Shell landing out of line with Gunner Sights

If it’s not a bug then why does mine not cross when I use that setting?

See the issue here?

Doesn’t even cross on sim… lol.

It does though

Well, I tested it in test drive and it doesn’t. I drove the tank in RB last night and it didn’t.

I haven’t tried sim test drive for a while. but several times sim test drive has been bugged and gunners view didn’t work. Not sure if that’s fixed.

And here we are in this thread, about that…

This isn’t about test drive though. It was bugged in test drive, never in game.

For the user to be having such a drastic cross-over, and for me not to, there’s a discrepancy here which your mentioning of the zero, doesn’t explain…

They’ve even stated that the server replay looked odd. There’s an issue here, and it’s not just the fact that they’re using the gunner sight compared to the barrel.

Server replays always look odd. The cross-hairs ect are always dodgy in replays.

No, just stop.

The issue is an issue, it’s not just the setting.

were both right and both wrong. just tested it with gun site and it definitely has gun convergence. under 250m it shoots right but your right in that this gun doesn’t cross that line (left of target) at the ranges in this video.

I still recommend turning this off because it serves no purpose in RB just gives you a handycap no one else is playing with.

Now i’ve had a chance to try it it could be a bug for sure but i will also ask the OP what he gunner crew TARGETING skill is at? It effects targeting speed AND ACCURACY. all my crews are maxed out in this skill so could a low targeting skill be effecting the convergence to the extreme?

Have you ever thought of not using the sim gunner sight?

Mine aren’t maxed, and likely aren’t even leveled, and it’s not doing that.



That’s avoiding the issue, not actually fixing it


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