and give your router/modem a restart and see what goes on after that. Even try cycling the view option on the gunner sight to see if even toggling that could do something. )

I know this is probably a stupid question, but are you in Gunner sight or barrel sight? Like are aiming from where the gunner would IRL or is it straight down the barrel?

You can see from the video it’s from the gunner sight, hence the barrel out to the right and the shot shouldn’t be landing on the left either.

I said it was a stupid question. I couldn’t view the video at the time I responded

You have gunners view turned on still. Turn that off. It’s not mandatory in a or Rb.

This shouldn’t be affecting this in this manner though. The shot is going from one side to the other, where if it were aligned, it’d still be hitting to the right of the sight.

Only if the target is inside the zero point range. Other side of zero it will go left of the target.

You think there is a zero in this situation, because I can assure you there isn’t…

How do you even think you set this in game?

You don’t, it’s different for every vehicle. You have to find your zero point for each tank. They do need to be clearer about this in game

Then it’s not a factor because it’s not a thing.

(I’ve actually gone in game and tested this, with this tank, and what the OP is showing isn’t what’s shown, but the issue still remains for them having had this even happen, so the zeroing doesn’t matter because the shot doesn’t cross the center, as zero is based on the range, not the angle of the focus.

It’s not convergence, it’s a range based zero)

The gun site is fixed left of the barrel, just like a scope on top of a rifle the distance will vary left or right of the target depending on range and the specific tank. The closer to the barrel the site is the less range will effect it. This is definitely in the game because you have to compensate for this in sim ground and he has the same mechanic switched on for Rb.

Severely doubt it, I ran the Chi To in RB with that sight setting, and it didn’t happen.

From someone who plays sim it is definitely a thing. Easy fix is just turn it off. It’s an unnecessary handicap everyone else has to deal with.

The issue here though is that it’s randomly affecting the player when it shouldn’t, literally.

Where’s the option that you think is the fix for this?

Options and it’s called gunners site or something like that. Toggle it off.

Yep, nope… If the user toggles that off and on again, and it fixes it, then the issue isn’t actually with the option, it’s a genuine bug because when you have this on, it doesn’t cross in RB.

No don’t turn it back on. Leave it off. If your turning it back on you’ll get the issue. That’s what the setting does, it’s not a bug